Parents Traumatize Kids by Switching Roles - Rebuilding the Man
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Parents Traumatize Kids by Switching Roles

(Watch 2-minute excerpt) Jesse just returned from speaking at the annual Educational Policy Conference in St. Louis, MO, where Sam Sorbo also spoke on home schooling. Jesse said that most education hurts and misleads children, but many parents do not understand this.

Jesse also talked about fathers becoming “stay-at-home mothers,” a phenomenon praised by T.D. Jakes on his TV show. Jakes showcased black men taking the role and spirit of women.

Jesse also debunked the lie that children feel unloved if their parents do not attend their sporting events. This is an idea from misguided mothers and Hollywood, and a false replacement of love. A man read from 1 Corinthians 13 to describe real love, which is not emotional.

A woman watching online asked how to forgive a person who hurts her over and over. Jesse explained that she must see that she is wrong for hating it, and apologize to the person for being angry.

Jesse talked about his article this week, that in 60 years no black man has solved the destruction in the black community. Finally, Donald Trump the “white hope” or “white savior” comes in to solve the problems, because he loves them. But they hate him. Jesus too loved the people and came to save them, but they hated him and killed him.

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