05/15/22 Has God Ever Helped You in a Situation? (Church)

Do you correct yourself? Has God ever helped you in a situation? You pray to Satan about situations; God keeps you from getting into them. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 15, 2022: Jesse opens with the Biblical Question: Do you correct yourself? (Toward the end he briefly answers it.) He then asks: Do you believe in God? Has God ever helped you in a situation? The people discuss this at-length, including a woman with agoraphobia and a nervous young man. Some wondered why God didn’t help them; a few turned atheist. Others felt God helped them even find their keys. Does God create situations? He lets people lose. 

Jesse realized this week God never helped him in situations, but that he was praying to Satan and not God, based on thoughts about situations. In the light, God keeps us from getting into situations. But in the darkness of the imagination, in thoughts and emotions, Satan leads us into situations. Let go of everything you’ve been taught about God. 

Toward the end Jesse answers questions: How should we pray to God? He also briefly states he never corrects himself. He talks with one young mother about Jesus’s quote in the Bible: “Ask and you shall receive.” The lady disagrees that the Devil doesn’t know he’s the Devil, and Jesse discusses it with her. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum third Thursday, May 19, 2022, 7 PM at BOND in L.A.


  • 0:00:00 Sun, May 15, 2022
  • 0:01:18 Welcome to Church
  • 0:02:49 Biblical Q: Do you correct yourself? 
  • 0:15:49 Do you believe in God?
  • 0:18:18 Has God ever helped you in a situation?
  • 0:19:37 (Forgive your mother for what?)
  • 0:21:20 Wife grew up with agoraphobia
  • 0:38:34 Young man: Attitude, feeling nervous, ego
  • 0:47:44 Ever wondered why God doesn’t help?
  • 0:55:51 Helping ladies find their keys, etc. 
  • 1:03:55 Does God create situations?
  • 1:10:08 God let people lose
  • 1:16:27 Doug, Franky, James, Supers
  • 1:24:15 Raymond, Hassan, lady and her son!
  • 1:29:39 JLP: God has never helped…
  • 1:42:34 Q: How should we pray? 
  • 1:46:25 JLP: I never correct myself
  • 1:48:35 Ask and receive? Devil doesn’t know?
  • 1:55:45 Closing / Announcement: Women’s Forum

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PDT We start just after the top of the hour. 

11:02 Jesse comments briefly on how lonely and sad the people must be who are protesting outside justices’ houses in favor of abortion. There are many lonely, sad people in the world. 

Do you correct yourself?

11:03 Right off the bat, Jesse asks people the Biblical Question: Do you correct yourself? Various guys answer, starting with Hassan. 

11:08 One man answers Jesse’s question: Why are you being double-minded right now? 

11:10 A first-time visitor Britney (sp) from out-of-town says she watches Jesse with her husband. She says she probably drives her husband crazy because she’s a woman. Encouraged by her husband, she confronted and forgave her mother; while talking with her, she realized her mother couldn’t hear it. 

11:13 Another young lady says she corrects herself when she realizes she’s going into her thoughts and imagination. Jesse asks her: How do you know you’re being corrected? What’s the proof? She says: Not feeling peace; when she feels uneasy, she catches herself thinking. 

Another young woman says she goes through things and learns from that. 

Do you believe in God? Has God ever helped you in a situation?

11:17 Jesse asks another first-timer Leonard: Do you believe in God? Do you correct yourself? He says he sees the consequences which corrects his behavior, so he’s not sure he corrects himself. At age 30, he has not yet forgiven his mother. 

11:19 Jesse then asks the same man: Has God ever helped you while you were in a situation? His parents, although not too religious, taught him to pray daily and while in a situation. 

11:20 Another first-timer asks because he doesn’t understand: Forgive your mother for what, exactly? 

A woman with agoraphobia

11:22 Another man answers the question: Has God ever helped you in a situation? His wife says she had agoraphobia as a little girl, which meant she couldn’t leave home without a companion. She was controlled. Jesse jokes, that’s nice, and that he wants a wife like that. She cried out at 20, and help came through people. It took a while to get help; she felt it was a process she needed. 

11:31 Jesse asks another young man (his first time here) if God helped him. He was in a relationship and when “Covid hit,” he lost his job. He felt God helped him take steps 

11:33 Then Jesse asks a young lady who says she woke up with gratitude and clarity. Although the situation didn’t change, her attitude improved, and she no longer worries about it. 

11:36 Jesse asks another young lady: Have you ever asked God to help you? She said yes; the situation wasn’t fixed, but she was able to deal with it. She used to wonder why the situation didn’t go away. Her attitude would go up and down, until she prayed to be able to handle it in the best way. 

Young man speaks: Attitude, feeling nervous, ego

11:39 Another man similarly says his attitude is better toward a situation out of his control. He’d like to think God’s working behind the scenes, though. Which would you rather change: The situation, or your attitude about it? 

The man says he’s dealing with the ego right now. He’s been failing in admitting his vices to others, to feel better. Now he’s trying to forgive himself. Others can’t help you anyway. 

Jesse asks him what the ego feels like. He’s 22, and nervous of public speaking; he doesn’t want to be judged. JLP says: When you’re nervous, you’re worshiping the Devil. But if you do it anyway, you’re overcoming the ego. This is his first time here. 

