Do You Believe in the Bible, or Do You Believe in God? (Church May 28)

(Watch 19-minute excerpt: If You Believe in the Bible, It Will Get in the Way Between You and God) Jesse returned this weekend from a debate in Las Vegas with a black Israelite Christian preacher who constantly read verses from the Bible instead of answering questions directly. The knowledge of good and evil puffs us up and makes us think we are like God, and deceives us. Many people believe in the Bible, which gets between them and God. The word of God is written in our hearts.

One woman watching online asked how to develop the “let go, let God” concept, and stay in the moment. Jesse explained and urged that people practice the silent prayer he shares via BOND church page.

Jesse urged everyone to take a moment to be quiet and remember our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country on Memorial Day.

We also talked about the passage in which Jesus said, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” Many people recognized it is okay to pay taxes, and that we belong to God. But to add to that, Jesse noted that many Christians and other people, both Jews in Jesus’s time and Christians today, do not relate to the world in a wise way. We can comply with certain things in the world and governing authorities to make life go smoothly and avoid unnecessary trouble, even as children of God.

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