Woman With Abusive Mother Set Free After A Lifetime of Fear and Anger

A woman with an abusive mother is set free from a lifetime of fear and anger. Laura, 73, discovered “The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show” on NewsmaxTV and called in to share her amazing story. Laura said she was physically, emotionally and verbally abused by her mother, and she spent most of her life trying to build a mother-daughter relationship. She blamed herself and lived in fear of her mother and other people. When her mother died, Laura said she felt a sense of sadness for not having a “good” relationship, but she also had a sense of relief that she was no longer under a “spell.”

No longer a prisoner of her own mind. 

Then, she had a revelation: how can I forgive others if I haven’t forgiven my mother? Laura thought she had forgiven, but she had not. Laura said Jesse is the first person she’s heard talk about the need to forgive mothers. She said she had turned her anger inward and was blaming herself. Since forgiving her mother, Laura said she no longer has fear or anger. She no longer has the burning angry feeling on the inside. Jesse recalled that he too had fear, doubt, worry and inner conflict before he forgave his mother. The greatest and best kept secret in the world is that it’s mothers who are doing the damage, not fathers, said Jesse.

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