Do Good People Do Bad Things? (Church, Dec 2)

We discussed questions: Do good people do bad things? Do you have faith? People talked about relationship troubles, sex and marriage. Where do you get love?

(Later in the service we experience some issues with the mics — sorry about that!) 

At Church a man says he made a woman cry at a gathering. People discuss the difference between pot and hemp. President George Bush (the daddy) died at 94. There was a border rush by illegal aliens in Tijuana.

Do good people do bad things?

A woman asked Jesse about his biblical question: Do good people do bad things? One couple visiting from out-of-state talked about the question: Do you sin? In 1 John 3, the Bible says that no one who is born of God sins. In discussing sin and wrongdoing, some other couples also admitted anger and arguments. One man will forgive his mother in Australia, perhaps over FaceTime or Skype. God says to be perfect. Jesse asks what you were saved from, if you were not saved from sin? We also asked the question: What is sin?

Online questions

Jesse’s producer James asked a few questions online. Dane asked: After you have perfect peace, does it take time to drop the bad habits? Don’t worry about that — don’t think in those terms. Paddy Mcgill online asked: Why aren’t you Catholic? Jesse gave an honest answer about Catholics, their churches, the Pope, and the way he was raised. One person asked for Jesse’s best few tips for being productive. Pray every day, and seek first the kingdom of God and his right way.

Thinking too much

A woman talked about problems in her mind. One man once had faith, but lost it and now is “working on it.” Another man argued against oversimplifying solutions — but simplicity is best. Some people discussed social media, online dating, and people being “avatars.”

Do you have faith?

Different people answers the question: Do you have faith? Some said they did at times, while others said they do not. Can you ride two horses? How can you have faith in God at some times but not others?

Relationship troubles

(Watch 27-minute excerpt: Advice on Relationship Troubles)

A woman who attends regularly of late nearly broke down crying about her son’s father, her boyfriend, not marrying her after 15 years. Jesse tells her to move out, to set a good example for her son — the young boy joined her today, and says he agrees.

Another man living with his girlfriend — they have a son together — discussed issues related to sex and asked about doing what’s right.

Do you love yourself?

Last week, Jesse asked people to examine where they’re getting the love with which they say they love themselves. Some say God gave them the love with which they love themselves.

Jesse also explained what faith is.

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