Father and Daughter, Derrick and Zara

A Father and Daughter on How BOND Helped Them

Derrick and Zara have attended Church at BOND over the last year. Derrick is a regular listener to The Jesse Lee Peterson Show and our other programs. Here’s what he and his daughter had to say about their experience with BOND and Jesse:

“Once I heard the message about how children yearn for their father it all made sense”


BOND has been an affirmation from God — the ideas, values and morals I live and stand by, are the same ideas, values and morals BOND stands by. For years I’ve seen Jesse on multiple shows, YouTube videos and different media platforms. So I looked at him as a political analyst that I agreed with on the ideas of Freedom.

But one day, I decided to take a deeper dive into the works of Jesse Lee Peterson. And to my surprise I found a church in The Belly of the Beast (Los Angeles), to fellowship with like-minded individuals. For the past seven or eight months, my daughter Zara and I have attended church on a regular basis. And to say the least, every Service has been AMAZING!!!

My wife and I have conflicting work schedules, which happened to create a special father-daughter relationship. I didn’t know what to do as a first-time father, I just knew I was only doing what my father and mother showed me as parents. I’ve been approached by strangers who tell me, “You are a great dad,” others saying how they remember their dad and missed him since he passed and how they loved seeing what I was doing. That was doing something as simple as grocery shopping. Until coming to BOND, I never realized why this would happen so often. But once I heard the message about how children yearn for their father it all made sense.

I understand now why I resonate with “Rebuilding The Family By Rebuilding The Man.” Men are the catalyst. Without God, Christ or Man there is no structure.



BOND is a happy family that I am proud to be a part of. Ever since I’ve gone to BOND it has helped me in so many ways. I’m starting to get less angry and starting to notice the world around me. Evil has been following me around every step of the way ever since I’ve been doing the silent prayer, but I notice what he is trying to do.

BOND has had such an impact on me and the way I handle things. Jesse has always talked to me about how school is and what has happened (any big events), and what to do in the situations I have been stuck in. It has been a pleasure to be a part of BOND, and the services it offers. Thank you so much.


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