All of your sins are washed away | Church 5/26/24

Do the assignment? It’s just a thought! Gentleman afraid of mama! Which is easier: “I’m a sinner,” or sins wiped away?

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 26, 2024 

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 

Assignment from last week (5/19/24): Know this week anytime you feel something, that it’s just a thought — not you, and not real! 

Biblical Question: Are you a self worshiper? 

Question during the week: Which is easier: to say you’re a sinner, or to say your sins have been washed away? 


  • (0:00:00) Walking. Memorial Day? Welcome, first-timers. 
  • (0:06:05) Do the Assignment? It’s just a thought! 
  • (0:15:48) Live w/o anger? W/ Jesus’s help? (Assignment feedback) 
  • (0:26:46) Setbacks in working on self? Believed a thought. Come back to present 
  • (0:31:42) How important are thoughts? 
  • (0:33:59) 30yo afraid of evil mother! A “gentleman” with women! 
  • (0:44:39) Gal: Covering up crazy. Stop trying to guilt. Raymond on thoughts. 
  • (0:47:43) Hake, JLP: Thoughts are unimportant. Become a no-thinker. 
  • (0:49:31) Lady, they don’t care about you! Afraid to tell the truth and block them! 
  • (1:00:10) Lady, block family, coward! Trust the truth. Afraid to live your life! 
  • (1:13:06) Q: Which is easier to accept: I’m a sinner, or all washed away? 
  • (1:33:13) Luke 5: 17-26 Jesus’ question 
  • (1:34:51) BQ: Are you a self-worshiper? JLP: You love your pain! Not a sinner! Forgive. 
  • (1:45:07) Feedback: Self-worship is Devil worship! 
  • (1:48:00) JLP: You are free! Bring all thoughts into captivity. 
  • (1:51:48) Being free. Telling how the cow ate the cabbage. 
  • (1:54:55) Thoughts? Don’t compare, don’t compete. (Feedback: Satan screaming) 
  • (1:59:35) ‘Living as a sinner’: You’re already free. It’s not you. (Nick, Joel, Jesse) 
  • (2:10:22) Moderation in all things. Closing… Stay in your Hell!


The world loves self-worship and pain. (21-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

How to be persistent when you feel you’ve fallen back? (5-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

‘Gentleman’ with women, scared of mama! (13-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes 

Assignment from last week (5/19/24): Know this week anytime you feel something, that it’s just a thought — not you, and not real! 

Biblical Question: Are you a self worshiper? 

Question during the week: Which is easier: to say you’re a sinner, or to say your sins have been washed away? 

Welcome. Memorial Day. Any Q’s? 

(0:00:00) Small-talk, walking for exercise. (0:02:33) Welcome! Memorial Day: Do they sacrifice their lives for the country anymore?  (0:03:19) Man speaks on his grandfather serving… 

(0:04:33) Any questions? Welcome, first-timers

Assignment: Any feeling? It’s just a thought! (Feedback) 

(0:06:03) Do the assignment? It’s just a thought! It has no meaning. Fantastic, says one man. (0:07:30) A young lady. … Joel Friday… (0:09:35) Nick as a challenge — it’s way tougher! He didn’t know he needed to cope so much. (0:10:16) Raymond… Hassan as a fire extinguisher. (0:12:03) Franky said no… actually, first two days… 

**(0:12:30) JLP: You gotta work on your own life! If you work on your life, you will be free. (He keeps interrupting Rochelle starting, funny) (0:13:22) Rochelle: Happy B-day, reads a Bible quote from Jesus from a thrift store: Do not worry. Seek first the Kingdom… 

*Live a life without anger? 

(0:15:48) First-timer speaks: Not praying, but did forgive parents. (0:18:08) Never get angry? No. Nice! **Believe it’s possible to live without anger? Maybe with Jesus’s help. He’s already helped! 

