Entrepreneur Update: Joel Friday Dominick

Written by Joel Friday Dominick: 

Reflecting on the last year

I have to say that the 2018 year on a scale from 1-10 for me was a 10.

A lot has happened and new seasons have begun. One of those things was, because of the huge help of the Academy, I started my own dance program. HUGE step that has opened my eyes to many things.

Things I’ve realized

One is that when you have your own business, it tends to be a reflection of you. The work you put in, the time you spend, the attitude you have about it, etc. These all become unavoidable responsibilities.

A second thing is how much work NEEDS to be done from advertising, posting, emails, scheduling, rehearsals, competitions, costumes, and the list goes on!

But one thing I truly understand is doing ONLY what you see to do. I have done this and things have MAJORLY worked out. This keeps you from stressing out. I will say that from a day to day basis I am successful in my business BECAUSE I have been focused on doing what is right and what is clear for me to do, and this is what’s making my business successful so far.

I lack nothing. I have exactly what I need, PLUS MORE. It’s so crazy.

My personal and professional life

Another great thing in 2018 for me was forgiving my parents completely and getting my identity back. That experience has no words lol [laughing out loud].  Really realizing I was wrong and then forgiving. Confidence boost, understanding, clarity, and more. I honestly believe I have a foundation to stand on at this point.

I deal with my students with honesty and genuinely — and continuing to learn. It’s very clean air that I’m breathing at this point, and things just continue to open up for me, before I can even confess it out of my mouth — its insane. And it’s because I’m on my number and where I should be.

New year already developing

My plan for this New Year has already started and that was to create a reality series involving my dance Academy. Once again I’ve seen the need, took the steps by simply making the effort of taking a step, and God provided everything I needed to get it going AND MORE.

New things and ideas continue to come and I hope to keep moving and growing.

Thank you to Jesse and BOND Entrepreneur Academy

I’m grateful for the help of Jesse and The Academy for honestly changing my life for the better. I’m living and enjoying a lot more than I EVER have before — and the best thing about it all is because I was patient, because I let God reveal it, because I let God GIVE it, there’s a true and pure Love and Joy and fulfillment that I get from EVERYTHING he has given, that I TRULY look forward it! I desire them and it’s a huge pleasure and honor for me to have these “responsibilities” that don’t feel are responsibilities! I have no dread! IT’S AMAZING!

Lastly, in regard to the question, “What is faith?” I believe Faith is complete emptiness [openness]. Doubting every thought, even the ones you think could be God, is truly faith. Because you are trusting, without knowing what is really true, in God to direct you.

Grateful for life and the New Year! Thank you, Jesse and The Entrepreneur Academy for everything!

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