Which Is Easier: The Accuser Inside or Outside You? (8/7/22)

The world will only get worse. BQ: Which is easier, the accuser outside or inside? Do you believe you can be free? Get rid of words and identities. 

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 7, 2022: An older server/waiter got in trouble for hustling too hastily in front of older customers. // The world will only get worse; but you can be in it but not of it, as Christ said. // Biblical Question: Which is easier to deal with: the accuser outside or inside you? Can you overcome the accuser? Do you believe you can be free? Why aren’t you already free? You are, but thoughts and feelings keep you fooled. There’s no such thing as loneliness, inferiority, or superiority. Get rid of all identities. //


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Aug 7, 2022
  • 0:01:53 Opening: Server in trouble at work
  • 0:12:44 JLP: It’s going to get worse
  • 0:17:34 Biblical Q: Which is easier: Accuser outside or inside?
  • 0:28:30 BQ cont…: Can you overcome the accuser?
  • 0:52:52 Anchor Baby, Hake, young family, woman cries
  • 1:08:14 Do you believe you can be free? Why not already?
  • 1:16:08 JLP: You are already free
  • 1:21:42 JLP: No such thing as loneliness
  • 1:28:13 Inferiority, superiority: Just words…
  • 1:32:07 JLP: Get rid of all identities/words. Helpful?
  • 1:38:00 Closing: Pray and watch

Church Notes

11:02 AM US PDT We start streaming a couple of minutes after the top of the hour.

A server in trouble at work

11:04 After we start Church, a man talks about freaking out after getting in trouble at restaurant work over a bad customer review. Jesse asks him what good it did him to freak out at all.

Jesse asks him: Which is the real you — the one who hustles, or the one who slows down and works calmly? The man feels his real self hustles, but to older customers, he seems frantic and out-of-control.

JLP: It’s going to get worse; woman crashes in fatal accident

11:15 Jesse talks about how the world has only gotten worse since that time he started BOND. A nurse (or actress) crashed into cars at the intersection of La Brea and Slauson, killing several.

Bill Lockwood, a regular guest on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, doesn’t think the world is going to change. You can change, and be in the world but not of the mess — as Christ said.

Most live in fear, anger, and worry. Most people don’t want to change — they love their mess.

BQ: Which is easier, the accuser inside or outside?

11:19 Jesse invites people to respond to the Biblical Question: Which is easier to deal with: the accuser outside you or the accuser inside you? He also asks: Why is it easier (or harder) to deal with the one outside you?

A young mother pondered the question this week. The accuser inside, you cannot always see, she says — angry, dark, fearful. She gets impatient with her daughter who doesn’t like her going up and down every aisle as her own mother used to do.

11:25 Another young woman says the accuser outside and inside are both the same to her.

11:28 A third woman says she can walk away from the accuser outside her. She thinks not having an inner beast (accuser) inside you would be a perfect world that doesn’t exist.

This woman is the mother of a man who joins us regularly at Church, who she says has changed a lot in a year.

BQ cont… Can you overcome the accuser inside you?

11:31 A man Brian (sp) says both are hard to deal with, feeling threatened by people judging him. Jesse visited him in the hospital after he OD’d. Then he called Jesse’s show after getting out of prison after 23 years.

11:32 Jesse asks the first young ladies: Do you believe you can overcome the accuser inside you? How?

11:33 We had an amazing Men’s Forum this past Thursday night. One man says he’s felt the thought to kill himself — but he wouldn’t care if someone outside him told him to do so.

11:35 Jesse says: Every human being on earth is feeling the same thing. He asks the man: Do you believe it’s possible to overcome the accuser?

Another young mother says she’s able to see her thoughts. She says the accuser looks like a crazy version of herself.

11:40 Jesse briefly tells the story of a couple who appear great when out, but all hell breaks loose when they get home.

Raymond answers the Biblical Question.

11:42 Hassan says both accusers are the same. Those outside are projections of what’s inside you, he says. They’re not real. So he says it seems easier to deal with the one outside, but he says the one inside is easiest for him. Why is the outside harder? He credits Jesse with his ability to deal with the one inside him. What does the accuser look like inside you?

11:47 One young woman in a mask says she has no accusers inside her, after Jesse asks how many she has.

11:48 Another young man says it’s easier to deal with the one outside, and elaborates.

