What Is Sin? (Church, Dec 16)

Christians are to stop sinning and be perfect. What is sin? Sin is anger, judgment, playing God. Fake Christians quote the Bible to excuse sin!

At Church, people asked their questions for Jesse, and then Jesse made the point that you are not your thoughts. He asked his own questions: What is your comfort zone? What’s the difference between a liberal and a conservative?

What is sin?

A man said that he still sins but has not done so lately. He asks Jesse to respond to some Bible passages including 1 John 1 verse 8. He believes we can be perfect, and argued for three hours with a pastor about it. Some non-Christians including an agnostic said that they sin, but could not say for sure what sin was. A few people suggested “lying” as an example of sin.

Jesse asked the question, “What is sin?” Various people gave their best shots at answering, such as “not reflecting God’s character.” Sin is anger. Anger is judgment. You are playing God.

The first man who spoke also read from Romans 7: 14 and on, from Paul. The thing in you will drive you to do what you do not want to do. When you try not to do it, you lie to yourself in pride and ego. Instead, just watch it, and do not do anything about it. God in you will help you overcome it. You are not in control of anything. It’s the god you serve, either God or Satan. If you judge, Satan is your daddy, and he makes you think that you are in control.

Overcome anger and judgment

A woman asked about women’s monthly physical cycle, in which many ladies grow irritable. Just watch it, and let it pass. Do not react, and in that way it has to die. She later talked about getting into practices about the “third eye” and “chakras” in the past — she said it’s demonic and deceptive. Jesse connected some of that New Age type of stuff with Oprah who is also evil.

John 10: 10 says that Christ came that we might have life.

One man talked about the advice Jesse offers: Get rid of anger. He talked about a recent guest on Jesse’s interview talk show The Fallen State, a woman from Christian Democrats of America.

A man said that the verses in 1 John that people point to to say that you do sin — in the surrounding verses, the passage indicates that in Christ we are to get rid of all sin!

Another man named Josh talked about sin being judgment. His mother kicked him out and he says it made him become a man. Jesse advised him: Never think that you are strong. Watch your thoughts, because they lie to you. This man’s father wanted to give his children money, but does not help them become men.

Fake Christians quote the Bible to excuse sin!

One man said that he’s still judging, but “not as much as I used to.” But you are supposed to stop judging period!

Yet another man said that he does still sin, but that, “as Paul says,” the “flesh” sins, but his “spirit is perfect.” But this is a deception from the fake Christians — people justify continuing to sin by repeating quotes from Paul! He later admitted that he’s a bit of a hypocrite, and wants to talk privately with Jesse.

Still another man says that he had anger for his father, but not his mother. He feels she was an upright woman, and compared her with the Virgin Mary, because she was still a virgin when she married. She died when he was 15. But Jesse pointed out that he still hates women, and it makes him act like a woman.

A woman who has been attending regularly thinks that she has a strong judgment of what good is, but we are not to judge good and evil. She won’t move away from her boyfriend, even though she knows she should. “Suffer and die!” Later, she asks how she should go about doing it.

You are not your thoughts.

The first man with the questions from the Bible noted that Jesse’s the first person he’s heard say that your thoughts are not your own. You are not your thoughts. Before Jesse woke up, he’d feel good after Church, and think he didn’t want to have sex anymore, but his thoughts would tell him he needed to go have sex. Your thoughts can tell you to drive fast or drive off a bridge. It’s not you telling yourself that.

One woman asked if homosexuality is a sin. No, it’s anger that keeps them in that state, and they can overcome it. You can overcome anything.

A black man asked about dealing with angry, violent people. When attacked, forgive them. Once you’re free of anger, you see how to deal with them, and understand where they’re coming from. If it comes to blows, you can knock them out, and help them up and offer to go have lunch afterward. Jesse is able to love those who hate him since God changed his heart. The man said he’s trying to forgive his mother. He’s concerned about coming at her angrily. Jesse urged him: Just go and do it; don’t listen to your thoughts about it. He could see Jesse’s point, and said that the thoughts mess with you.

Jesse answered a few questions from online about knowing when something from the Bible is true or not, why Christ came, and dealing with an angry father.

What is your comfort zone?

(Watch 5-minute short cut: What Is Your Comfort Zone? BIBLICAL QUESTION)

Jesse asked his new Biblical Question of the week: What is your comfort zone? Several people gave their answers, some not believing that they have one.

Jesse talked about a 9-year-old black girl who committed suicide after being bullied, possibly by black kids (but her aunt didn’t say it). Kids made fun of the girl for hanging out with a white kid and his mother. A weather woman, a married mother, committed suicide after Lasik surgery. Her coworkers acted sad, but why were they sad if she killed herself? They may not even have liked her. The world is so phony!

While taping man-on-the-street interviews for The Fallen State, Jesse met a woman who likes his message, but thinks she’s “too far gone.” You are not “too far gone.”

What’s the difference between a liberal and a conservative?

(Watch 8-minute excerpt: What’s the Difference Between a Liberal and a Conservative?)

Finally, Jesse asked the question: What’s the difference between a liberal and a conservative? Numerous people gave their answers. Before giving his answer, Jesse urged everyone: Overcome anger. You have to be what’s right. It’s not enough just to say it, read about it, or think it. A conservative has no anger, but a liberal does. So the problem with the “conservatives” today is that they have anger — fear — and so the children of the lie defeat them. They don’t know that they have the power to defeat evil if they overcome anger.

Do the Silent Prayer, and think this week about your comfort zone. People should not have a comfort zone.

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  • Andre Word
    Posted at 17:05h, 16 December

    1 John 3:4 King James Version (KJV)
    4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.

    This is what sin is…..in the bible it explains each scripture in context to the entire bible with verses that don’t contradict… our hearts and minds reflect the image of God when we see our sin and rebellion against God to repent and receive the Holy Spirit which brings to remembrance the words that Christ spoke to us.. Jesus Christ is the word made flesh….With revelation from the Holy Spirit we know that the bible was written by men inspired and moved by the Holy Spirit.. all true believers are all of the same mind and agree by the same Holy Spirit.

    Ephesians 4:26 King James Version (KJV)
    26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

    Not every spirit with in is Holy…some have evil spirits therefore the spirit with in is evil and against God..
    In Context Matthew 5 :48. Be he Perfect reflects the earlier verses where we are to love everyone according to as Christ loved us as our Father in Heaven sends rains on the just and unjust alike..

    Being born again….we receive a new nature that seeks to please God over rebelling and we repent when we break the law of Christ. Pride vanity which all is vanity is sin…

    Righteous judgement is not sin.
    John 7:24

    This is not intellectual it’s Obedience by faith in Christ by his word being in His love to forgive us from damnation if we accept His perfect sacrifice in Love. Intellectualism often can be reasoning the spirit with in apart from word of God that express the very gospel of Christ that offers salvation and making up our own means of being Holy..apart from the spirit and holy means to be set apart for God.

    • James Hake
      Posted at 10:43h, 22 March

      Thanks for the comments and quotes, Andre. However, it’s apparent that you completely missed the message. None of those verses mean what you think they mean — that’s where intellectualism comes in — you’re so eager to discredit the truth of what Jesse’s saying that you’re missing the reality that what he says is quite biblical. I’d point out, by the way, that Ephesians 4:26 does not justify anger, because just a few verses later Ephesians says to get rid of all anger.

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