02/06/22 Society Won’t Get Better. Die from the False Self. (Church)

Will society get better? It won’t. What does despair feel like? Die from the false image of yourself. Joe Rogan apologized for the N-word! 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 6, 2022: Do you think society will ever change and get better? Have you ever been in despair? Jesse says society will not get better. Die from the false image of yourself. A man dealing with guilt over his family, an old grudge toward a brother who died, speaks about his situation. The ego death feels like you’re dying, but it’s a false you. Jesse also mentions Joe Rogan apologizing after saying the “N-word.” 


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Feb 6, 2022
  • 0:01:35 Welcome to Church
  • 0:04:32 Will society ever change?
  • 0:16:24 Will society never get better?
  • 0:27:07 Have you ever felt despair?
  • 0:58:10 JLP: It won’t get better; die from false image
  • 1:09:20 Examples of a false image; feedback
  • 1:32:31 Closing

Church Notes

10:59 AM PST We start just before the top of the hour. Jesse opens by welcoming first-timers. He also asks if anybody had a life this week. 

Do you think society will ever change? 

11:04 Jesse asks: Do you think society will ever change? One man thinks it can change back for the good, and it was better before. 

Jesse asks another man: How do you see society? What do you see when you look at the world? Do you think society ever will be good? How’s your life going? Not as well as the man wants it to be. Prompted, he tells how his mother took forgiving her — she accepted it; his father had no reaction. 

Jesse asks a third person, Bigg Bump (Derrick): He hopes society will change for the good, but can’t say it will or never will. If society never changes, he’ll continue to deal with it as he does now: Do right and keep going. 

A young lady thinks society will change for the good, because more people are waking up, and it’s already starting. When asked, she says she’s always nervous — about talking; she says she doesn’t listen to Satan, but he’s making her nervous now. 

TJ does not know. Is society good somewhere in this country? Inherently, no, because society is not of God, so it can’t be good — it’s of man. 

Ermias mentions the Industrial Revolution and medicine improvements, and the 50s and earlier, when people seemed to be decent. Jesse wishes we’d never come up with a car. 

Do you believe society will never get better? 

11:16 Jesse asks people why they think society will never get better. Raymond answers. 

Another young lady answers, agreeing that technology has made us more disconnected. She doesn’t know how to deal with it. She asks how not to be angry at injustice. She felt better when Trump was in office; she was physically attacked a couple years ago as Trump left. 

Yet another young lady answers, pointing to Cain killing Abel. She brings up Satan telling her things as she’s driving in her car. 

Doug says that through history there were decent societies and evil ones. Jesse says he hasn’t seen any decent societies. There are a lot of cowards nowadays. He compares D-Day soldiers to people wearing masks all alone outside. 

Another lady talks about dealing with society. She was treated poorly by employees for not wearing a mask outside. Other students after school there took theirs off. She enjoyed Jesse’s service last week. 

Have you been in despair before? 

11:26 Jesse asks people: How many have been in despair before? What did despair feel like when you were in it? 

A man says he was hallucinating and it was dark in 2019 for him. He overcame it by keeping moving. He was in a wheelchair, in the gym, on crutches. Being physical is a big part of it, literally keeping moving. 

Also with the “Covid crap,” his father didn’t like him hugging his cousin. He was angry. He overcame it by driving to Texas — it helped for a little bit. He then came back to California. 

Hassan asks if despair is like desperation. He’s never felt it. Nick says he felt his world was falling apart. His mother left the apartment. He realized he had an underlying despair underneath the surface the whole time. 

Doug experienced despair when he was younger, and he wallowed in it. 

Another woman experienced it at 11 or 12 years-old. Now she’s grateful; she was lonely; her parents were separating. She felt pulled both ways; she took the mother role to her siblings. She was at the club. As an adult, she felt empty, and to deal with it, would go out. She says she realized it was from anger, finding something to numb it or make her feel good. 

