Who’s the Victim, and Who’s the Victimizer? (Church 3/8/20)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, March 8, 2020: Jesse asks the question: If an adult man gets with teenage girl prostitute, who is the victim, and who is the victimizer? A single mother is emotional today, sad about her son’s anger at her — he needs his father. The world eats their own — for example, Jared from Subway who had major spiritual issues that therapy could not fix. Don’t get so excited about anything that you get caught up. Seek first the kingdom of God, and live your life. One unmarried couple joined us late today, still living together! 


Why Are You Crying? (Church Clip 3/8/20)

CLIP: Single Mother Cries Over Teen Son’s Anger (14 min.)

Jared from Subway (Church Clip 3/8/20)

CLIP: Sex Victims: How the World Ate Jared from Subway (45 min.)


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