Don’t Live Together Unmarried (Church, Dec 9)

Kevin Hart apologized to the children of the lie. Christians set a bad example, living together outside marriage, divorcing and remarrying. Have faith and be right, for your children.

Before we started, a woman who’s been attending Church led the group in a song she wrote inspired by the message Jesse brings.

Stop apologizing to the children of the lie!

(Watch 13-minute excerpt: Kevin Hart: Children of the Lie Control You. +Trump vs Apostles’ Creed)

At the beginning of the service, Jesse spoke about actor and comedian Kevin Hart apologizing for old tweets including one about not wanting his son to be “gay.” In the old days, parents did not want their sons to be “sissies.” But today people apologize to the children of the lie for telling the truth. One man told the story of a teacher who put boys in dresses to support transgenderism!

Why don’t Christians stand for truth? They believe wrong things! For example, many fake Christians judged President Trump for not reciting the Apostles’ Creed at George Bush’s recent funeral. On national TV, we saw evil politicians including past presidents and their wives reading the Apostles’ Creed as though they believe in God. Meanwhile many real Christians never heard of it!

Adult “Christians” setting a bad example

(Watch 18-minute excerpt: “Christians” Setting a Bad Example! Especially Men!…And Women!)

One Filipino lady grew up Catholic. She spoke about her mother stealing clothes in front of her children. Her grandmother even participated in looting amid the Rodney King riots! Jesse told of a friend stealing government cheese. Adults like this set a bad example for the children.

Mothers also keep their children at home well into adulthood today. Any man who lives with his mother or with a woman before marriage is not a real man but a woman! A young man named Marcel says he was kicked out of his mother’s house, but then he came back. Now he realizes he’s better off living on the street than with her.

One man who lives with his girlfriend spoke up. Jesse asked if he ever acted like a boy with her. He denied it, but she confirmed he does at times. Why does she stay with him? She had not considered that neighbors believe they’re having sex, and had not considered the bad example they set in living together.

Jesse asked a couple of ladies who live with their boyfriends: What’s preventing you from doing right? They fear their boyfriends won’t become “alpha males” or that they’ll break up should they live apart.

One lady discussed about that women feel entitled to their children — not just the decision to commit abortion, but also in raising the child. But the father should take over the role of raising the child after age 3, and the mother should just help.

Many adult men and women have fallen into sex out of wedlock — “slutmakers.” But that goes away once you forgive your mothers. You cannot trust any angry person, because they will turn on you — they have no compassion.

Another live-in girlfriend

A young lady joined us for the first time with her boyfriend who loves Jesse. She spoke about abortion and living with her boyfriend. She agreed with Jesse that women judge men who say one thing but do another. You have to be right. This man Jeremy has five children of his own by three different women, and she has one daughter. Jesse urges them to live apart for the sake of their children, and not look for love or happiness in one another.

A man listening to this began questioning Jesse about step parents and whether a man can be good in some areas but not others. Jesse asked: Imagine if Christ were living with a woman! This man is not particularly religious, and doesn’t see Jesse’s points. Adults must be a living example.

Another lady spoke of her mother bringing in a stepfather who was a good man, but she never accepted him or connected with him as a real father. Kids yearn for their real parents.

Getting back to the young lady, Jesse reassured her not to “need” her idea of a family. Families are no good anyway — they don’t love each other; when one becomes good, the others attack that person.

This woman agrees with Jesse about anger. He asked her if she forgave her mother. She said she has PTSD, and that her father was the culprit. Jesse explains that his father was weak and couldn’t handle her mother, and now men can’t handle her.

Husband and wife are both remarried

One woman said that she and her husband each married and divorced others before they got together, but never had children. She says her first husband was verbally abusive — being rude toward her. Jesse asks if she’s verbally abusive toward her husband by being rude — she admits she uses rude words but doesn’t want to call it verbal abuse. We have to call things what they are, and not call them what they’re not.

Her husband who also joined us said that he was not hurt by her words, but annoyed. But we should not be affected by words. This man said that his first marriage was “phony,” but that this one now is from the heart. Jesse explains that their marriage is not real, but that they’re still technically married to their first respective spouses. But once they realize they’re wrong, God forgives them. It’s not that they should divorce now.

More questions answered

A man watching online said he has two children with his fiancée who wants him to pay for their wedding, while she buys a home. Jesse urges him not to do that.

The man Jeremy asked about the Silent Prayer.

Last points

Jesse urges people to realize that it’s a lie that “education is the answer.” Oprah and others say that, but it’s wrong.

Be careful with your words. You are justified or condemned by them. Doubt every thought. President Trump lives a life of faith. He does not speak in doubt.

Yet one more couple living together

A young man joining for the first time with his girlfriend — he’s lived with her too, for the past five years! Jesse urges them to get married and do it right. The man should lead her.

At the very end one man said he has a son from divorce, but doesn’t have custody. The state of California wants him to establish “stability” by living with another woman so that the 8-year-old boy can get a “family environment.” But the state is wrong. The boy will turn away from him if he gets with another woman, even though the emotional child expressed that he wants his father to get a girlfriend.

Make sure you do the Silent Prayer.

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