How many demons do you have inside? | Church 6/2/24

Prior Assignment: It’s just a thought! How many demons inside? BQ: Are emotions necessary? New Assignment: Watch the demons within! 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 2, 2024 

NOTE: We will announce whether or not we’ll have a Men’s Forum this week. Check for updates! (Normally, Men’s Forum is the first Thursday of the month, 7pm at BOND in Los Angeles — but perhaps not this week/month! Call 1-800-411-BOND [2663] for info! Office hours: M-F 9am-4pm PT) 

||  See clips, links, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:02:14) Do the assignment? “It’s just a thought” (not for physical/practical issues!) 
  • (0:14:03) “It’s just a thought”: Family “concerned”; Feeling fear 
  • (0:22:58) How many demons have you seen inside lately? 
  • (0:27:50) Demons or “flesh”? Sinner, or sins washed away? 
  • (0:35:40) Demons: Falling out with a friend? 
  • (0:38:12) JLP: Demons on valet personality switch! Lady gets “ticked”! 
  • (0:48:20) English lady: I’m a bit brash… 
  • (0:55:38) (Baptism question) Demons in you with theoretical boyfriend? 
  • (1:08:41) Protesters fighting: Stop taking sides (Young lady continued) 
  • (1:15:24) Demons: “I got worked.” Keep your eye on self. 
  • (1:18:08) Does your wife obey you? He’s not your head! 
  • (1:29:18) Don’t be angry at offense. And you’ll see what to do. 
  • (1:31:14) Biblical Q: Are emotions necessary? 
  • (1:38:23) BQ: “I love, but not my enemy!” (Young lady) 
  • (1:45:31) JLP: Elections coming. Don’t be mad. (JLP on BQ) 
  • (1:52:04) Assignment: Watch the demons in you. (Closing) 


There’s never, ever, ever a reason to be emotional. (12-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

Your family doesn’t care about you. (9-min)  YouTube  |  Rumble  

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Church Notes 

Assignment from two weeks ago (5/19/24): Know this week anytime you feel something, that it’s just a thought — not you, and not real! 

Question: How many demons have you seen inside yourself recently? 

We touch on the question during the past two weeks (radio show and Church, from 5/24 through 5/31/24): Which is easier to accept: that you’re a sinner, or that all of your sins have been washed away? 

Biblical Question: Are emotions necessary? 

HEADS UP: Men’s Forum is NOT YET CONFIRMED this month… TBA — we’ll let you know Tue or so… You can check 


(0:00:00) Small talk (0:01:09) Welcome (0:01:45) *JLP: I know nobody brought anything… you just came to receive. 

*Assignment? It’s just a thought! (Physical issue does not apply) 

(0:02:07) Do the assignment? Donyale experienced physical issues, but no fear. … (0:05:26) Make a long story short. She protests: Geez! … All was well the next morning. (0:06:57) Don’t overthink this for a physical issue, and use it in the wrong way! Interesting story, but has nothing to do with: It’s just a thought! (0:09:05) Did the right thing by not panicking. 

It’s just a thought: Phone call

(0:09:30) Another gal (Randy’s wife) caught flak on a phone call, and was flooded with anger thoughts and feelings. She had to check herself. “What’s wrong with me? Why am I feeling this way?” 

(0:12:14) What do you think of the practical thought she mentioned? (0:12:49) Back to Donyale… 

*Moving from memphis, family “concerned” 

(0:13:58) Anyone else do it? First-timer Derek (sp) is moving here from Memphis. He’s 25; his family’s concerned about him leaving. (0:16:01) JLP: They’re not concerned. It just felt good to pretend. … 

Feeling fear right now… 

(0:19:44) *JLP: It’s amazing how many don’t do this stuff. It’ll help you. Seems like this’d be priority in your life. Another young man. Feeling fear right now. Feel it, watch it, and do nothing. … “Satan ain’t got nothin’ on me…” Then I woke up. 

How many demons you seen inside you lately?

(0:22:54) *Why you lookin’ crazy? Young lady felt same 

(0:23:21) JLP asks the young lady how many demons she’s seen inside herself lately. I think one’s one thing, but it’s another! How’s it help you to know at the time they’re demons? A relief to know. “Why am I feeling sad? … Oh, that’s not me, it’s somebody else. … shocking.” It’s not me! 

(0:25:33) Rachel, quite a lot … idk how many. 

*Demons in you? Or ‘flesh’? (Sinner? Or washed away?) 

