Men - Rebuilding the Man
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Entrepreneur Academy

BOND launched our Entrepreneur Academy for Young Men in March 2017. This unique program helps aspiring entrepreneurs start and run successful businesses. The academy is for young men (ages 15+) who have a business or plan to start one but need help bringing it into reality. The program covers the essentials to launch a start up, including business coaching by experienced, successful business owners, as well as financing, if needed, through our BOND credit union. If interested, send a one-page profile about yourself and your business to: or call 323-782-1980 (M-F, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. PT). Read Jesse’s book The Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual, Family and Financial Success (paperback or ebook). Read and hear updates about the Entrepreneurship Academy here.

Mens Forum

Men’s Forum

We hold a Men’s Forum (ages 13 and up) the first Thursday of the month, 7:00pm-8:30pm at BOND, 6146 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035.

Call us before 4pm to confirm schedule: 323-782-1980, or visit our event page.

Guys relate in a casual, friendly setting to discuss life, happiness, relationships, and success. Join us for truthful, helpful, and encouraging dialogue. Ask questions and share things you’ve learned to help others. Are you stuck in a rut? Are you growing and improving personally or spiritually as a man, husband, father, or businessman? Face your challenges and connect with fellow men, young and old. Read and hear more about our Men’s Forums here.

The most important thing in life is to rebuild men, and to turn children young and old back to their fathers.
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Annual Men’s Conference

Mens Conference Collage

Each June the Saturday before Father’s Day, BOND holds an annual Men’s Conference (for men only, ages 13 and up). See our 8th annual Men’s Conference page.

We talk about real issues affecting men: culture, money, dating, marriage, sex, parenting, separation, divorce, anger, and fear.

We’ve opened the conference with a comedian, followed by a guest speaker (in 2016 at our 7th annual event we featured radio host & author Larry Elder), a panel discussion (we’ve had psychologists, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, athletes, & relationship experts), an open forum talk led by Jesse Lee Peterson (founder of BOND), audience Q & A, and a gourmet dinner.

Call 323-782-1980 or order Jesse's books online

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Marquis was a child of divorce, involved in “rap culture,” wore earrings and braids, and dealt with inner conflict through sex. But he always hungered for truth, never comfortable in anger. He reconciled with his father and mother, and opened the way for younger siblings to do the same. Today he owns a barber shop, works full-time, and raises his children with his wife near Montgomery, Alabama. Read more testimonials.

Christian was an angry, self-described atheist, who at 17 told his mother he hated her. She committed suicide two days later. He was plagued by guilt and blame. He heard Jesse’s radio show, initially rejecting the truth. But he took a second look at himself, read Jesse’s book From Rage to Responsibility, forgave his father, and started a successful car detailing business, raising his children with his wife near Detroit, Michigan. Read more testimonials.

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What Type Of Father Are You?


We’re working with young men we’ve already influenced in a positive direction, to prepare them to mentor other young men who have a strong desire to change, but who don’t know how to change.


The 7 Commitments:


to help young men forgive and overcome anger


to learn a trade, start a business, or start a career.


to getting married before having children.


to being a father to my children.


to save at least 10% of my earnings.


to mentor another young man, which deepens the impact of the program.


to give back to my community and country.



It’s rewarding to teach young men a trade and then see them apply those skills to support themselves and their families.


Mentoring young men has taught me about myself and helped me mature as a man.


This program is urgently needed in society today.