03/14/21 What Is the Purpose of Fasting and Praying? (Church)

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, March 14, 2021 – Biblical Question: What is the purpose of fasting and praying? People are like robots, not knowing reality or themselves. We read from Matthew 9: 14-15 and Luke 5: 33-35, in which Jesus asks: Why fast when the Bridegroom is with you? Do you believe that Jesus is with you now?


  • 0:00 Small talk
  • 1:39 Welcome to Church
  • 5:48 Opening questions
  • 18:37 Biblical Question
  • 51:07 Bible verses
  • 1:00:44 Jesse’s answer
  • 1:06:17 Is Jesus with you?
  • 1:17:00 JLP great grandson!
  • 1:18:22 More feedback
  • 1:34:34 Upset after Ouija
  • 1:42:35 Home with the Father
  • 1:47:05 Fast for the unsaved?
  • 1:54:05 Walking in the light?
  • 1:56:59 Closing: Thank you!

Church Notes

(We start streaming a couple of minutes before 11:00 AM US PDT — Daylight Saving Time began early this morning for most of us in the United States.) 

There was a funeral for our late friend Cheryl this weekend. 

At the beginning, Jesse answers a couple of questions, including about not having thoughts during the Silent Prayer. 

Jesse begins by talking with first-time visitors. He talks with a mother of a young lady who’s joined us before, and discusses anger and forgiveness. 

One young man asks about different types of anger. 

What is the purpose of fasting and prayer?

11:18 We finally get to the Biblical Question: How many fast and pray? What is the purpose of fasting and praying? 

A man joins us from Texas who grew up Muslim (he’s Moroccan), and describes being forced to fast as a kid, from sunrise to sunset. Asked if he smokes pot, he says he “self-medicates” every single day. It’s difficult to communicate with people when they’re high. 

Other people talk about fasting. 

One man realized he spends a lot of time thinking about food, and things he puts before God. Jesse asks: When you pray, what do you pray for while fasting? 

Another man fasts in order to focus on God. 

11:38 Yet another man used to be into fasting and praying, but now he believes you only do it once. 

Jesse comments that people are like robots, and Christians think just like the children of the lie. People don’t ask, so they go through life not knowing what’s real, nor knowing themselves. 

One lady fasted and prayed prior to an event that was very important to her. She would like to go three days with only water. One man would fast from morning until evening, and it helped him focus as well as lose weight. A street preacher said he tried the “Daniel fast.” Mary at Church says she’s fasted 3, 7, and over 20 days sometimes, only drinking water. 

Bible verses about fasting: Why fast when the Bridegroom is here?

11:51 Jesse has a man read from Matthew 9:14-15, in which Jesus answers disciples of John the Baptist who ask why Jesus’s disciples do not fast. (The Pharisees and disciples of John both fasted.) Jesus answered: How can the guests of the bridegroom mourn when he is with them? There will be a time that he will be taken from them; then they will mourn. 

Another person reads from Luke 5:33-35, telling the same story. 

Jesse says that fasting is only for those who are in darkness, and trying to find their way. 

Do you believe that Jesus is with you now?

12:08 After Mary talks again, Jesse clarifies: we’ve been brainwashed. The preachers are Pharisees. Another lady says that Jesus is away from us and with us in spirit, but will still come back. So Jesse asks: Do you think he has not already returned? Do you think Jesus is the Holy Spirit? Do you believe that Jesus is with you right now? 

(As more people talk, Jesse invites his great grandson on-stage briefly.) 

12:20 Another lady says God is the brain, Jesus is the keyboard, the Word, and the Holy Spirit is the stream. 

12:24 Jesse has a few other people read brief Bible verses. Kelly says: Do not be mastered by evil, but master evil with good. 

Then more people, including an atheist and a Christian, share their thoughts, including one intellectual man for whom Joel attempts to translate. The Christian man says that he has moments of anger, explaining that we still have to wage war against the flesh. 

Young couple tripping after man plays the Ouija board

A man says he and his girlfriend played the Ouija board a couple of days ago. He’s getting thoughts racing right now. The young woman with him is crying, scared and upset that he couldn’t remember his best friend’s name. Jesse asks if it’s possible he thinks he’s possessed, but he’s not — he just believed a lie. He stopped smoking weed about a week and a half ago. Jesse offers to put the cross on him after the meeting. 

Jesse on fasting and praying

Jesse recounts feeling empty when his father was not around when he was a kid. He felt fulfilled whenever his father was around. He talks about living as a Christian. Before you’re born again of God, you have an ego spirit, Satan’s spirit in you that feels like you, but it’s not you. Once you’re born again of God, you stop judging yourself. All is well when the Father is with you. You see and life unfolds for you. 

If God is with you, why do you need to fast? What are you praying for if you have everything? Of yourself you can do nothing. If Daddy is already home, why do you need to pray that He comes home? 

(We talk more and wrap up around 1:00 PM PDT.)


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