Father and daughter, Derrick and Zara, pose for picture

“BOND had been an affirmation from God—the ideas, values and morals I live and stand by, are the same ideas, values and morals BOND stands by. For years I’ve seen Jesse on multiple shows, YouTube videos and different media platforms. So I looked at him as a political analyst that I agreed with on the ideas of Freedom.

But one day, I decided to take a deeper dive into the works of Jesse Lee Peterson. And to my surprise I found a church in The Belly of the Beast (Los Angeles), to fellowship with like-minded individuals. For the past seven or eight months, my daughter Zara and I have attended church on a regular basis. And to say the least, every Service has been AMAZING!!!

My wife and I have conflicting work schedules, which happened to create a special father-daughter relationship. I didn’t know what to do as a first-time father, I just knew I was only doing what my father and mother showed me as parents. I’ve been approached by strangers who tell me, “You are a great dad,” others saying how they remember their dad and missed him since he passed and how they loved seeing what I was doing. That was doing something as simple as grocery shopping. Until coming to BOND, I never realized why this would happen so often. But once I heard the message about how children yearn for their father it all made sense.

I understand now why I resonate with “Rebuilding The Family By Rebuilding The Man.” Men are the catalyst. Without God, Christ or Man there is no structure.”