Counseling - Rebuilding the Man
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People are suffering today

Everybody Needs a Little Help Sometimes

We have the antidote.

Since 1990, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has counseled people from around the world, helping them to see clearly again.

Call 800-411-BOND (2663) to schedule a phone consultation or in-person appointment.

Are You Depressed?


Do you have a child or loved one experiencing stress, depression, PTSD, bullying, lack of focus, ADHD, or out-of-control behavior? Whether you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, or faces a crisis of identity, sexuality, self-worth, relationship, marriage, family, finance, or work, we can help.

Get past anger, anxiety, fear, trauma, mental illness, abuse, suicidal thoughts, or grief.

Appointments are available in person, by phone or via Skype. We accept major credit cards, cash and PayPal payments. To set an appointment, call 1-800-411-BOND (2663).

In-person or by phone: $75 for 30 minutes | $150 for 1 hour

Skype: $100 for 30 minutes | $175 for 1 hour


Monday: 2-4 p.m. PT / 5-7 p.m. ET

Tuesday: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. PT / 1-6 p.m. ET

Wednesday: 2-4 p.m. PT / 5-7 p.m. ET

Thursday: 12 noon – 3 p.m. PT / 3-6 p.m. ET

Friday: No appointments available

For a marriage to last until death do you part, husbands and wives must love one another. But couples often do not know what pure love looks like. Jesse Lee Peterson gives fair, unbiased counseling and listens closely to couples experiencing issues.

Family is our greatest institution to stabilize society and the best framework to raise children. Jesse Lee Peterson specializes in counseling for the whole family on a wide range of issues — counseling that is sure to unite families rather than divide them.

Anger is out of control in our nation. It breaks up marriages, destroys families, hurts children and leaves lasting emotional scars. If anger is not addressed correctly, it can even wreck your health. Anger cannot be managed — it must be overcome. We understand how anger operates, and can help you overcome this destructive and harmful emotion.

Many suffer from depression, addiction, and mental illness — they have worry, guilt, feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, insomnia, loss of appetite, anxiety attacks, or suicidal thoughts — for which many take pills or other medication. While many people are able to come out of this state, for others, major depression can be an ongoing and serious problem. If you or your loved ones are struggling with depression, we can help. We can show you how to be free from emotional ups and downs.



The services helped me overcome the animosity and anger I harbored toward others. As a result, I’m a better mother and grandmother.


Counseling has helped us work through our issues and strengthened our marriage.


Thanks to BOND, I’m a more patient person and a better father and husband.

Testimonies at BOND

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Experienced, professional, private counseling sessions available in person, by phone or via Skype.

To inquire about counseling or to set an appointment, call us (800) 411-BOND (2663) or use our form below.


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