(0:27:45) First-timer Anna and her husband watch on YouTube — they live far away. How many demons? “None. I have Jesus in me, so no space for demons.” She says she’s not perfect, so she’s just her being in her flesh. (0:29:55) So you are the demons? No! 

(0:31:25) Which is easier for you to accept: that you’re a sinner, or all your sins are washed away? Believing thoughts… right? (0:32:34) Do you obey your husband? We’ll get to you. 

The demons question, continued: (0:32:40) Donyale (0:33:28) Randy (0:33:49) Anthony’s wife. 

(0:34:28) (Kids playing, making noise) (0:34:56) Raymond on demons: I humbled 

**Demon to hold onto someone? ‘Make things right’? 

(0:35:34) Another young man: Q: Is it a demon in you if you wanna keep someone around in your life? Yes. You gotta let people go. Q about losing people in your life. Should you make things right? An older friend is like a father I never had. He blew up on me, and blocked me. Be glad to see the hell in him. He was never a friend. Wish him well. 

**JLP: Demons in valet’s personality switch 

(0:38:07) JLP: The reason I asked about how many demons you see in yourself… I went to an event. I gave the valet a tip (which is unusual, I’m black). The gate didn’t go up! The valet switched after the gate wouldn’t go up. 

Those are demons! See those so you don’t identify with them, thinking they are you. Do call ‘em you. 

**Demons in being ticked, thinking you’re a ‘sinner’

(0:41:34) To Donyale who said she’s friendly, and then she gets ticked. Be aware of that. God wants you to see them, and stop calling them you! … Just watch however … 

(0:44:02) A little ticked about my profound moment not being recognized — surprised you didn’t see the profundity … I don’t wanna hear the whole life! Everybody was sleepin’! How does it feel knowing nobody cares! … I can feel the room. Are you thru with your lil “tick” rn? 

(0:46:35) Are you a sinner? … (0:47:20) Church has told us we’re a sinner… 

I’m a bit brash: Is that a flaw? 

(0:48:14) Anthony’s wife (Are you cold? Hake’s fault) there’s so many flaws I see. “I’m a bit brash… It’s not on purpose.” I’m to the point, whereas some are sweet. Is that a flaw in you? Or is it cultural? Do you do it with love or anger? Both sometimes. 

People’s reactions make her question herself. 

(0:52:35) Why do you call that you? … I think the whole problem is in you. … lemme smoke on it! (Come back to it this service, hopefully…) 

**(Should we get baptized?) Demons in you toward your boyfriend? 

(0:55:31) Young lady’s baptism question. Everything now is spiritual. How do you know if you’ve been baptized in a spiritual sense? Have you done it with water? No, she hasn’t. People tell her technically she should, she says. It’s nothing like you can imagine, Jesse advises. 

(0:58:02) She’s staying — not going back to her family. (We had a conversation about her family pressuring her last week.) 

Jesse then asks her about the demons story. I could see you going off, Jesse says. 

(1:00:31) What about with your boyfriend? …. Do you treat him any differently from how you treat anyone else? By default, I treat him differently… Sometimes you don’t love him. If he didn’t put the seat down, you’d get ticked. You’d go off! 

(1:05:24) Does God deal with you all the time every day? Does he go off on you because you don’t put the seat down? No. Why don’t you treat him the same way? 

Protesters fighting one another: All ego. Stop taking sides. 

(1:08:35) In talking with the young lady, JLP tells a story: I saw this abortion rally. Jesse asked some of the anti-abortion people: What good will it do to fight with the pro-abortion people? “I’m standing up for the unborn!” No, you’re not. Fighting one another just feels good and holy. Similar with you and your boyfriend. 

(1:11:26) If you treated everyone with love … Jesse advises her … let it go. 

(1:12:31) Another brief story about a family talking about a person. Stop taking sides. … Trusting what’s right. … Same with things bigger than a toilet seat. You wanna be in that situation. One: Don’t be angry. 

(1:15:05) Which is better: To be free or to fight? … 

*(BQ? No?) Demons: Keep an eye on self

(1:15:17) Biblical question: Forgot! Did you work on yourself? “I got worked…” Demons, plural… were all coming at me, the man says. I said “let’s scrap it up… must’ve been another demon talking to another demon… (1:16:30) *JLP: Keep your eyes on you. It’s always about you! Not the other person! (Even with the guy whose Memphis fam… watch you!) 

**(BQ? No?) Does your wife obey you? Demons… 

(1:17:12) Didn’t hear the BQ this week… Does your wife obey you? They own an MMA gym… He talks with Jesse about demons and the Bible. They have children (16, 14, 10). The Silent Prayer has revolutionized prayer. Anxiety / demons driving up from Long Beach, and worrying about if his wife gets injured. 

