Christians Breaking the 10 Commandments (Church, Jan 13)

We dealt with questions: Are we special? What’s wrong with too much knowledge? Stand up against immorality. We touched on immoral Democrat women elected by demoralized voters. We also talked about the 10 Commandments.

Are we special?

At Church, Jesse started out asking the question: Are we special? Some said yes. Some said no. One man noted that we are made in God’s image. Joel said that God gave us authority.

A father and mother joined us with their son Isaac who appeared on The Fallen State. They talked about how liberal Los Angeles is, and how you can smell pot everywhere.

(Watch 30-minute excerpt: The Corruption of America: Weak Men, Pot, Hatred of Parents)

A woman named Joanna said she smokes pot to calm down — but now she realizes it’s an artificial calm.

One woman said her mother gave her her first joint at age 12. Her mother had her at age 16. She returned to the States from New Zealand to forgive her mother, whom she did not talk to for 10 years. She was high all the time to deal with the pain of her anger toward her mother.

What’s wrong with too much knowledge?

Jesse asked his recent Biblical Question: What’s wrong with too much knowledge? People talked about how it makes people feel entitled and know everything. Jesse also asked the question: Are you an idiot? Some see that as a negative word, but human beings really know nothing.

Later in the service, Jesse answered the question: Too much knowledge kills the soul. He also talked more with a young lady who did not want to be an “idiot” — you don’t want knowledge, but you want inner transformation.

Immoral Democrat women elected to office

Jesse talked about immoral Democrat women newly elected to office, including a lesbian, a woman married to a man who already had a child, two Muslims, and others. One lady commented that feminism has destroyed the culture. She also said that men are such beta males — so weak! With the wicked laws they put in place, we will have South Africa here in America, in which evil people attack the innocent.

A young man blamed the Baby Boomer generation, but all adults are responsible. There used to be shame in being a sinner. But voters are demoralized and put up with immorality. If men are weak, women suffer and can be deceived — and so can the men.

Some young people today have never seen a strong man in their lifetimes. One woman Joanna said this of her father. She told about going to forgive her mother, but instead she attacked her, and they had a fight in front of her young son.

Don’t put up with evil

(Watch 17-minute excerpt: Christian family accepts lesbian massage!)

One mother said she was getting a massage from a woman who said she had a wife — a lesbian. Her son and husband were present, and everyone felt funny, but because they didn’t want to be rude or start a confrontation, they said nothing and let the lesbian massage the mother. We have to speak up and not go along with wrong. People will take your free speech away if you don’t use it.

In the Super Chats (YouTube donations), one man warned that you have to be careful, because you might lose your job if you speak up about immorality. But we can’t be careful. And ladies who are waking up — stand up for the beta males, because they can’t help it and need to overcome.

A young man asked how to balance a career with standing for what’s right. Jesse urged him: Don’t plan it, but just be — be present and God will show you.

A couple more Super Chats asked about remarrying and about prayer.

Do not analyze life

Joanna asked how to tell the difference between revelation and overanalyzing. She deals with anxiety and analyzes things. Anxiety comes from anger — it’s not from God. God gives you peace. Relax, accept what is, and just be. God reveals; Satan talks to you.

A man with the wrong motivations for “God”

A man went to Texas to deal with his mother. He told her he forgave her, and felt a little relief. She had divorced his father and destroyed the family. But now he doesn’t feel the same freedom and peace others described. He thought everything would change after he forgave, so now he’s confused. Jesse warned him: Don’t compare yourself to others. The Bible says to seek first the Kingdom of God, and all things will be added to you. But this man says he wants all things added, so he’s seeking that. His motivation is wrong. Jesse advised him: Suffer and die!

Another young woman asked about the Silent Prayer — she goes through a “roller coaster,” in and out of all sorts of thoughts. Jesse urged her just to watch and have no opinion of the things going through her mind.

We talked more about homosexuals who target children and promote wrongdoing, and the need to stand up and not worry about losing things. People are attached to the things of the world, over the things of God.

The Ten Commandments

We talked about and read through the Ten Commandments. Christians today are breaking all the commandments! When you suffer a breakup and you’re down — it’s because you’ve made that person your god. Some people work too much, seven days a week — but you’re supposed to remember the Sabbath, taking quiet time to pray. Fathers should take time to be with their children. You honor your father and mother by not hating them, but today men and women are controlled by their fathers and mothers through anger and guilt. Anger is the nature of Satan.

Jesse reiterated his point from last week: What you go through in your personal life, the suffering — you brought on yourself. We are supposed to overcome emotions. Let anger go.

We have our monthly Women’s Forum this Thursday, January 17th, at 7pm at BOND in Los Angeles.

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