Another young lady felt hopeless, pointless, purposeless, suicidal thoughts in high school — because she wouldn’t have to deal with anything. She says she never was a judgmental person. “Yeah right,” Jesse responds. She says she hated her stepdad her whole life, just one person! 

Ermias never felt hopelessness, even in his lowest moment. Franky found God, he guesses. 

The formerly suicidal guy, and others

Another man, the formerly suicidal guy, talks about it. He found out his youngest brother died. He’d held a grudge. The lesson: Try not to hold grudges on people over 40. He felt like he’d “screwed up bigtime,” despondent. They don’t know the cause yet. He realized his family’s “insanely dysfunctional.” In another episode, he was unemployed for months, laying on the floor and ground at 60. He learned to keep trying, don’t quit. No man’s an island. 

Another young man describes walls closing in on you, cursing a couple of times, “D—, I made a wrong turn…. This is all going out the window.” 

One woman took time every day and grew stronger. 

JLP: Not gonna get better; Die from false image of self

11:57 Jesse then gives his take. The world loves sucking the life out of you, bringing misery on you. It’s not going to get better. He talks about going through despair. 

Everyone has to go through despair to overcome. It’s a false image of yourself. If someone tampers with that image, you can’t handle it. You have to die from that false image of being handsome. 

Jesse heard about Joe Rogan this morning, who apologized for saying the N-word, because people put out clips of him. It’s not his fault someone else is hurt by a word. Joe has a false image of himself; had he not, he would not have apologized. In an old movie, a father told a son: Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. 

When you are going through despair, do not reach out for anything on the outside — for no help or advice at all, no drink, cigarette, sex. Let that false image die. That’s what is dying. “Oh, I have fear, doubt, I’m not good enough,” whatever. It’ll feel like you’re dying, the whole world against you. It’s hell. Satan talking to you. 

Let life just happen. Don’t fight against it at all. Resist the urge to fight back. Then you will have the right relationship with the world. 

The world will not change, but we can change. Then you can be in the world but not of it. 

We ain’t nothin’! Don’t look pitiful. You don’t want anyone to feel sorry for you. 

Similarly, any image of Christ or Christianity, or this truth Jesse’s speaking. Hold onto nothing — it will give you a false image. 

Examples of a false image 

12:09 Jesse says a man can put on earrings and feel pretty, and get old with an earring; it will give them a false image of themselves. A woman can be pretty when young; as she gets older, she’ll get surgery and look like a case. But she looked fine the other way! 

You’re not supposed to have an image of God, or of yourself, you’re not God. Let yourself go through the despair moment. 


12:11 One man agrees, and describes how he sees his experience. 

Jesse says most people don’t overcome their false image, but create another one. This is why it’s so important to know thyself. You’ll discover the depths of wickedness, deceit, and [false] godlike personality. Right now, Satan is guiding you. God will save you from that if you let go, and be “all in,” so that He can take over. Only a few will find that straight and narrow path. Satan will “save” you from it when you reach out, not God. 

Another man responds about the straight and narrow, and the ego death. Jesse says: It feels like it’s you. He advises a young man from earlier about a work situation. 

After another man talks, Jesse talks about the phony “N-word” situation more. 

More on guilt over a brother

He also talks about a brother who died a couple of years ago; he’d advised him about his anger. It’s abnormal to feel despair because someone died. He felt guilty; he thinks he’d have come around had he forgiven him. His guilt is coming from him judging himself; God is not judging you for that, but Satan is. You have a false guilt because you have a false image of yourself. He feels like a “bad brother.” 

Whatever issues come, if you had a free mind, you could deal with them. 

The man worries he may not make it to the brother’s funeral in Canada. His dead brother won’t miss him. He’ll regret not going, only because of his ego. Get out of all that thinking. 


12:32 Jesse invites more questions and disagreements on the image. 

Stay with the Silent Prayer. Once you know God, you can’t be in and out. Watch yourself. 

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