Joel Dominick

Joel Dominick

This year, BOND launched our Entrepreneur Academy, which helps aspiring male entrepreneurs (ages 15+) start and run successful businesses. One of our standout students is 26-year-old Joel Dominick. Joel enrolled at BOND Entrepreneur Academy to pursue his dream of building a dance company, while working hard at his day job to take care of his bills. Here is my interview with Joel:

Jesse Lee Peterson: You enrolled in BOND Entrepreneur Academy to build up your dance company, Godly Gifted. What is your goal with Godly Gifted?

Joel: After eight years of being a dance instructor, I’ve seen many instructors use inappropriate music and dance routines with kids and teens. I want to
change the experience for these kids, and make dance positive and uplifting. The routines and shows I produce have meaning and a message.

Jesse Lee Peterson: How has BOND Entrepreneur Academy helped your business?

Joel: It really sped up my progress. After some inspiring seminars with the academy instructors, I immediately began the search to rent my own dance studio. I am now training my students for their first dance competition, and making plans to do traveling dance competitions around the country in the near future.

Jesse Lee Peterson: How has BOND Entrepreneur Academy changed you as a person?

Joel: Coming to the academy has taught me what it means to be a man and a leader. Being around you (Jesse) has rubbed off on me and I know I’ve become a better example to my students. I’m able to be stern and honest with them from the right place, and they respect me for it.