Leadership - Rebuilding the Man
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Program temporarily on-hold: Contact BOND if you have a student or are an educator interested in discussing the future of BOND Leadership Academy.

Where boys become men and men become leaders

A private, grades 1-12 school for boys that emphasizes a strong belief in God, critical life skills, initiative and creativity for a lifetime of success. We offer a mixture of in-class study and satellite (off campus) classes.

Today’s education system is largely focused on imparting specific knowledge to students so that they can hopefully survive in the world, and possibly get a job in the future. In contrast, The BOND Leadership Academy prepares students to think for themselves.

They are taught not only how to get a job, but also taught how to create a job, or a business, or an independent trade. Our students are also taught life skills, to help them not just survive, but thrive in our ever-challenging world.


Our core courses of study are: Mathematics, English/Language Arts, Science and Social Science/History. We also offer Fine Arts, Health and Physical Education. In addition, we offer satellite courses and special classes, which are now available to homeschoolers too.


  • A special emphasis on the conceptual understanding of problems, as well as providing students a solid foundation, so that they will have an easier time with more complex forms of math
  • Examples of foundational math are: fractions, decimals, long division, and critical thinking problems.
  • Frequent mental math speed drills to ensure students’ brains are fully engaged on a daily basis.


  • Read texts from a variety of backgrounds (fiction, non-fiction, historical documents, poetry, song lyrics, etc.) that encourage students to think about the world they live in, understand people they read about, and form their own conclusions.
  • Daily lessons give students a solid base in proper grammar in order to develop excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Stimulating writing prompts students to express themselves on a wide variety of topics.
  • Students present classic prose and poetry from memory in front of a crowd, developing poise and presentation skills.
  • In-depth discussions about movies shown in class, as well as texts read in order to stimulate critical thinking skills and foster a student’s ability to form his own opinion.
  • Frequent trips to a special children’s/young adult library so that students can select reading materials.


  • Emphasis on scientific principles in operation.
  • Student-conducted experiments demonstrating principles of leverage, lift, power, etc.
  • Understanding of natural elements, their purpose and uses.
  • Field trips to view science in the real world.


  • Special emphasis on teaching accurate American and World History
  • Study and analysis of the documents that influenced the Founding Fathers, including the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
  • Multi-media education on the critical turning points in American history.
  • Class discussions on both sides of issues so that students will understand the arguments.

Satellite Courses/Special Classes:

  • Taught by Dr. Dharam Singh, a much-sought-after Natural Health Healer. This course teaches self-defense techniques, strengthening, and longevity exercises, as well as the care of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Class Day and Time: Wednesdays (peaceful settings at various local parks and beaches) from 10 AM to 11 AM.
  • Included in full tuition. If purchasing separately, monthly cost: $50 (plus a one-time fee for Gi—uniform of $50)/ or $400 Annually

Dr. Singh

Dr. Singh

  • Taught by David Cracchiolo, former Construction and Roofing Contractor. This course includes basic carpentry skills, concrete work, roofing, square foot gardening, and other self-sufficiency skills.
  • Class Day and Time: Fridays (meet at local locations and parks) from 8:30 AM to 2 PM (bring a lunch)
  • Included in full tuition. If purchasing separately, monthly cost: (materials and tools included): $110/ or $700 Annually (half price for each additional sibling).

David Cracchiolo

David Cracchiol

  • Led by Ron Smorynski, one-time Evolutionist until he began to research and question what he was taught. Now he is a firm believer in Creation. Ron shares his findings with the class so that the students can question and come to their own conclusions.
  • Also, following, Ron teaches a half-hour class in Drama and Acting skills (2 PM to 2:30 PM).
  • Class Day and Time: Tuesdays 1 PM to 2 PM
  • Included in full tuition. If purchasing separately, annual cost $100.

Ron Smorynski

Ron Smorynski

  • Taught by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder of BOND Leadership Academy, this course builds character and teaches about the great men who founded and built America.
  • Class Day and Time: Thursdays from 1 PM to 2 PM
  • Included in full tuition. If purchasing separately, annual cost $100.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

  • Fun field trips are designed to let the students explore and discover on their own.
  • Admission Fees if applicable

Paul and Dylan

Paul and Dylan


At BOND Academy, the teachers are patient. They don’t rush. They make sure we learn first before going on. They don’t teach in a way that’s boring. They make it fun for us so we can learn better. I’m better at math. I used to not like it so much, but now I like it. I’m getting better at grammar too, learning things I didn’t know before. I also like the workshop that teaches us how to cut wood and pipes. Our teacher told us one day we can learn to pour concrete and build houses!

Bond Academy Student


$250 Monthly/ or $2,000 Annually (9 Months)

Tuition includes all courses of study, including our Satellite Courses and Special Classes.

Homeschoolers are welcome to sign up for our weekly Special Classes (Ethics/Apologetics) for just $100 per class, per year.

PROGRAM TEMPORARILY ON-HOLD: Contact BOND if you are interested in helping or participating in BOND Leadership Academy. 323-782-1980



The BOND Leadership Academy needs enthusiastic volunteers to help us build tomorrow’s leaders.


For more information and to volunteer: