Courage: Persist in Doing Good; Overcome Passions - Rebuilding the Man
Real courage is not sharing "your truth" (or feelings) in public, but "persisting in doing every good work & in overcoming the passions of the soul & body."
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Courage: Persist in Doing Good; Overcome Passions

Jesse Lee Peterson talked about courage after he led the BOND Men’s Forum Thursday, September 1st (first Thursday of the month).

Men’s Forum Report

The guys talked honestly. One man realized he needed to take better care of his health — it had been obvious to everyone but him. Another realized he hid from challenge rather than overcoming, trapped in his insecurity because he hated ridicule and criticism. Many others shared amazing stories, good and bad.

Jesse urged the guys to stay with prayer. The next day on his radio show, he pointed out how mentally immature men are today (video also below). It’s because men of all races grew up without good fathers and mothers.

The Importance of Fathers and Mothers

Fathers and mothers must be married. The father must love God with all his heart, soul and might — along with nothing else. Nothing else works.

Men often marry women similar to the mother they had, and women often become similar to their mother — their lives affected for better or worse by their mother and father.

The world today conjures alternative lifestyles and false identities. They promote lies and evil because they are of their father the devil. They corrupt children and families. Children of God should stand strong against their nonsense.

Real Courage

Most people lack courage. The world calls it “courageous” to come out out “transgender” or “homosexual.” Sharing your feelings (or your sin) is not brave.

Jesse found a great definition of courage — “persisting in every good work, and in overcoming the passions of the soul and body.” Our battle is a spiritual battle — a warfare between good and evil. You do not battle against people, but against what drives people.

Watch the posted YouTube video as Jesse talks about the monthly Men’s Forum and the plight of men and women who lacked good fathers and mothers today.

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