Black Man Starts Thriving Business, Credits Jesse Lee Peterson

Christian from Canton, Michigan, a listener of The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, started his own business after taking Jesse’s advice!

A few years ago, Christian came across Jesse’s YouTube videos. Although Christian was an atheist, the principles Jesse talked about piqued his interest. He started listening and calling-in to Jesse’s show. The first time he called in, he could see Jesse was telling the truth, yet had struggles in his personal life.

Jesse sent Christian his first book From Rage to Responsibility, which tells the story of how Jesse overcame his anger. In the book, Jesse writes that he realized he held anger toward his parents. After he saw it, he knew he was wrong for holding it against them. So Jesse went and forgave his father and mother, returning to God. Once he forgave them, his eyes were opened to the problems facing blacks and all people. After reading the book, Christian forgave his father, and so their relationship dramatically improved.

Prior to talking with Jesse, Christian thought running his own business was out-of-reach. But after hearing Jesse’s advice, he began to take those simple to build a successful auto-detailing business! In the video above, Christian credits Jesse in prompting his own courage. Jesse’s good example and honesty inspired Christian in improving his life. 

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