BOND is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization founded in 1990 by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man.”

Going on 27 years, we offer counseling for people dealing with all issues, helping them to overcome anger through forgiveness. We hold a weekly Sunday Service, monthly Men’s Forum, and annual Conference on Fatherhood and Men. Over the years, we’ve offered Women’s Forums, Town Hall Meetings, a Home for Young Men, After School Character Building, BOND Leadership Academy (a private school, grades 1-12), Mentorship and Entrepreneur Programs. BOND Studios produces Jesse Lee Peterson’s radio show and The Fallen State TV talk show.

We never accept government funding. Our services and events build men, families, and our society. Contributions to BOND are tax-deductible to the amount allowable by law.


Jesse Lee Peterson loves truth. He grew up without his father on a plantation near Tuskegee, Alabama, in the Jim Crow era, and participated in the “civil rights” movement. He moved to Los Angeles, and 28 years ago underwent a spiritual transformation. He founded BOND, a nationally-known nonprofit dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man.”

Going on 27 years at BOND, Jesse counsels people, speaks around the country at events, schools, correctional facilities, and churches. He leads BOND Sunday Service, Men’s Forums, and Conference on Fatherhood & Men. He’s a radio & TV talk show host, speaker, media commentator (Fox News, CNN, etc.), and author. Visit his website.

Jesse Lee Peterson’s books:
• The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood
• SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America
• From Rage to Responsibility
The Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual, Family and Financial Success

Successful BOND programs

    • Counseling – real help for men, women and children of all races, ages, and beliefs
    • Events – weekly Sunday Service, monthly Men’s Forum, annual Conference on Fatherhood & Men, and more…
    • Mentoring – BOND mentees are successful entrepreneurs, lawyers, fathers, and mentors themselves
    • BOND Studios – producing a live stream of Sunday Service, Jesse’s radio show, & The Fallen State TV talk show
    • Leadership Academy – since 2013: Building a strong foundation in academics, trades, ethics, creation, & self-defense
    • Home for Young Men – since 1996: Teaching guys responsibility, discipline, independence, and interaction with others in the world
    • After School Character Building – offering guidance and the right kind of attention for youth

Q&A with Andre, BOND member & new father – from BOND End of Year Editorial 2015: 

    • Q: When did you start coming to BOND?
    • A: My cousin Jack brought me to the BOND Home for Boys when I was very young. Thirteen years later, I began attending the Sunday Service regularly and now I work for BOND full time.
    • Q: Does your wife get jealous that you spend so much time at BOND?
    • A: Actually, she’s a big part of why I’m here now. After the first meeting I attended I was hesitant to come back. The way that Jesse engages the audience can be intimidating if you’re unsure of yourself. The next week my wife encouraged me to return because she saw that it was having a positive impact in my life.
    • Q: What kind of impact do you think she saw?
    • A: I think she knew that I had a lot of anger and emotions that I didn’t know how to deal with. After attending the meetings I didn’t feel alone in my struggle anymore.
    • Q: What does being a husband mean to you?
    • A. Being patient and being a good example. In a word, leadership.
    • Q: You’re expecting your first child, do you think that it will detract from your involvement with BOND?
    • A: Family is very important to me, so I’ll do what I need to do to support my family. However, my goal is to stay with BOND and just like my family, I’d like to be a part of its growth.
    • Q: So I’m guessing there will be more than one child in your family?
    • A(laughs) Yes, we’re planning on it. God said to multiply so I’m taking that to heart.

BOND success stories

Marquis was a child of divorce, involved in “rap culture,” wore earrings and braids, and dealt with inner conflict through sex. But he always hungered for truth, never comfortable in anger. He reconciled with his father and mother, and opened the way for younger siblings to do the same. Today he owns a barber shop, works full-time, and raises his children with his wife near Montgomery, Alabama.

Christian was an angry, self-described atheist, who at 17 told his mother he hated her. She committed suicide two days later; he found out two weeks later. He was plagued by guilt and blame. He heard Jesse’s radio show, initially rejecting the truth. But he took a second look at himself, read Jesse’s book From Rage to Responsibility, forgave his father, and started a successful car detailing business, raising his children with his wife near Detroit, Michigan.

Jarvis was heavily involved in gangs in Nashville, Tennessee. He was shot in the arm while driving once, and put himself in many situations in which he could have died or gone to prison. He told Jesse, “God used you to get to me. And now he’s using me to help others.” He works and supports his wife and children, getting off welfare and moving them out of the projects. He speaks to youth and is active in the community.

Tony is Jesse’s nephew from Gary, Indiana. Not many family members accept a message of responsibility, honesty, and forgiveness, but this man is the exception. He learned the truth about what’s hurting the black community from Jesse’s radio show. He’s started multiple thriving businesses including at least one restaurant. He raises his family and helps youth in the community. One young man he was helping shot him 9 times, but he healed and lived!

How BOND Helped Me (James Hake, radio producer)

I came to BOND searching for the truth, and was not disappointed. At BOND, men led (a refreshing sight, as I was used to seeing women take the lead in churches, while timid husbands sat in the pews or did not attend).

The day Jesse Lee Peterson saw me in his Sunday Service, he actually offered me a job in the middle of the meeting. Although I did not take that job, I took Jesse’s good advice to move out of my parents’ home to live on my own. I volunteered for BOND over the years.

Jesse counseled with my parents and me; he urged me to speak up, told me to forgive, and showed me how to pray. He said that I was fighting for my life — I later realized how true it was. Although raised in a big Christian family, I was aimless, insecure, and unprepared to deal with people or challenges.

I eagerly attended Sunday Services (Sundays 11am-12pm PT), where Jesse engaged the congregation in refreshingly honest, real-life discussions on relationships, family, spirituality, and the Bible.

I also listened to The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show (M-F 6-9am PT). Jesse shed new light for me on politics, religion, and life, put in simple terms of “right and wrong.” He often shared “bad news,” but cheerfully.

When the time was right, Jesse asked me to be his radio producer, and I quickly accepted. I find interesting people and stories, and listen for deep things Jesse says.

It’s a joy watching Jesse interact with kids at juvenile detention centers, inmates at prisons, and ordinary people at other speaking events, where I often help sell Jesse’s excellent books (From Rage to Responsibility, SCAM, The Seven Guaranteed Steps to Spiritual Family and Financial Success, and The Antidote).

One of my highlights most months is the BOND Men’s Forum (first Thursday; bring your sons, nephews, male cousins, and brothers, ages 11+). Men engage honestly about real-life issues with Jesse and one another, and find where they are lacking. Strangers become brothers, and brothers help one another become men.

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