What did you realize from the assignment? (Feedback) 

(0:18:47) What did you learn from the assignment? Man actually got caught up in thoughts for a bit a couple times, to be honest / accurate. … more feedback, incl Hassan 

(0:21:57) Nick: I’m just a thought! … Rochelle … (0:23:21) Rachel busy thoughts this week. (0:25:53) Call

**Setbacks working on self? Believed a thought! 

(0:26:44) A man (a young husband) who spoke the other week — at first he worked on himself and felt at peace, but now he’s more distracted as ever. How to be persistent when you feel you’re falling back? (0:28:07) Joel responds: It’s just a thought. (0:29:05) **JLP: The Devil builds you up to let you down. You go back into thoughts, and he brings you down. When things are well, you’re not thinking about it at all. Go back to being present. Be aware. 

How important are thoughts? 

(0:31:43) How important are thoughts? How important is it to think? Why do you still think? A young lady answers … 

**30yo afraid of mother! A “gentleman” with women? 

(0:33:59) Another man answers: You think it’s you. (0:35:32) Why haven’t you forgiven mother? I care about how she feels, how she’ll react. Why? If you care about her, why haven’t you forgiven her? (0:37:11) No, that was a question. 30yo afraid of mother! 

(0:38:14) **JLP: Gonna deal with all women the way you deal with your mother! … What is a gentleman? Have stuff together: Job, house, car… (0:39:54) **JLP: All they gonna do is take your money, you being a “gentleman!” Is that what a gentleman would do? (0:41:17) **JLP: You’ll treat them the same. Women are not “special!” Face mother, and everything else is easy. Did you know your mother’s evil? (0:42:49) Every mother is evil! The more love and nurture they have, she’s nurturing you right into hell! 

(0:43:16) What would your father say? He helped you deal with her? 

Covering up crazy. Stop trying to build. Raymond on thoughts. 

(0:44:39) Energetic young lady: Thoughts make you convinced you’re not crazy when you are! The more we try to be gentlemen or ladies, it’s to cover up we’re crazy! Posture! Pinocchio listening to his dads, but then the wolves, the thoughts. Seeming put together. Stop trying to build things. 

(0:46:38) Raymond: Thoughts lesson. Why not let thoughts go? How do you know what you just said is true? 

Thoughts are unimportant. Become a no-thinker. 

(0:47:43) Hake didn’t do the assignment! But he noticed he’ll get in his head trying to make something work in life. (0:48:45) **JLP: Thoughts are unimportant! Become a no-thinker!  No reason to think, period. 

**Lady, They don’t care about you! 

(0:49:29) Young lady on people pressed on a thought. She moved out here to CA… People pressure her about her plan. (0:51:31) JLP Q: How do they know about this stuff? Why not say none of your business? Why do you think they care about you? (0:54:56) Man says she’s attached to people in her life. 

(0:55:20) Another man: Why is it so hard for her to move on, block them? I could tell them the truth, but I don’t wanna block them! How will you give them the truth if you have fear yourself? 

(0:57:02) A third man: Why is it hard for him and her to block people? Not hard; I don’t block them. I just ignore them. (0:57:34) Joel answers: False identity. … Darren… (0:58:55) Young lady: Wanting them to care. (0:59:48) Raymond: Ego. Looking for love in all the wrong places. 

*Lady, block ’em, coward! Trust the truth. Afraid to live. 

(1:00:09) JLP: You won’t block because you’re a coward! They’re interfering in your life. You’re too afraid to tell them the truth! It’s family! 

(1:04:56) **JLP: Great point about just living. 

(1:05:50) Rachel: Been a people pleaser and a serial block person, both emotion-based. Starting to look: What’s going on with me? 

(1:08:27) Man asks the young lady: Family was very supportive. (1:09:40) Tell them how the cow ate the cabbage. Joel Friday: Give them a warning, then block. JLP gives a nice point. 

(1:11:29) Franky has a friend going through the same thing. Mother calls 25yo daughter “my baby.” Still attached as with cats, dogs. 

Q: Which easier to say/accept: I’m a sinner, or all sins washed away? 

(1:13:04) JLP: Who heard the show Friday? Who podcasted Friday? Which is easier for you to say (or accept): that I’m a sinner, or all my sins have been washed away? (1:14:53) Then why do you feel like a sinner? 