11:49 Franky’s changed his answer five times now.

BQ cont… Anchor Baby, Hake, a young family…

11:55 Anchor Baby and Hake answer.

A young lady compares a “Native American” dreamcatcher to spider webs that Jesse spotted in BOND.

11:59 A young father answers. He says you overcome the accuser by doing nothing. How do you deal with your wife when she’s mad at home? He walks the dog, and tries to reason. Jesse then asks his wife how she deals with her angry husband after church. She says she lets him be; it’s really weird to see him mad. She’s told him he’s just like his mama, and it gets him madder.

Jesse then asks their 11-year-old son how he deals with it when they’re fighting. He laughs when it’s them, but when he’s mad he plays video games. Jesse encourages him not to use something else to deal with it.

12:05 A young woman breaks down crying; the accusers inside her tell her she’ll never be free. She thinks a real Christian trusts God. She doesn’t have peace, so she cries, also because it’s embarrassing.

Do you believe you can be free? Why aren’t you free already?

12:10 Jesse asks: Do you believe you can be free? Why aren’t you free already? He felt like his world was gone when one man died; he now feels reliant on Jesse.

The mother of the man who joins answers. She thinks she could have been, and hopes she can be, but she second-guesses, and sometimes thinks she’s running out of time, at age 65. She had a rough childhood. It looks like being happy to be free.

Jesse asks the woman’s son again: If you believe you can be free, why aren’t you free already? He feels he’s freer than he ever has been. What does “more free” feel like?

Another man says he doesn’t have faith to do it, but intellectually he believes he can.

Nick says he’s seen Satan bleed.

JLP: You are already free

12:18 Jesse tells everyone: You are already free. But the thoughts and feelings have you fooled. If you want to be free, stop identifying with the thoughts and feelings. You’re not enslaved, in pain; you don’t have doubt. You’re not a drug addict or alcoholic, or anything you claim you are. Christ set us free; he defeated the Devil.

Don’t be angry. Everyone who’s angry identifies with their thoughts and feelings. Like a pendulum on an old clock swinging, you feel up and down. Your ego is suffering. It keeps you in the past or future, in time.

When the ego seems to feel good, become aware of it trying to make you feel good. The real you is not feeling anything. You’re really free. The world makes you identify with what the world thinks about you. Satan has convinced you of what your issues are.

Christ said it is done.

Pay attention to what’s happening inside of you. Understanding will grow and set you free. Your ideas and thoughts about things will disappear.

JLP Q: There’s no such thing as loneliness

12:24 Jesse asks: How many feel lonely? What does loneliness look like to you? One lady says isolating.

It’s a separation from God. Loneliness is just a word; there’s no such thing! Satan defines it for you. It’s a fake idea that’s not real.

Husband and wife come together because of loneliness, and then fight, and then divorce and fight over the kids.

God’s not into time, Jesse says to the woman who fears she’s too old. Be grateful you’re still alive. God is present. The Devil is like the swinging clock thing — swinging into the future or past which don’t exist.

12:29 Jesse invites people to respond.

JLP Q: Inferiority and superiority are just words too

12:30 Jesse asks: Have you ever felt inferiority or superiority? What does that feel like? Those are just words too. It’s like a title which isn’t real.

Christians are being used by words, too. Stop using these words.

A man who was distracted and not present says it’s human nature to feel inferior.

JLP: Get rid of all identities and words

12:34 Get rid of all identities, all the words you’ve identified with. That’s the only thing keeping you back. The children of the lie control you with words.

Don’t try to define who you are, but what you’re not. Don’t identify with anything, any words. Our parents, schools, friends, and everything have set us up. They have no meaning, except to enslave you.

Jesse asks: Does that make sense? The lady says she doesn’t feel the number (age) they put on her. The real you doesn’t die.

12:37 Hassan mentions Job.

Jesse says the intellect is your enemy. God said: bring every thought and imagination into captivity. Let them all pass, and you’ll be free. Know thyself. You’ll discover the depths of hell you’ve fallen into.

12:39 Jesse asks the young father in what way this was helpful.


12:40 Jesse urges: Do the Silent Prayer, and just watch. Doubt every thought, and stop repeating the thoughts.

Jesse also says: Fight for your own life! Make it personal.


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