He says the Devil turned him away from his father through his mother’s vices and perspective. His father lives (or lived) with his grandmother, now in his mid-40s. Inside his head he says he’s forgiven his father. 

The young man asks: How do you kill your ego? Jesse urges him to stay with it, and don’t reach out. 

Ever wondered why God doesn’t help?

11:48 Hassan says that God has not helped him through a situation, because He wants us to go through it. It’s Satan deceiving us, and that’s why we flip flop. 

11:50 A young woman says she’s asked many times, but never wondered why He didn’t help. She wasn’t a Christian at that time. The situation didn’t change. 

11:53 Jesse asks: Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t help us? Keep your eyes on yourself. 

11:54 Jesse then asks the Anchor Baby (and briefly explains what an anchor baby is). He became an atheist as a kid, because God didn’t answer his prayers, he says. 

Helping ladies find their keys, and more

11:56 One of the first-timer ladies says God helped her many times. She got on the wrong freeway headed toward Inglewood coming here, and started to panic, but calmed down. In her marriage, she’d worry or be in confusion, until it comes to her to talk to her husband. She has a daughter. Jesse urges her to have more white babies (it’s White History Month in July). She talks about suffering being wrong in a situation with her father. 

12:01 Another young lady feels God’s keeping her alive. God helps her find keys. Is finding keys a situation? (The first-timer lady agrees.) The second woman references the book of Daniel. 

Does God create situations? 

12:04 Another man says he believes God will give you revelation just one time, and then you’re doing your thing. Jesse asks: Does God create situations? 

12:09 Prompted by one of the young fathers, Jesse talks more about sitting by the dock of the bay. 

God let people lose

12:11 A man says: I don’t know, when asked if God’s helped him. He was angry, and probably said God’s not real. 

Another man started a business that didn’t do well, but it didn’t bother him; he felt God helped him not lose his cool. But He let him lose his money! 

Doug, Franky, James, Supers

12:17 Doug says God laid everything out, and what we believe in defines the wrong path we take. 

Franky says he used to pray to God like he was a genie (who’d grant his wishes). 

James answers his best, and reads Super Chats. 

Raymond, Hassan, lady and her son!

12:25 Raymond, Hassan, and one of the ladies from earlier also speak. 

12:26 One of the ladies talks about crying and having grief. 

12:28 Brandon, the lady’s son, age 20, speaks. He forgave his mother. 

JLP: God has never helped me; I was praying to Satan

12:30 Jesse realized this week that God has never helped him, because he was praying to the Devil. God’s nature and the Devil’s nature are totally different. God keeps you away from situations. Bring every imagination into captivity. Every thought is a lie about everything, even about God. We’ve been taught wrong about him. God does not put you in situations, and He can’t help you in them. 

Even when you feel better in a situation, you’ll repeat the situation. You pray to the Devil and don’t know it; you pray to the thoughts. The Devil puts us in situations, when you’re in your imagination, when you have anger, fear, etc. God never put you there, in your situations. 

God keeps you out of situations; the Devil puts you in them

When you can see clearly, you don’t get into situations. You have peace. Spend time alone. Don’t always turn on the radio. The Devil does not want you to sit still. 

You can have perfect peace here on earth. You won’t be part of it, with the situations in the world. If you stay on the straight and narrow, you’ll grow in the light. God never puts his children into situations. He’ll never have you poor, worry, or have fear or anxiety. 

Live in the present, and not in your head, thinking about tomorrow or yesterday. If you’re in a situation, it has nothing to do with God, but everything to do with the Devil. 

When you’re in the light, don’t tell your vices to people. God cares about the heart, the real you, the spiritual you. When you respond to the world, you’re responding to the Devil’s children, who bring misery on one another. 

Come into the light so you don’t end up in situations. 

Let go of everything you’ve been taught about God

Everything you’ve been taught about God, let it go. 

Whatever you’ve done, forget about it. You can’t change it. In sadness, depression, loneliness, you’re giving into the Devil. 

If you want to be married or have babies, or feel like a man by owning a house, that’s the Devil. 

Even thoughts about God mislead you. Christ came so we can be fine on earth; we don’t have to wait to die. 

Q: How should we pray to God? 

12:43 A man asks: How should we pray to God? Be still. If you ask for anything, just ask for more light. Jesse talks at-length, saying to stop identifying with the feelings. The real you doesn’t feel that at all. Satan is not bringing you misery. You’ve been told you need the pain to learn; you don’t. 

Q: Don’t correct yourself / Ask and you shall receive? / Devil doesn’t know

12:47 Responding to a question, Jesse briefly says: Don’t ever, ever, ever try to correct yourself. 

12:48 Jesse talks with a young lady who hasn’t looked into her anger. She hasn’t tried to find her mother. Some people love their misery and pain. 

12:49 One of the first ladies asks what it means when the Bible says: Ask and you shall receive. Jesse asked to let him see himself. 

The darkness doesn’t understand the light, but the light understands the darkness and the light. The Devil’s children don’t know they’re the Devil. One lady disagrees that the Devil doesn’t know he’s the Devil. 


12:56 Jesse closes. 

We have our monthly Women’s Forum third Thursday, May 19, 2022, 7 PM at BOND in L.A.


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