All Races, Same Issue: ANGER (Church, July 22)

At Church, we touched on the crazy way evil people act today toward the people on the side of good, then addressed family issues, forgiveness, knowing yourself, and salvation.

Jesse talked with several people about forgiving their mothers (and fathers), including an 18-year-old Hispanic man who forgave his mother and father, and plans to move out on his own soon. He may join the BOND Entrepreneur Academy. His father became defensive, while his mother became a little nicer, but falls back into her old ways. He told his father he’s acting like a woman. Jesse warned him not to let his mother manipulate him with niceness and false love.

Jesse also talked with three Asian men — two brothers, one 27 and another in his early 30s, and the third man about 38. They all lived with their parents. Jesse urged them strongly to move out of mama’s. They agreed it was right, and well past time to do so. The brothers may move in together. The great thing about truth is it applies to all races. Racism does not exist — it’s either right or wrong, good or evil.

Jesse also made the point that Asian women can be controlling as well — some outright, and others less so. All cultures experience this, so those white men who go to China or look to other races to find a decent woman will find the same angry spirit they tried to escape by hating their mothers and their own race.

It’s White History Month, so we’re respecting the fact that whites built the country and made it great, and that whites today are under serious and unfair attack. Whites today, most have become very weak, and need to wake up.

Jesse talked about telling the truth, and also about living a quiet life — he is happy alone. That time alone allows him to get to know himself. It’s so important to get to know yourself — it’s the beginning of salvation. It’s how you forgive a mother who has died, or someone who abused you whom you cannot reach. You realize that you cannot help yourself. You no longer resent, and then you overcome the issues of life.

We addressed several questions from the Live Chat taking place via YouTube.

Do not be angry at the issues and weaknesses you face. Just observe yourself without judging. You are not God, and of yourself you can do nothing. They will fall away as you seek first the Kingdom of God, and His right way.

Jesse always strongly urges people do the Silent Prayer, found on the Church page as well as on video. (See links below.)

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