12/19/21 Is There One Thing in Life That You Can Control? (Church)

Is there one thing in life that you have control of? Watch and pray: The thoughts are wicked. Satan does not want you to be still.

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, December 19, 2021: Merry Christmas next week! We hear some testimonies in the opening question-and-answer from newcomers. Jesse asks several people: Is there one thing in life that you have control of? You are not in control of anything. Most people are robots; it’s hard to find an individual in the world. 

All thoughts are lies: No one can convince an angry person that they’re wrong. Let go. Love your enemy. Some people get their identity and a false sense of “love” from animals. Others judge the “crazy cat ladies.” Both are wrong. There are no good thoughts. See for yourself the depths of how wicked the thoughts are. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Between Christmas and New Year, the office will be closed during that week (Dec 27-31), and we will do replays instead of live radio shows those days. We’ll see you in Church on Sundays as-normal. 

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  • 0:00:00 Sun, Dec 19, 2021
  • 0:00:46 Welcome to Church
  • 0:02:37 Opening Q&A
  • 0:17:47 Is there one thing in life you have control of?
  • 0:27:48 JLP: You’re not in control: Stories
  • 1:00:37 Animal lovers… Any good thoughts?
  • 1:32:38 Closing / Announcements

Church Notes

11:00 AM US PST We start right on the hour. Merry Christmas, everyone! Did you come to receive or to share? 

A man gives a nice testimony of telling a 32-year-old young man, a martial arts student, about thoughts when he asked out of the blue. He came back some time later after being away for a long time, and said he forgave his parents. 

11:05 A newcomer from NorCal Eli tells his “testimony.” His girlfriend’s brothers beat him up and sent him to the ER a year ago. He ran into Nick at a store out of nowhere after he came down to L.A. He no longer smokes pot or drinks. He appreciates Hake and JLP’s honesty from when he called-in to their shows. 

He lives with his “girl” unmarried on a lease until February. Jesse urges him not to overreact or judge himself, but pray, be glad to see you did wrong. God realizes you couldn’t see. Watch the heart, don’t hate, don’t overreact. 

11:09 The man’s girlfriend also speaks. 

11:10 Linda talks about “knowing yourself.” She talks about telling her husband “good morning” to control him — he pointed it out before she realized it. 

11:15 A young man talks about fear of quitting college after “forever.” He was in a PhD program for 6 years. He dropped out without the degree, after watching Jesse. He had anxiety. He has a masters in math. 

Is there one thing in life you have control of?

11:17 Jesse asks the young man: Is there one thing in life that you have control of? He says it feels like he’s in control now that he’s quit, but he’s not sure to what level. 

11:19 One man says he wipes off his sunglasses. 

11:20 Keith from Mississippi says that God has given him a greater sense of self-control. He can’t control what happens, but he can now control how he responds. At one time, he felt a false sense of thinking he was in control. He talks about sleep and silent prayer. 

11:22 One young lady grew up thinking everything was up to her. 

11:23 Jesse says we had an amazing Women’s Forum this week. He asks others if they think they’re in control. 

11:24 A couple of men talk about the idea of having control. 

11:26 One man used to think he was in control. He felt he was pushing the accelerator and the brake at the same time. It’s hard to grasp as a concept, but it’s less stressful. 

JLP: You’re not in control of anything

11:27 Jesse then explains why he asked this question. He’s counseled with people around the world, and recently got sick, with nothing but time to himself. When you’re praying, don’t reach out for anything. Sit still, and you will see that you’re not in control of anything. 

The darkness does not want to die. It lives by deception. It tells you about what will happen or what has happened. 

Jesse wants you to get to know yourself. Some people think that he’s an “authority.” I’m not a guru; I’m just Jesse, Jesse says. 

God will do the rest. Jesse hopes he never believes another thought, but lives by the light. Jesse used to wonder why people thought he was better than them. The thoughts are total darkness; there’s no light in the darkness at all. The light shines on the darkness, but the darkness cannot perceive the light. But it does not defeat the light. 

Faith follows — you follow faith; you don’t lead faith. You don’t come up with your own outcome. You let God’s will be done. 

JLP story: Most people are robots. It’s hard to find an individual.

Jesse tells a story about a father who built human-like robots in a major business. At an annual convention, they’d invite media, preachers, and entertainers. The father hoped the son would take over the business in the future. The son saw the stars and people he admired. After the event, the father showed the son that we are all robots who act the same — it’s hard to find an individual. 

Your thoughts will make you think you’re an alcoholic. Stop naming and claiming. You’re not a homosexual or lesbian. If you feel shy in front of an audience — that’s all ego. Don’t be attached. 

JLP story: No one can convince an angry person that they’re wrong. 

Jesse tells about counseling with a couple. He went to a bar late, and when asked he lied and said he was at work late. She said she called his work, and he was not there. In that moment, she was angry. Years later, in a similar-seeming situation, he really was at work late, but Satan told her she was at a bar! No one can convince an angry person that they’re wrong. So in counseling, Jesse asked her what is her proof now that he was at the bar. 

