Don’t Get Too Into Knowledge (Church, Nov 25)

Biblical Question: How do you see black people? Be honest with people. Don’t get into knowledge and education. Just be! Mothers, let adult sons and daughters go!

At Church, we got a lot of questions and feedback from people. One man asked: Should we love the Devil?

A woman asked Jesse about his Biblical Question of the Week last week: How do you see black people? She appreciated that Jesse offered whites a space to express their feelings. Having been born in the 80s, she doesn’t take slavery as part of her story. Jesse says that all the talk about slavery and racism is insane. A Mexican man, white man, and another woman also gave feedback about the victimhood and group mentality. Jesse urges all people just to be honest with one another. Tell the truth because blacks, women, and homosexuals who are angry and brainwashed can’t see. They’re victims of failed parents, not slavery or racism.

(See 20-minute excerpt: How Do You See Black People?)

The mother of two twin sons who are fans of Jesse — she joined us, and we caught a glimpse of one of her twin sons.

Don’t get into knowledge and education

Jesse wants people to start living, and not get into education which is a rip off nowadays. One woman seemed to concur, and talked about losing all of her stuff after messing with the wrong people. She was back living with her mother and realized that it’s best to get money the right way, because it goes as easily as it comes. But people go crazy gathering knowledge. One man clarified that education can have value. Some people talked about the value of work experience versus school.

So many young people lack common sense. They seek after education and career and don’t marry until they’re 30 or 40. People’s values get set aside seeking after ego, and then later they suffer for it. One of the women felt deflated hearing this. She also touched on the value of work and who you know, versus educated job employees. Another woman said she focused on grades earlier in life, but neglected herself. Now that she knows herself, she’s happier now.

People get really into knowing the Bible. Don’t read the Bible to know the Bible. Don’t hold onto knowledge. Knowledge is a tool. But we are to be led by the Holy Spirit.

One lady said she only had an eighth grade education! But she was very organized and wasn’t afraid of anything.

Another lady said she married at 33 to a beta male, and had kids. But she said it to offer hope to the ladies.

Mothers, make your adult sons and daughters move out!

One mother said that the Bible humbles her. Her sons sometimes tell her that she’s acting like Maxine Waters! She says that she loves herself but may go too far with it in vanity. Feeling guilty that she worked a lot throughout her sons’ lives, she may have spoiled them. Today some of them smoke weed. She gave them gifts to make up for working a lot. Jesse urges her to let them go at age 19!

Another mother with grown adult son and daughter spoke up. Jesse told her she hates them and explains more. She realized she was enabling them.

Questions from online

James asked a few questions from the Live Chat, including some Super Chat donations from people. Scott online asked Jesse to talk about shame, believing it was connected to anger. But it’s not necessarily connected to anger — nowadays people completely lack shame! There are Christian parents who allow their children to have sex with their boyfriends or girlfriends inside their house!

Mikey, age 22, forgave his father and mother, and is financially independent. His family resists his plans to move out, using guilt and emotional control. He says he does the Silent Prayer twice per day. Should he leave and not feel bad? Yes!

One man asked advice for young men who want to marry, but can’t find women “worthy of being mothers.” He knows online dating is a “no.” Don’t look for a woman. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His right way. He will add to you what you need.

Why do most men hate women? They hate their mothers.

One man defends emotions, asking if overcoming emotions makes you a robot. He forgave his mother and father. Instead of seeing his mother above him, he saw his mother as a human being. At first he disagreed with Jesse that blacks’ problem started with their parents, believing the problem is deeper. But it’s not the government, because if the parents raised the children right, they would not fall for the government bribe and corruptions.

Don’t leave your children with your mother!

Jesse made the point that mothers and fathers should not leave their children with their mothers! Ladies tend to do this, using them as babysitters. The problem with it is that grandmothers use the grandchildren like fresh blood, now that they’ve already sucked the life out of their own children! Some people disagreed with Jesse.

One lady stood up to declare: My mama is god to me. She talked about her truth and there being many gods. Jesse told her that Satan is her father.

Jesse wrapped up by mentioning that there’s an idea that we should “grieve” different losses and setbacks. He hopes to get into that more later. He told people who have been educated (and indoctrinated) not to worry about it. Just be! He also asked the people who say they love themselves to consider the question: Where are you getting the love from with which you “love” yourself?

A newly married couple speak

Jesse married two couples recently, and one of the couples came to the front. The young lady said she was Colombian, and did not learn important life skills in school. She said that her new husband is disorganized, which men tend to be. But they are happy so far! Jesse urged them to make a lot of babies!

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