Why do you attack back when someone attacks you? | 7/7/24

If you didn’t have your thoughts and experiences, who would you be? Biblical Question: Why do you attack back when someone attacks you? 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, July 7, 2024 — Most won’t make it. But you can. Mother imposing, weak husband! Stop arguing; let ego die. Impractical thoughts: Self image. Mama’s boy: men gone beta! Out-of-control? Stay conscious. Don’t give your girlfriend or mama money! 

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  • (0:00:00) Start… Welcome! 
  • (0:02:03) Anger attacks the body 
  • (0:03:35) JLP: Concerned most won’t make it 
  • (0:12:24) Woman: Mother living with us, imposing 
  • (0:22:02) Husband: Mother-in-law ruling you; Forgive your mother! 
  • (0:31:44) Notice yourself arguing? Stop. Watch the ego go crazy. 
  • (0:41:47) How to determine practical thoughts vs non-practical? 
  • (0:59:29) Anything giving an illusion about you is not practical 
  • (1:04:34) Mama’s boy, why are you lying to yourself? Devil worshiping! 
  • (1:15:32) Men gone beta. Ego “sinner” guilt. No you! Die. 
  • (1:21:47) Went out-of-control? You went unconscious. 
  • (1:32:08) Gambling parents con me! Stop giving GF money! Asians 
  • (1:46:04) Last words: No thinking about you… Stop thinking. 


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Church Notes 

Most won’t make it. But you can. 

Who would you be if not for your thoughts and past experiences? 

Biblical Question: Why do you attack back when someone attacks you? 

How do you distinguish practical thoughts vs non-practical? 

Go into the fear and face it (mother). God will save you. 

Stop giving your money to your girlfriend! 


(0:00:00) Small talk… welcome! 

*1 Anger attacks the body. 

(0:02:03) Anger attacks the physical body. Man answers the BQ: Why do you attack back…? 

**2 JLP: Most won’t make it. You can have it. 

(0:03:27) Concerned most won’t make it. Distraction, not staying on the path. (0:08:00) You learn it, and then you become a teacher. Go home and cry, beat up or get beat up. Feel good. (0:09:01) Can’t take your dog, poor Hassan… 

(0:09:38) Lunch with a good friend the other day… We don’t really see one another, because we don’t see ourselves. You’ll never judge, be angry, have a personal opinion, or thought. We’re not our body, our thoughts… God: Your thoughts are not My thoughts. (0:10:44) Not one of your thoughts is of God. “Lord, save me!” – That’s not from God. None of your emotions are real or of you. There’s no crying, no anger, no sadness, no loneliness. 

**3 Mother living with us, 

(0:12:16) Young lady, if you didn’t have your thoughts or past experiences, who would you be? A completely different person… Young lady: When an insecurity is triggered, I don’t let the thoughts pass, my mind spirals, I can’t get past it. Emotions… 

(0:14:30) Why don’t you have your husband throw your mother out? She doesn’t want to do to her what she did to her when she was young. (0:15:59) JLP: That’s what homeless people do! …. What’s a civil conversation? Her dad, she now has a better relationship, and she sees how she made her hate her father before. 

(0:18:02) Are you your fears? You can’t overcome it unless you face it. … She should be gone… But she keeps acting like she will, and then later she’s crying. Her little sister’s father’s not a good person. My PTSD with her, she gets with bad men. 

You get a thrill from it. (0:20:52) You love it, but you don’t want the misery to be over. You love complaining about it. How will you travel this road if you don’t take control? You mother’s controlling you. She doesn’t care you’re unhappy in your own home. 

3-cont… Husband, why haven’t you put her out? 

(0:21:58) Her husband speaks: There was no permission, I had to help her. For her to see me as a good person. To make me feel better. …. Why you listen to the Devil? Why haven’t you just thrown her out? Process… 

**(0:24:41) She’s like Joe Biden, I’m staying and you’re gonna love me. Wife seeing you’re weak with her. Horrible. 

(0:26:07) Packing boxes… Never assume! Want me to call her? 

(0:28:04) Have you forgiven your mother? Do it because more hell is coming! 

(0:29:47) Any Q’s? Gotta be a doer. Do you cry in front of your wife? You’re responsible for your family. 

(0:30:36) Wife: What if my mother doesn’t respond well when I forgive her? 

**4 Arguing? Stop. Let them argue, you be quiet. Ego goes wild. 

(0:31:35) Another young man answers: Who would you be if not for past experiences and thoughts? He’s trying, doing the Silent Prayer. … 

(0:33:18) Example: Arguing. Why? … (0:35:49) Why do you still believe thoughts? JLP: Isn’t this fun? Truth is fun. … “I can’t help it.” Why do you say I? “It?” Just shut up, Alex… Don’t keep this going! 

(0:38:16) Don’t change the subject when you notice you’re arguing… When they see they can’t get a reaction from you, they say horrible things! This is why you shouldn’t fight back when attacked! 

5? Question: Practical vs non-practical thoughts? 

(0:41:55) This young man Alex asks how to determine the practical thoughts from the non-practical thoughts. (0:43:17) Another young man answers with a question: Are these thoughts bringing me closer to God and my desired destiny? … Others answer… 

(0:45:28) Young lady: I don’t wanna give an answer, as I need to know for myself. (0:46:09) I know when a thought comes with an emotion, I know I need to sit with it. … The young man Alex is from Georgia. 

(0:47:40) African lady on practical thoughts… 

(0:50:38) A man tries to keep a quiet heart and advises his girls the same… (0:51:50) Have you forgiven your mother? … We’ll come back to you… 

(0:52:30) Nick the Anchor Baby (0:54:03) Doug… If it’s playing in your mind, it’s not. 

