Testimonials from Jesse’s Callers (Aug. 2018)

Listen to this amazing testimonial compilation of callers to The Jesse Lee Peterson Show.

Jesse Lee Peterson founded BOND twenty-nine years ago as of February 2019. He started the nonprofit in order to spread the message of forgiveness to blacks and all people. Men should turn back to God, let go of anger and take responsibility for their lives. Then they can rebuild their families, communities, and countries. 

As you may know, BOND offers private counseling for individuals, couples and families. Every week, people from around the world join our Church services — both in-person and online. Men and women look forward to our evening Men’s Forums and Women’s Forums at BOND in Los Angeles. We also hold an annual Men’s Conference and periodic town hall meetings, offering open and honest discussion. Just over a year ago, we started an Entrepreneur Academy for young men, offering mentorship and guidance in building a business. 

Jesse also hosts a daily call-in program to advise people about life and the world around them. Every day, men and women around the world discuss their issues. This helps both the caller and listeners who relate. They give testimonies of how their lives changed after hearing the truth. Listen to this short compilation (above) of callers expressing their gratitude for the wisdom Jesse delivers.  The video was put together by Joel Dominick, Jesse’s audio/video engineer for the morning radio show

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