The Meaning of Endurance (Sunday Service 9/27/09)

BOND Sunday Service, September 27, 2009: Jesse Lee Peterson asks people about the assignment from last week: What’s your thorn in the flesh? We talk about endurance. Then we talk about instances between whites and blacks, and the dishonesty and unfairness in how whites are treated. 

The world thinks Affirmative Action, which is discrimination against qualified white Americans based on race, is a good thing. But it’s not “equality,” and it only breeds suspicion and resentment. But individuals and businesses have a right to discriminate. Why would you want to force your way into a place that you’re not welcome? That’s not love. You can’t make people love you. It doesn’t make sense. But when you’re angry, you do illogical things. 


Speaking White (Sunday Clip 9/27/09)

CLIP: Becoming More ‘White’ in the Way I Speak (2 mins)

Thorn in My Side (Sunday Clip 9/27/09)

CLIP: Is the ‘Thorn in the Flesh’ a Sin? (5 mins)

Affirmative Action (Sunday Clip 9/27/09)

CLIP: Affirmative Action is Dumb and Wrong. (29 mins)


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