On George Floyd Riots; Are All Blacks ‘My People’? (Church 5/31/20)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, May 31, 2020: We meet in-person for the first time since the mid-March coronavirus lockdowns! People comment on the riots, protests, and overreaction to a black man allegedly killed by Minneapolis police. People falsely identify with criminals, and get caught up with the emotions of the world. Jesse eventually gives his two cents, then covers his Biblical Question: When people tell me I’m going against my own people, who are “my people”? At the end, we deal with a weak street preacher father, controlling mother, and resentful daughter. Long service (2+ hours), but good! 


Racism Is Not Real (Church Clip 5/31/20)

CLIP: On the George Floyd Riots (26 mins)

Daughter of Christians (Church Clip 5/31/20)

CLIP: Girl Resents Judgmental Mother, Street Preacher Father (24 mins)


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