What Does It Mean to Be a Christian? (Church 1/26/20)

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 26, 2020: Jesse talks with a black lady who flew in from Georgia just to come to Church! She talks about getting into thoughts and emotions. Every thought is a lie. She forgave her mother, and saw Satan come out angry in her. James asks questions from Live Chat and Super Chats. Men are afraid to leave him at 18! Don’t do that to your kids! . When you’re an adult, you’re not a kid around your parents anymore. 

Men Don’t Want to Marry an Educated Women

Jesse talks about a radio show interview he appeared on, with strong black educated women. They hung up on him! Jesse warns people that men don’t want to marry educated women, especially not today with schools teaching evil. The sister of a young man who joined us spoke up about the “Handmaid’s Tale” and “sisterhood.” She said she’s married, but her brother says she just calls her boyfriend her husband. He just moved in with her, as he just moved to Los Angeles. His father is back in India. When he forgave his mother, she said, “Okay.” A woman with a baby spoke up and agreed with Jesse about women working and getting educated, versus staying home and taking care of the children. 

Church Clip: Handmaid's Tale? (1/28/20)

Watch CLIP: Young Man Brings Feminist Sister to Church! (duration 11:35)

What Does It Mean to Be a Christian? 

Various people weigh in on the Biblical Question: What does it mean to be a Christian? 

We touch on a verse that Victoria came across in Ecclesiastes that everything is meaningless. It means it’s no big deal; it’s here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t hold onto people, places and things. 

As we’re discussing things, we learn that former NBA star Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA (a daughter of his died as well). May his soul Rest In Peace. A man and woman talk about an upcoming funeral for a friend, wondering the best way to speak — a young 32-year-old woman was hit by a truck in Long Beach, on the anniversary of her twin’s funeral, 9 years later! Just be honest. 

Church Clip: Kobe Dead (1/26/20)

Watch CLIP: Jesse Reacts to News of Kobe Bryant’s Death (duration 3:40)

Jesse answers the Biblical Question: Being a Christian is just being of love — love of your Father, God. Christ was like the Father. Don’t compare yourself to others. Jesse tells of a man who got with an older woman after expressing interest in having a family, but the woman is too old to have kids and looks like his mother! Teach your children to be responsible, and be honest. Jesse tells of a man Doug Adler, a longtime sports commentator for tennis who’d said that Venus Williams was doing guerrilla warfare. He was wrongly fired by ESPN and called racist, even after he won a lawsuit! 


Lastly, Jesse gives updates on the building search, and some other announcements, including a rally in Burbank on Tuesday noon outside Adam Schiff’s office. 

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