Why is evil able to work with you? | Church 6/30/24

Message to the ladies about sex. Grief and suicide. No fear in practical thoughts. Why evil is able to work with you: You’re evil.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 30, 2024 

NOTE: No Men’s Forum in July 2024, due to the Fourth of July, Independence Day 🇺🇸 

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  • (0:00:00) Small talk about space, synchronicity (Welcome!) 
  • (0:04:53) Message to the ladies: Sex, mama’s boys, virginity 
  • (0:14:35) Young lady: Men scared. I wanted money. Evil 
  • (0:20:18) No fear in practical thoughts: Bills, Worry, Not praying! 
  • (0:31:18) Dealing with grief? Friend committed suicide. Praying in vain 
  • (0:45:30) JLP: Be free. Stay present. 
  • (0:46:20) Thought female friend was gonna commit suicide! JLP: Watch thoughts! 
  • (0:50:49) I’m a control freak. JLP sings. 
  • (0:55:56) Walk away from friends? Just don’t judge them. 
  • (0:59:36) Watch the fear. Commit to Prayer: Be present at all times. 
  • (1:04:48) Man on-stage. Fear, shyness. It’s just a thought! 
  • (1:09:18) Sex: A minute or two and done. “Bodycount” is not his business. 
  • (1:18:58) BQ: Why is evil able to work with you? 
  • (1:26:54) BQ: Raymond, stop calling it you… Prayer 
  • (1:32:02) BQ: JLP’s “Experts” 
  • (1:37:06) JLP on BQ: You’re evil. Work on you. Few. 
  • (1:41:10) What good are you getting? No self-image. 
  • (1:44:06) You’re evil b/c you identify with it. Intellect, Words, Knowledge 
  • (1:58:23) Closing: Practice being present 


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Church Notes 

Message to the ladies about sex and mama’s boys 

Practical thoughts don’t give you fear. 

Dealing with grief, a friend committed suicide, praying in vain 

Watch thoughts at all times! 

Virginity and “bodycount” is no one else’s business 

Biblical Question: Why is evil able to work with you? Because you’re evil. 

NOTE: No Men’s Forum in July 2024, due to the Fourth of July, Independence Day. 


(0:00:00) JLP talks about FE, space, Elon Musk’s car up there, and the firmament. 

(0:01:20) Welcome to Church


(0:02:01) Man asks about synchronicity and coincidences. (0:04:00) Pot-smoking discussion. 

**JLP: Message to the ladies

(0:04:43) Disappointing what’s happening to the ladies. Married 2-3X to mama’s boys, who were weak — all they wanted was sex. Women were not created to be emotionally connected to sex. Men are, but women are not. (0:07:44) Advice: You see a man who wants sex. Walk away. That’s a mama’s boy. Don’t look for a man. (0:09:00) Sex should be private, simple, no big deal. 

(0:10:31) From this day forward, never, ever talk about whether you’re a virgin or not to anyone! That’s between you and God. 

**Young woman: Men scared. I wanted money. Evil 

(0:14:26) Does that make sense? Young lady used to talk to girlfriends about that stuff. The culture calls it normal to be open, brag, etc. It’s not normal — Bunch of lonely women, trying to find a man. 

(0:15:36) Young lady continues: Trying to wrap my head around the fact it’s fine if it doesn’t happen. I doubt it will. Men are afraid of rejection. Worse than not asking. Mama spirit. 

(0:17:00) Live in that white part of Louisiana separated from the blacks? Men have hurt me really badly. I’d rather be a nun. She’s a monk. (0:18:14) What’d you do that caused these guys to use you? I wanted money. I married 1 year, about money. Trying to control them? Were they able to lead you? 

(0:19:48) It was a revelation that women’s nature is evil. Oh, I’ve been evil. 

**Practical thoughts don’t cause fear, anxiety 

(0:20:13) Her Q: Thoughts that are lies vs practical thoughts… They’re driving me crazy. Practical thoughts cannot cause fear or anxiety. She lost her job, and fears not being able to pay bills, her house debt. Get two jobs. Had health issues, fatigue… 

(0:26:05) Practical thoughts about losing the house? Answers in front of you! 

**(0:27:22) God does not give you fear. Not doing the Silent Prayer? What a beta! 

(0:30:05) Practical thoughts discussion… 

First-timers: **Dealing with grief? Suicide. Prayer 

(0:30:37) Ivonne (sp) from the Bay Area, SF, CA, welcome. Any Q’s? 

(0:31:14) First-timer husband. Lost friends, family. How do you deal with grief? (0:32:22) A friend killed himself. A friend died of Covid. Lost a child 10 years ago. Cry a day or two, and let it pass. You’ll build a false life around it. Don’t look for people to comfort you. 

**(0:33:50) If someone commits suicide, that’s their life. You can say, What an idiot! What a loser! (0:36:14) The only thing to say to them is: Do you have insurance? Does God stop a person? Does God grieve over it? Why should you? Why feel empty about it? 

Prayer in vain 

(0:38:43) Not doing the Silent Prayer. He does talking prayer, selectively asks — most of them God gives. But God doesn’t hear those. Satan’s providing. Let life happen. All that stuff is vanity. (0:41:38) **Oh, God, let Mama live! We don’t know what we want! 

