Are You the Sum of All Your Highs and Lows? (Church 2/16/20)

Church 2/16/20: A 15-year-old and his father gave a testimony about Jesse Lee Peterson’s counseling. Don’t trust “experts.” Jesse asked his Biblical Question to gym guys: Are you the sum of all your highs and lows? Do you create your own thoughts? It’s difficult for millennials to accept reality. All people with fear have excuses. Forgive your mother and father. Have no expectations. In God there are no highs and lows, but perfect peace. God wants to create love through us, and will take care of us. Is it right to make it in life or be? 

"Experts" Wrong Again! (Church Clip 2/16/20)

CLIP: 15yo Boy’s Life Turns Bring When He Stops Re-Living Past (10 min.)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Women’s Forum this week, third Thursday of the month! 

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