Young Man from Mexico: I Reconnected with My Father After Being Deported

Listen to this excellent testimonial in the video. Jesse Lee Peterson’s producer James takes a call from Ignacio, a 27-year-old man from Mexico, who says he was deported. (James had seen Ignacio in prior months in the YouTube Live Chat during BOND’s Church services.)

Ignacio said it was tough, but thanks to his deportation, he reconnected with his father. He also encouraged his sisters to do the same. Now working in his home country, he says he’s making Mexico great! Although he hopes to return to America, he accepts whatever lies ahead.

Today he supports our president’s efforts to build a border wall on Mexico. He wants other illegal aliens to feel at peace with returning to their countries. Although not easy, deportation proved the best thing for him. He feels saddened to see the misguided, entitled mentality of young people in both Mexico and America. In Mexico, he works as an English teacher, setting a good example and expressing moral values to his students.

Deportation and returning to morality

The host, James, asks him how he was deported. Ignacio grew up in Georgia with his mother and sister, but drove without a license to school and wrestling practice. (He later compliments James on his “King of the Cage” fighting t-shirt.) Police caught him three times as an unlicensed driver. He studied airline maintenance in the states never got to fly. In a bittersweet experience, his first airplane ride occurred when he flew back to Mexico for deportation!

In talking about young people and morality, Ignacio discusses out-of-wedlock births with James. Statistics are difficult to compile, as survey workers cannot freely move about in high crime neighborhoods. But Ignacio confronts family members who engage in premarital sex and have unwed pregnancies. He tells them that it’s wrong, and although it’s uncomfortable, they recognize it. He established with his girlfriend that they will not sleep together until they marry.

Ignacio credits Jesse Lee Peterson as well as American economist Thomas Sowell for their insights. He first found Jesse through his political commentary, but soon delved into all of his videos — including watching live Church videos! He said he’d always wanted to be a Christian, but that there was a block. Until he heard Jesse speak on salvation, he did not know you must forgive. Unless you forgive others (including father and mother), neither will God forgive you. Now he knows what it means to be a man — he fully supports Jesse and his work at BOND.

Watch other testimonials from guys influenced by Jesse on YouTube.

(James is host of The Hake Report and producer for The Jesse Lee Peterson Show and for Church here at BOND.)

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