11/29/20 Who Is the Christians’ Worst Enemy? (Church)

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, November 29, 2020: Biblical Question: Who is the Christians’ worst enemy? Jesus Christ! Christians of all races have no love, and do not keep the commandments. An atheist asks how to believe in God — his father committed suicide. We talk about Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and phony Christians. 


Church Opening

A young man talks about unlearning what he learned. God will renew your mind. 

Jesse talks about millennials on their cell phones — that if Satan had all of the mobile phones and iPads, then the millennials would choose to go to hell, rather than heaven. 

The Christians’ Worst Enemy

Jesse asks people his Biblical Question: Who is the Christians’ worst enemy? Many people give their answers: themselves/ourselves, Satan, the anti-Christ, anger, ego, self… Mark says that a Christian has no enemies. Daniel says probably bad parents. One young lady says the Democrat Party pushes Satanism even in the Church. 

Christians Would Kill Jesus Christ: Church Clip, Nov 29, 2020

Clip: The Christians’ Worst Enemy is Jesus Christ (15 mins)

Jesse then gives his answer: Jesus Christ is the Christians’ worst enemy. If he walked the earth today, the Christians would kill him. The Christians hate Jesus. They sing and shout about him, but don’t love him. There is no love in the Christians. Christians do not believe that you can be saved from sin. They tell you that Jesus was angry, that he is God. They would beat him up with the Bible. They don’t believe that once you know God, you have perfect peace. 

White people founded America; they were Christians. Somewhere down the line, they got too much stuff, and started believing in their stuff. You must believe in God in order to defeat evil. White people are on the run. Some moved to Oregon, and the liberals took it over. 

Nick reads stats from a medical journal (which we covered on the show today) about young people on drugs, alcohol, experiencing nervousness, anxiety, and depression. 

There are Christians who hate hearing that America is a Judeo-Christian country, but if it weren’t for Judaism, there would be no Christianity. If Christ weren’t Christians’ worst enemy, Black Lives Matter would not be a big deal. The rich young ruler lied to Jesus when he said he kept the commandments. Whites love their reputation more than what is right. 

He will renew your mind. Christians hate Jesus, and don’t love God. 

Isn’t that deep? 

Feedback and other points

A young lady talks about her experience with Christians and the church, and doing wrong. Christians think you can be born again several times, keep sinning, and keep repenting. 

Jesse says: black people don’t want to love their enemy. Yet they’re some of the most Christian people. They hate white folks, and justify it by bringing up slavery and Jim Crow. 

A young man tells about preparing for his brothers’ funeral. His mother’s and father’s side both have preachers. He can already tell it’s going to be a black funeral. Everybody’s going to lie. 

A young lady Lisa confronted 100 Antifa. White rich young kids are fighting to destroy their own country. 

Jesse says: Millennials live on their phones. Whites have been running away from the word “racist” for so long, that the liberals have added new words to it, like privilege, etc. Whites are agreeing with it! 

An atheist asks how to find God

Church Clip: A Father's Suicide (Nov 29, 2020)

Clip: Atheist Wants to Believe; Dad Committed Suicide. (15 mins)

A man who’s been an atheist for 18 years recognizes a lot of truth that Jesse says. He asks how to find God. His father committed suicide because his god left — his mother left him. So he says he forgave his mother years ago. Did he forgive his father for committing suicide? He tells the story of it happening when he was 15 or 16. 

Jesse urges him to do the Silent Prayer for a week. Do you want to believe in God? Why? He thinks it would be fantastic. (Jesse jokes about his social media guy Chris talking white.) Once you see for yourself, no one can ever make you doubt. By the way: He says he’s a blackbelt in MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). 

More feedback

Cheryl talks about Jesse’s Biblical Question, and blacks not seeing that Democrats treat them like trash. One of the ways you know you love God is that you keep his commandments. Jesus is the number one enemy of the Christians. 

A Christian lady talks about graduating from belief in God to obedience to God. Jesse repeatedly asks her if she obeys the commandments. You cannot do it unless you’re born again. 

One man talks about Jesse’s advice to others to “suffer and die,” especially when they don’t do the Silent Prayer. 

Several other people talk. 

Jesse answers some Super Chat questions from James. 

Jesse recounts going through grief pain. 

Your enemies are doing you a favor. We are a Christian nation. We should not be losing the country. You must be born again. Get to know yourself. 

An atheist Jew-turned-‘Christian’ asks: Who was Jesus?

A young man asks if Jesus was just a man. He goes back and forth. He says that it’s hard to accept it. He was better than us in that we are sinners, and he never was. By that, he was able to redeem us back to Satan. This young man was born an atheist Jew. He later thought he was a Christian, but realized it was phony after hearing Jesse. Then he asks: What is a Christian? Jesse answers him. 

Final comments and announcements

Jesse urges people to relax. Do the Silent Prayer. 

We have our Men’s Forum this first Thursday of the month of December, 7 PM at BOND in L.A.

Thank you! 


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