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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson offers a friendly place for people to help each other through open and honest dialogue. We deal with tough issues in an eye-opening, light-hearted way. This is real church: Share, ask questions, or just listen. Jesse has led BOND Sunday services since 1990 — for individuals, couples and families of all races.

Jesse recommends people pray each day: Listen to Jesse’s silent prayer instructions on SoundCloud.

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Arrive 10:30am for fellowship. Service begins at 11am and ends at 12pm.

(NOTE: No child care provided. To reach us, call: 323-782-1980, Mon-Fri 9-4, Sunday 10:30-12, or fill out the form to the right) 

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March 26, 2017
Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, March 26

A young man has lived several adult years with his mother, trying to build his career. Jesse urged him to move out to gain his independence, break away from “mama,” and grow as a man. He felt he needed to “pray” about it, but he listened to the world.

When fathers and mothers were together, young men and women knew what a man should be and do in life — how he should mature and grow, leave his father and mother, and create his own life. Today, many grown men think and feel like their mothers, even still living with their mothers. They are alcoholics, unhealthy, shy, insecure, and empty.

Jesse read a question about what it means that you cannot sin after you are born again. God tells us to be perfect, be holy, as he is. Why would he tell us to do something we cannot? Sin is any judgment — pride, playing god — which leads us to break God’s commandments. Rather, forgive: Forgive your mother and father, drop your judgment, and the wrongdoing (the drinking, drugs, sex…) will fall away.

March 19, 2017
Road Rage, Salvation, and Dating Divorcees & Single Parents (Don’t Do It!)… (Church Mar. 19)

(Watch 4-minute excerpt: ‘Christians Try to Explain Salvation’) We talked about what salvation is. A couple of people described how they understood it — one said you must repent to gain freedom. Another said you must observe yourself. One man said salvation is a return to the Father.

People fall away from God when their parents mess them up with anger or impatience.

We talked about marriage, dating, and divorce — men and women should not date or marry a person with children or previously married. This hurts children who want their real parents. A couple of divorced mothers told their stories. A boy who lives with his father was grateful because Jesse urged his mother not to pry him for problems that he does not have.

March 12, 2017
You CANNOT Change Your Life. Just Let Go and Live. (Church Mar 12, ’17)

(Watch 7-minute excerpt: ‘Are People Born GAY?… And Is Life FAIR?’) A man asked about a Bible verse where it says God created good and evil. Jesse believes that it’s better to recognize that God is in control and allows evil. Another man asked whether a person can be born evil or born homosexual. If a woman is angry, those things are possible. They talked about whether it was unfortunate that people lose a limb or are born with issues. We get what we deserve and what we need.

Then we talked about the question, “Can you change your life?” Some believed they could change habits, but physical things are not your life. Your life is your spirit. You cannot change your life. Paul said, “The things I want to do I cannot, but what I hate, I do.” Of yourself you can do nothing. God takes the anger from you. You must let go. You must pray.