(1:25:00) Alcohol issue. Made an impact on his family… 

Wife: How you feel knowing he’s not the head of you? 

(1:26:11) JLP asks the wife: How do you feel knowing he’s not the head of you? … Wife: He helps me rationalize what I’m feeling… JLP: Would you rather he correct you or “rationalize” you? … **JLP: When she doesn’t like it, that’s the hell in her. … You got a job ahead now, buddy! 

(1:28:15) Being a schoolteacher is not easy nowadays, the husband says. … 

**Don’t get angry at offense, and you’ll see what to do. 

(1:29:13) Daniel: “Give up the fight.” That’s showing love. So… Is the gov’t showing love by letting offenders go? JLP: They’re showing a lack of love. Daniel: Should we let people yank our chain, and poke us and poke us? **JLP: Don’t get angry, and you’ll see what to do. There’s never, ever, ever, ever, ever a reason to be angry. 

Biblical Question: Are emotions necessary? 

(1:31:07) BQ: Are emotions necessary? Daniel: Like when these women start crying in court? They’re necessary for evil! 

(1:32:05) *click* A young lady answers… 

(1:33:18) Young man in white T-shirt: Are emotions ever necessary? Yes, to deal with evil, he says. I’m a father, he says. (I’m just now recognizing who you are, Jesse exclaims.) 

(1:34:59) Young lady says no. They never help me to solve anything, or bring me light. (1:35:31) Anthony’s wife: No. … Donyale… (1:36:18) Rochelle… they stem from a thought. 

(1:36:51) Man: I dunno! In sales, they’re great. People buy things they don’t need based on emotions. (1:37:37) More answers… 

**BQ… Love, but not my enemy (Are emotions necessary?) 

(1:38:20) Sounds good on paper — it’s not on paper! Too logical for me. I like showing love (daughter, mother). Do you love your enemy? No. I know how to compartmentalize, I guess. Do you love God? Absolutely! But not your enemy? **My God has a warrior spirit. (1:39:52) Like allahu akbar God? (1:41:03) Silent Prayer 

(1:41:35) Are emotions necessary? Jesus said very specifically to love your enemy. (1:42:25) **She’s working on herself, but I’m glad you yelled at her. (Funny) 

(1:42:30) The MMA husband asks about love… JLP: Anyone with hate or anger doesn’t have God’s love. 

(1:43:34) There’s no bad or good love. (1:43:59) *click* … JLP advises the young lady further: You don’t love, but resent your mother. It’s all hate. Just be patient with it. 

**Closing: Don’t be mad. (JLP on BQ) 

(1:45:27) **Elections coming: Don’t be angry. To husbands and wives: Leave one another alone! God leaves you in your hell until you wanna come out (of it). They want a race war; they win by getting you to fight. “Racism” — no good comes from fighting about that. Vote how you want; don’t argue. 

**In relationships and friendships, they try to control one another! Leave it alone! Don’t get angry! 

(1:48:15) **There’s never ever ever a reason to be emotional. AND: You’re not a sinner. Stop thinking that way. You’re suffering from your thinking. That’s how the Devil wants you to think. The Christians proclaim: I sin daily! … We all have sinned. Christ has defeated the Devil, brought us back. We’re free. But if you drop your body thinking yourself a sinner, you’re stuck in Hell. Eternal life is right now. 

(1:50:57) **Stop judging others — they can’t help themselves. … Making sense? Helpful? When you get ticked, it’s you that’s ticked! Don’t deny it, and it’ll fade away. 

**Assignment: watch the demons in you

(1:51:58) Assignment this week 6/2/24: Watch the different demons inside of you. Do not call them you, but see them. You have truckloads of demons! Demons that you think are nice, and that are you, but they’re not. God said: Come as you are, angry, etc., so I can save you from it. 

(1:53:03) You cannot know another person. People will lie and hide in their hearts. We cannot know another person. (1:53:43) *click* … You don’t know another person. 

(1:54:12) No BQ yet (maybe tomorrow) (1:54:22) Reminder: Assignment: Those are demons in your physical mind/body, but not in you! You are perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect. But you don’t know who that is at this point. Stop being so defeated. 


(1:56:10) Alexis… final feedback… Almost feels like blasphemy to say you’re not a sinner. All of your sins have been wiped away. Don’t think of yourself either way. Just be, without identity

(1:57:32) Closing


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • March 10-17, 2024 assignment: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 
  • May 19-26, 2024 assignment: If you feel anything, remember: It’s just a thought! No meaning. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 

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