(0:56:25) The man with the question Alex elaborates: If you’re watching two conflicting sides… 

(0:57:20) When you stop and think about it, it’s a lie, a man says. (0:58:19) You tell people: Forgive your mama, do the Silent Prayer, get to know yourself. 

(0:58:48) Bigg Bump: If you have to fight with it, it’s not practical. 

**5b Anything about you is a non-practical thought

(0:59:20) JLP: A non-practical thought gives you false illusions about yourself. God will give you practical thoughts. Anything about you is a non-practical thought. 

(1:01:28) The young man responds… 

(1:02:45) Comparing yourself to someone else or trying to live up to someone else’s standards is one of the worst things you can do. You’ll be surprised what you can do without and how much money you’d save! 

*6 Mama’s boy, why are you lying to yourself? 

(1:04:28) This other man’s been listening two weeks. Why haven’t you forgiven your mother? Ladies, do not marry a mama’s boy! You’ll make girl babies! The mother’s about 72… 

(1:06:31) Why are you lying to yourself? I gotta find the right moment: That’s the Devil lying to you! You’re listening to the Devil! Worshiping the Devil! 

(1:09:19) JLP mocks being nice and saying it softly: “Mama, I know you did the best you could.” … Is she black? Mexican and Polish… You gotta face your mother! (1:10:12) Go into the fear! Face her. God will save you from the fear. 

The man died a year ago…! (1:11:20) She’s controlling you with thrills! Using you to fulfill her ego. It’s a game. Tell her stop calling you about him. 

(1:12:25) He’s divorced… She has the girls. What made you give up the house and everything to her? 

(1:14:53) Silent Prayer… Mother involved … 

**6b God made Man, but man went beta! Ego ‘sinner’ guilt! There’s no you!

It’s a mess being a beta male! (1:15:30) **6b JLP: God created man in his image… So he could rule over the earth. And the man can’t rule anything! Not even his dog! What do you think about that, Joe? Strength, etc… Ladies too! (1:17:39) You’re not 

(1:18:34) **6c: Anyone who feels guilty about “sinning” is on an ego trip! Pot, sex party, etc. It wasn’t you at the party doing it! It wasn’t you! … There’s no you! 

**7 Went out-of-control. You went unconscious. Seeing it changes it. 

(1:21:39) Man (he’s Canadian from India) asks: Does the Devil have frequencies? Amazing four weeks, then like I was possessed… Ate like 4 chocolate ice creams… Been married 10x in my mind with different women. … 

(1:24:22) What’s he doing wrong? Alexis: Eliminating expectation her advice. (1:24:58) Hake tries to respond. (1:27:39) Derrick, JLP’s new black producer! You went unconscious. 

(1:29:02) JLP: 100-percent. You went unconscious. He had a huge guilt trip afterward, with doubt. Go all the way through it. Watch the hell. Come back to the present. All is well. Don’t let Satan tell you you’re guilty or anything. 

(1:31:20) My faith in you particularly. Just know don’t trust anyone. Don’t try not to trust. Just seeing it will change it. 

8 Gambling parents scam and con me. GF hates your weakness! 

(1:32:01) I wanna pass to my best friend. (1:32:37) Lance the best friend: My parents are gambling addicts: They scam and con me. … haven’t forgiven them. Ego, scared, resentment…. You owe them nothing… (1:35:20) Don’t owe them a thing! Silent Prayer? What kind of friend you have? … Help them or not (not with gambling), freely, after you forgive them. The only thing we owe our parents is not to resent them. Honoring your parents means not resenting them. They did the best they could. 

(1:38:07) Dating? Stop giving that woman your money! The man cracks up… My girlfriend doesn’t gamble like my mom. You’re supporting her ego, and she hates you for it. Love them by correcting them, not being weak with them. She hates your weakness. (1:40:55) Best friend claims he tells him not to give away his money. 

(1:41:21) JLP dumped a girl over a quarter for the bubblegum machine. That was a no-no growing up. … Don’t give her the key! McDonald’s. (1:42:41) How to dump her: If we were to get married would you obey me? If she stumbles a little bit, get up and leave. Let her take Uber home. Work on you. 

8-cont… Cultures, Mothers, giving money away… 

(1:43:40) Another man: Asian culture, taking care of parents when they’re old. It’s a lie to feed their ego, an insurance policy. They don’t care about you. 

(1:44:56) Yet another man’s given money to gf, eaten ice cream, married 10 women too… JLP: That’s a lot of money you’re giving away… Stop it! 

Last words: Never think about you… Stop thinking. 

(1:45:55) How are you? … You should never assume you’ve made it. Thinking for a second you’re over anything — that’s the lie. There would be no thinking about you. 

(1:48:04) Monto / Omeed, JLP makes an Allahu Akbar joke. (Funny!) 

(1:49:00) Another man, Anthony, makes a point — and JLP adds: Stop thinking. All practical thoughts come from God too. It’ll be clear, no back-and-forth. … 

JLP continues: It’s not you! … (1:52:21) This is for the drag queens and everybody. Don’t judge yourself. There’s no one there to judge! 

(1:52:55) The man with the daughters asks… JLP: Consciousness the mind of God. Overcome the dark world, and live in the light. Don’t assume you know who the Holy Spirit is, or God, or Christ. (1:54:54) Stay conscious of the pain, worry


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • March 10-17, 2024 assignment: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 
  • May 19-26, 2024 assignment: If you feel anything, remember: It’s just a thought! No meaning. 
  • Jun 2-9, 2024 assignment/discussion: Watch the different demons inside you. 
  • Assignment from JLP show (Thu 6/20/24) Practice staying present. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 

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