Life Without Fear (Church, Nov 11)

We discussed a letter about black people, speaking up, fear of confrontation, parents who don’t teach their children to work, not having sex, Jesse’s Biblical Question, and temptation.

This Sunday is Veterans Day. Jesse briefly talked about the fire in Malibu that destroyed homes. Jesse answered an online question: When talking to an angry person, you’re actually talking to the Devil, and not the person.

A letter about black people

Jesse brought a letter he received, and asked a lady to read it aloud to the rest of us. The writer admitted despising black people, detailing all of the unchecked evil behavior of blacks. Several people gave their reaction to this letter, many admitting that it is true of many but not all blacks, also noting that the behavior occurs among all races of people. Others at Church focused on this person’s anger and hatred toward blacks.

Finally, Jesse talked about his impression of the unsigned letter. As he read it, he thought: Wow, that’s true. But this anger over blacks is a result of whites and others not speaking up about black people. When you don’t speak up, you get angry at yourself. And when people know you’re afraid, you bring out the worst in them. When kids see parents’ weakness, they resent it and take advantage of it. Whites are afraid because they are angry. Blacks are out of control even in Europe — where Jesse said one black punched out a security guard in a confrontation.

Life without fear

Jesse described life without fear, contrasted with the way he used to live. At one time he couldn’t speak up with any power. Perfect love casts out fear. Love blacks enough to tell them the truth. When criticizing them, don’t add that other races and cultures do it too — that’s not love. If you have a broken arm, what use is it for the doctor to say that other people have broken arms too? We’re talking about blacks specifically.

As an aside, Jesse advised that ladies should dump any man who blames others — that’s a beta male. Don’t put anything more important than what is right. One woman asked if they should call out a black person as a black person, or just as a person? Don’t plan it. She admitted: “I don’t like confrontation” — to which Jesse said: “I love confrontation! … a good old spiritual battle!” Blacks take advantage of people who don’t want to confront them. You should love all people the same. One man talked about a friend who beat up anyone he was able to make use the “N-word.”

How do you develop discipline and good work ethic?

A 22-year-old man, John, asked how to develop discipline and work ethic. Some men and women responded with their advice. It turns out this young man still lives with his parents. Jesse stated that parents who don’t teach their kids to work hate their children. Forgive them. Jesse asked him what he knows how to do. He couldn’t think of anything. That is sad! Jesse told him to call our office on Tuesday (after the holiday) so that we can help him get a job. Jesse told him about the Silent Prayer and urged him to do it. He found us via YouTube.

Jesse talked about a man who went through the BOND program. His daughter works at age 16, has her own car, plays basketball, gets straight A’s in school, and looks forward to moving out at age 18!

Don’t have sex with your girlfriend!

John is dating a woman. He quit smoking weed and is going back to college. He admitted that he is having sex. Jesse told him not to have sex — that’s like taking drugs. Do not be needy of a woman’s “love” — sex is not love. But John said he disagrees and does not intend to follow Jesse’s advice about sex.

(His best friend also attended Church — he’s in business school, not currently working. Jesse also told him to get a job, at least to work part-time. He’s a Christian and tells John not to have sex with his girlfriend.)

Another man advised John about work ethic — but gave him bad advice. He said that you should compare yourself to other men your age and compete with them. But you should not compare yourself to others nor compete with them. Rather, do your best.

John is not a Christian, but not sure he’s an atheist. Jesse told him that he’s in the right place, and that we will help him get his life on track.

Biblical Question

Jesse repeated his Biblical Question from last week: How does a male become a man, and a female become a woman? Two women and two men responded before Jesse explained: Males and females are in a fallen state. They are like animals. You must be born again to become a man if you’re a male, or woman if you’re a female. One woman asked about the term “born again” — she doesn’t get it. Everyone who has anger is in a fallen state. When you come out of the fallen state, then you can see.

This young lady also asked: How do you return to a father who wasn’t there? She said that she forgave her mother, and it went great. A little later in the service, she gave an update about her life with her boyfriend. In a prior service, she broke down while talking about being a pot head, saying she resented her live-in boyfriend. She said that she stopped smoking weed, and now she’s tired, which she didn’t expect. Before she came to Church, she used to have sex with her boyfriend, but she cut it off with him — no more sex until marriage.

Perfect single mother, perfect daughter, beta male son

Another woman said that she doesn’t know if she ever blamed her single mother. She felt her mother was perfect, and that she takes after her — that she’s perfect too. At first she did not admit this directly; when asked if she herself was perfect, she said she’s complete. She said she never resented her father for not being there, realizing that he was going through things, but that she forgave him. Jesse urged her to tell him that she forgave him. It does a man good when his children return to him. She’s actually sister to the prior lady’s boyfriend, who she admits is a “beta male.” Jesse joked about her “perfect” mother raising a “beta male.”

Take the pain

Jesse tells people that whatever their into will fall away after they’re born again. He sometimes tells people that if they must do wrong, not to judge themselves, but to observe themselves. But he noticed that people take that to mean they can continue to do wrong and just “not judge” themselves — you can spend a lifetime doing this and never overcome it. A man admitted to doing this — he tried not to drink a beer, but eventually did. Jesse told everyone that they should resist doing wrong. You can even ask Jesus, and he will help you. But if you do the wrong, don’t get lost in it. Jesse talked about being really into women, thinking he couldn’t live without sex — it was because he resented his mother.

Joel talked a little about “having nothing to hold onto.” Jesse told people, God is trying to wake you up. Do the prayer. Life is simple.

We have our monthly Women’s Forum this Thursday, November 15th, 7pm at BOND — the third Thursday of the month.

No free will

Trevor Wesley has done a number of music remixes using some of Jesse saying some of his favorite words and sayings. He loved Jesse’s radio show segment this past week saying that you do not have a free will. Some people believe we have a free will. So Jesse urged everyone to try out their free will: For one week, do nothing wrong. Then we can discuss how people’s “free will” worked for them next week.

Jesse reminded the young man John to call the BOND office 323-782-1980 for us to help him get a job.

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