Forgiveness: How Do You Go from Agreeing to Believing?

How do you go from agreeing with “forgiveness” to believing and actually doing it? Jesus said: because you claim to see, your sin remains.

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BOND Archive Sunday Service, October 13, 2013: Jesse Lee Peterson relays a question: How do you go from agreeing with forgiveness to believing into it so it actually works? People say they see their anger, and realize they should forgive, but can’t seem to let go! They trip out suddenly: Unforgiving people are unhappy and lonely. They’re afraid; they’re defensive when embarrassed. In John 9, Jesus told the Pharisees: If you were blind, you would not be guilty. But because you say you can see, your sin remains. In John 5, Christ said: I can do nothing of myself.


  • 00:00 Sun, Oct 13, 2013
  • 00:56 How to believe and forgive?
  • 05:56 Agree but can’t do it?
  • 12:45 Tripping on short notice
  • 14:34 Unforgiving, unhappy, “lonesome”
  • 17:51 One lady looks at herself
  • 20:36 “I’m not there yet”…brings on fear
  • 23:50 Don’t embarrass me!
  • 25:00 Jesus to the “seeing”: Your guilt remains
  • 32:51 Christians like the Pharisees (John 9)
  • 37:12 Seeing means your healed
  • 41:58 Man can’t forgive; faith not in wife
  • 48:38 Wife speaks
  • 51:20 Knowing but not doing forgiveness
  • 53:40 If not living it, do you know it?
  • 57:01 God takes it out
  • 59:08 John 5, Jesus: I can do nothing

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