But once she had that glimpse of the truth, she realized she was wrong. She judged him way back then, and gave him hell, still judging. Once she realized she was wrong, she apologized, and was so glad to see she’d believed the darkness of her imagination. 

When you have fear, just know that’s not of God. In God there is no fear. In Satan, there is fear. Perfect love casts out fear. Let it pass through you. Go through it, relax in it, and let it pass. A little light is everything. You’re not in control. You can’t do anything about anything. You’ve got to calm down. 

JLP: Let go. Love your enemy

Jesse getting sick was the best thing for him, he said. He didn’t even want to listen to Nick or Hake hosting the shows! 

Let go. All thoughts are all lies, all the time. The names the people call you, or that you think about yourself — that’s not you. Stop judging yourself. Try to avoid your issues, but stop judging yourself. 

Whatever you’re afraid of is a sign that it has control over you. Do not reach outside for anything. It’s not out there. It’s inside of you. Relax inside. Why so long? Why not? Jesus will help you. Let every thought go all the time. Thoughts are wicked. 

Love your enemy. They cannot help it. When you see crazy people breaking into stores and robbing. You’re looking at the same thing that’s in you. It’s in the world acting out. 

There is no you. But Satan will give you a false illusion that it was you. We don’t own anything. We’re not in control of anything. But the ego wants you to think that you are. 

Know thyself. Never, ever, ever take your eyes off self. Satan is trying to protect the ego, so that he can kill you. You’re not your ego. You’re possessed. 

Q: Animal lovers don’t have love. Any good thoughts?

12:00 A lady asks if animals have souls. Only human beings are made in the image of God, Jesse says. People feel loved by animals because they resent human beings and themselves; they’re set apart from love. Drunk people feel like they love everybody. Animals just feed your ego. When human beings can’t deal with one another, they fall in love with animals. 

Jesse reiterates: Don’t overreact when trouble comes; you’ll bring more trouble on yourself. You are not your thoughts. 

The lady asks: What about good thoughts? No such thing! Doubt every thought. Live in the present and be guided by the light. Don’t take actions based on thoughts. Satan wants you to take action. God wants you to be still. 

She says Jesse had to take an action to start BOND, to rebuild the man. But Jesse explains how God has a plan for you, but it’s not the plan you have. 

Stay in prayer. The imagination is very impressive. It’ll make you blame others for you being deceived. Pray and watch, and turn off everything. It’s hard to sit still for people. 

People get upset at being yelled at. 

Q’s: More on lying thoughts, and judging cat ladies

12:13 Another lady says Satan told her she didn’t lock her car. Jesse talks about thoughts telling him he didn’t lock the post office mailbox. 

If you want to return to the Father, watch those thoughts. He loves you. People get an ego pleasure out of hurting someone else. Relax when the thoughts come. 

The other lady says animals don’t want to reconcile with God, or go to Harvard, or go look for a job. 

The cat doesn’t love you! When you put an outfit on a dog or cat, you need Jesus! 

12:19 A man talks about a young, pretty neighbor lady with animals. Jesse urges her not to judge the cat lady. You become a nutjob too! When you judge someone else, you’re judging someone else. 

12:21 Marlene asks about the difference between judging and discerning. We can’t help ourselves, nor can the crazy cat ladies. We are not God. 

When Jesse sees these people bringing animals on the plane, he knows there’s something wrong with that. 

Q: Man’s sister resents father // More on animals and plants

12:24 A man asks about people who don’t want to be around others who wronged them. If you’ve truly forgiven, you have a wait-and-see attitude. You don’t run away from the person; you may not interact with them, but you don’t judge them. Don’t get in your head about people who don’t want to be around the other person. Satan will make you judge them. If you listen to one thought, you’re now judging. 

The man’s sister told him he acts like their dad. Satan is constantly trying to make you judge. 

Don’t get an identity from the cat. 

12:29 The original animal lady acts offended at the man who said animal lovers are crazy. 

12:30 A man used to be vegan, but hated people. God made the animals to be under us. 

12:31 One guy said he has an abundance of house plants, and wonders if that’s okay. 

Closing / Announcements

12:32 Jesse urges people to see for themselves the depths of how wicked the thoughts are. Pray and watch. Stop naming and claiming these things — you’re not those things. That’s how the world gets people to “come out of the closet.” They convince you that you’re these evil spirits in you, but you still have no peace, and you end up killing yourself anyway. 

Become the observer. All thoughts are all lies all the time. Do not let anything outside make you feel good. 

Do the Silent Prayer, morning and night, and sometimes during the day. A change will come. Know that all thoughts are all lies. You’ve been lied to that you need to be thinking and planning. 

Satan does not want you to be still. Let that pass. 

We’re open next week until Friday, our last day. We’ll shut down the office and radio show between Christmas and New Year. We’ll be here for Church next week and the following, though! 

Hopefully Nick will come back and be ready with his show! (A lady asks what is an anchor baby.) 

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