Dealing with Anger Issues and Women Being Called the “B-word” (Church June 25)

(Watch 14-minute excerpt: Should Women Be Upset When Called the “B-word”?) Jesse started out church by reminding us that our battle is within ourselves. The battle is not with the world or other people in the world. If we feel upset, it’s our problem — not the people who provoke the anger. A couple of women asked how to deal with an “enemy” at work, or troublesome neighbor. Jesse reiterated that you must relax and suffer through the pain. When you get past the anger, then you can see how to deal with them.

One woman had a problem with how Jesse interviewed his recent guest on The Fallen State (his TV talk show). She didn’t like how the guest talked about women, calling them the B-word, and how Jesse did not challenge the guest. She felt like she denigrated all women. But she told the truth — other women admitted it. The woman also commented on how she dressed, not very conservatively, a short dress that looked a bit revealing.

Some people watching online asked how to seek God and become born again. Jesse spoke on it, and asked people in the service if they had faith. Most people did not, although some believed they did. He said that if you stay on the path of God, faith will be given to you, and you will grow in it.

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