(1:16:49) A third man: They’re equal, but one has to come before the other. (1:18:20) Young lady says the latter is good news. You don’t sin? (1:18:54) First-timer: I am a sinner is easier to accept, as Bible Thumpers trained me to find faults in myself. (1:19:37) The “beta” husband speaks: Scary to know there’s no excuse not to live right…. 

(1:22:20) Raymond: Easier to accept I’m a sinner. Need help to get on the right path. He makes Jesse laugh: First you have to admit you’re a sinner, don’t you? 

(1:23:48) EXPERTS: Nick… (1:25:27) Joel forgets what he said Friday — but the judgment is gone. (1:27:33) Hassan says the washed one. (1:28:23) Franky was raised Catholic. 

(1:29:22) Young lady is in a “quarrel” … 

Luke 5: 17-26, Jesus asked: Which is easier… 

(1:30:05) Man preaches a bit, before Hake answers what he said Friday. Hake reads Luke 5: 17-26, in which Jesus said: Which is easier: to say, Your sins are forgiven? Or to say: Get up and walk? 

**Biblical Q: Are you a self-worshiper? 

(1:34:51) After Hake reads, JLP asks: Why are you a self worshiper? 

(1:37:03) JLP: The world loves self-worshiping. It’s painful to think of yourself as a sinner. You love that pain. Every human being is a self worshiper. They love pain, and never end the pain! You want to suffer and believe the lie that you’re a sinner. 

(1:43:11) Don’t let others pull you into their hell, calling themselves a sinner. Forgive. You’re free. There’s never a reason to be angry. (1:44:02) **JLP: You don’t have to cry out to God, or beg Him to save you. You’re already saved! God said it’s not you. All your life, God has never seen you as a sinner, but you have. Forgive, see the Devil’s living in your heart. It’s not you, but the Devil living in you. 

(1:45:07) Lady: Are you a self-worshiper? (JLP interrupts: They make money giving you pills!) Self-worship is the same as Devil worship! JLP tells how the guys in his office won’t stay present! 

(1:48:02) JLP: You are free! Bring all thoughts into captivity, including the thought that you’re a sinner! See that and you’re free! 

(1:49:02) First-timer man: You’ve been lied to all your life! **JLP: Christ said: It is done. Yet we live as slaves! All your tears are thrills! (1:49:53) JLP: Great point, not being able to face family. It’s a thrill! (1:50:48) Perfect order! 

**Telling how the cow ate the cabbage

(1:51:50) Young lady: The true anti-Christ spirit is denying it’s finished! What does it mean to tell people how the cow ate the cabbage? When you told your husband you don’t like him weak. When I said racism doesn’t exist. You’re free… 

*Thoughts? Don’t compare, and don’t compete

(1:54:57) Any time a thought is useful? Seeing competitor’s price for rice? (1:56:53) (JLP: My hands are ashy!) 

(1:57:23) Man starts to ask a question… (1:58:18) In the Mel Gibson movie (Passion of the Christ, I believe): Satan screams after Christ said, It is finished. JLP: The Devil doesn’t want you to go free. 

**’Living like a sinner’: You are free already. It’s not you. 

(1:59:34) Nick: “Living like a sinner”… I don’t really know freedom. Joel tries to explain. Nick tries again. 

(2:02:11) **JLP: Human beings refuse to forgive, and believe thoughts. You’re free already, but you just believe thoughts. There is no you, so there can be no sin. Paul said: It’s not me, but something else in me. 

(2:06:02) Joel follows up on what Nick says: If a person doesn’t see it for themselves, they shouldn’t say it. (2:07:00) (Y’all like Nick’s haircut?) Nick talks. 

(2:08:27) **JLP: If you go around saying you’re free, you’re not. 

Closing: Moderation… Stay in your Hell… 

(2:09:49) Rachel… (2:10:20) Young lady with the meddling family… Jesus made wine! Do all things in moderation. You love being an alcoholic! 

(2:12:06) Closing: … Stay in your hell! … 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 
  • Assignment 3/10/24 and 3/17/24: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 

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