(0:44:00) Nobody cares! (0:44:41) Another first-timer… (0:45:10) False start with a man. 

**Be free. Stay present. 

**(0:45:30) God wants you free! Stop judging, and be free! Come out of the thoughts. Be conscious. You won’t forgive, and you won’t stay present! 

**Thought female friend was gonna commit suicide! WATCH THOUGHTS! 

(0:46:13) Mama spirit got ahold of me, says a man. I called a person’s mother, I thought she was gonna commit suicide! — I called the suicide hotline. The person was trying to drag me into their hell! 

(0:49:28) JLP: Practice watching the thoughts at all times. You’ll start to catch them before they overtake you. Be conscious at all times. 

*I’m a control freak. JLP sings

(0:50:39) I discovered I’m a control freak, notices a young lady (the Southern gal). All you need to do is know. Then just stop when the time comes. Let’s say you’re trying to control your husband — stop in the moment. It’ll pass. Catch it, and it’ll stop. Be aware of it. 

(0:54:28) JLP: If they decide to jump into the ocean. I walked up on Nick. He was singing: My baby comin’ home tomorrow. JLP sings … 

*Walk away from friends? Just don’t judge 

(0:55:50) Q: Friends with different lifestyle: How to navigate, should I be around them? 

(0:56:56) Man gives feedback: I’ve cut off people, the relationship was about ego. (0:58:24) Wish them well. Stay free — go around if you want, or stay away if you want. But don’t judge them. Don’t let them pressure you. 

**Watch the fear. Pray without ceasing: Present at all times

(0:59:27) Colin: Do you still have the fear? He came up on-stage last Sunday. (1:00:44) Doing the Silent Prayer? Pass out after a couple drinks. 99 1/2 won’t do. You gotta do a hundred. Continue to put that first. Pray anyway. Even in your drunkenness, the Father will help you. Stay conscious 

Man on-stage: Fear, Shyness… It’s just a thought! 

(1:04:42) Man is also nervous talking to people. You should have never told me this! He comes on-stage. **(1:05:46) JLP says everyone watching including in Nicaragua. He let it go between down there and up here. 

(1:07:57) **It’s just a thought! … He exits the stage. A thought is just a thought!

**A minute or two. A hug is fine. Keep business to yourselves. 

**(1:09:10) Nick, JLP: Ladies, stop saying if you’re virgins. That’s between you and God. Ladies like to be hugged, feel safe, rather than the sex. **A minute or two, you’re done. Turn the TV back on! … Five minutes. 

(1:12:37) Back to Nick: “Bodycount” — keep your business to yourselves. 

(1:15:24) Y’all are living horrible lives! Common sense should say not to tell anyone! They’re not asking out of love! They’re trying to judge you! 

(1:16:14) Q: Where did the concept come from that a woman should be a virgin before marriage. Should the man be? He won’t judge her either way. 

BQ: Why is evil able to work with you? 

(1:18:52) One young lady, then a man, and then (1:20:37) another young lady answer the BQ: Unconsciousness, deception… (1:21:40) Young man: I’m conscious. 

(1:22:30-ish) Man is lazy, he says. Work on you. Do the prayer. 

(1:25:21) My lack of awareness… praying… (1:25:47) Southern gal: Evil’s comforting 

Raymond: Let go, stop calling it you

(1:26:45) Raymond: Evil makes you feel comfortable in sin, failings, pig wallowing in filth… Why not let go? I wouldn’t know how! I’ve said it 800,000 etc times. Stop calling it you

(1:30:05) The first-timer Ivonne (sp) I let it. Human nature? Not praying 

Experts on BQ

(1:31:52) Nick: I let it. I like it. Franky: It tricks me. I wasn’t aware till later I picked sides. Joel: Lack of understanding: Ignorance. (1:33:36) Monto / Omeed: Sounds like me. Hake trifling: Black? Dark on the inside. (1:34:28) Nick expands on it — he caught himself and fessed up to it… (1:36:29) Hassan: Peace is boring. 

JLP on BQ: You’re evil

(1:36:55) JLP: Because you’re evil. Work on you. 

(1:40:31) You don’t know how God operates. He will show you. 

What good are you getting? No image of self. 

(1:41:02) Q’s: What good are you getting from these meetings, if any? (1:42:26) JLP: You’ll lose all identity of what you think you are. Young lady on being honest. 

How are we evil if it’s not us? Identifying with evil makes you evil 

(1:43:58) Another young lady Q: Why do you say we’re evil? (Joel helps translate) 

(1:48:35) Hake: People intellectually take comfort in “not identifying with evil” within, but they’re still identifying with evil. Let knowledge go. 

(1:52:49) Joel asks: If we don’t have love, how do we have anger? 

(1:54:54) Words are limiting — not everyone will know 

(1:56:02) Nick, last word (1:56:49) JLP: Assignment: think about this crazy question. Can’t be caught up with the language. 

(1:58:11) Closing: Practice being present. Work on you. Let go, and commit to the truth. 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • March 10-17, 2024 assignment: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 
  • May 19-26, 2024 assignment: If you feel anything, remember: It’s just a thought! No meaning. 
  • Jun 2-9, 2024 assignment/discussion: Watch the different demons inside you. 
  • Assignment from JLP show (Thu 6/20/24) Practice staying present. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 

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