Straight Pride Runs off ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter in Modesto! - Rebuilding the Man
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Celebrate Life! All Lives Matter

Straight Pride Runs off ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter in Modesto!

On Saturday, August 29th Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson was a speaker and event Grand Marshal for the Second Annual Straight Pride Parade / Event in Modesto, California.

Organized by the National Straight Pride Coalition, the purpose of the event was to show support for marriage, life, manhood, law enforcement, and the Judeo-Christian values that have guided our great nation for 244 years.

The event began with a gathering at a private residence followed by a march and rally in Modesto outside of Planned Parenthood. The event was a huge success. People came from all over California to show support for traditional values, family, police and America.

What made this event unique was the overwhelming support from men. The majority of attendees were millennial men. Millennials get a bad rap and are often depicted as irresponsible and aloof, but that was not the case in Modesto! Hundreds of men showed up and ran off Antifa and Black Lives Matter protestors who were there to disrupt and cause problems. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many young guys not afraid to stand up for what is right.

“It was an honor to be a part of the Second Annual Straight Pride Parade,” said Jesse Lee Peterson. “To be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with so many men in defense of the family and America during Men’s History Month was AMAZIN’!”

Special thanks and shout-out to Don Grundmann and Mylinda Mason for organizing this event and to everyone who attended and supports this cause.

Thank you!

CLIP from BOND Church: Second Annual Straight Pride Report: “F— BLM!” (Church 8/30/20 Clip)

Watch JLP At… The Straight Pride Rally, Modesto, CA 2020

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  • Don Felipe Solis
    Posted at 06:15h, 16 September

    trying to save america or souls? if you are trying to save the soul of america, that is a lost cause. if you are trying to save the souls of men, that is a lost cause. … to god be the glory. can i get a witness?

  • Ruth Smith
    Posted at 21:23h, 12 December

    I agree!! Don Felipe solis! How dare a man of God preach the truth! How dare the Apostle Paul write and preach the truth!! They know they cant save anyone, it’s the Holy Ghost CONVICTION, after God draws all us to Him.
    Dear sir, Mr. Felipe,
    God is drawing you nearer right now. Ask Him why your soul has troubled waters. I’m an emotional stupid woman, please forgive me. I know I cant pray for you to accept His gift, but I will be praying for Him to knock down any hinderance that is stopping you. Praise God, even a dummy like me can see how He is trying to reach you, AND YOU ARE SLOWLY ACCEPTING HIS GUIDANCE! dang, even after God saved me, I’m still not that wise. Praise God for real men, Praise God for my husband(poor man), Praise God!

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