Why Do Women Want to “Save” People? (Church, Dec 23)

At Church, we asked why women always try to “save” somebody! In the new year, we want to get men not to be weak with people. Don’t be in a comfort zone!

The world has gone crazy. President Trump pulled troops out of Syria, and General Mattis is a beta male! — He resigned!

A veteran started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the wall. So far they’ve raised well over $15 million in less than a week! Some people were for it. Jesse is not for it, because that’s what our taxes are for — for the government to protect us.

Questions and feedback from attendees

One woman visited from New Zealand to see Jesse and to make peace with her mother who lives here.

Dane returned from the military, chaptered out due to medical issues. We held a going-away party for him months ago. He watched some of Jesse’s videos about overcoming depression, after the disappointment. He picked up smoking cigarettes in the military too. People don’t rely on God to deal with life.

This year, we cannot rely on experts — they are intellectual dummies. We know the truth better than experts!

How do you seek first the Kingdom of God?

Ruth from London joined us at Church. She had children out-of-wedlock. She asked what it means to seek first the Kingdom of God. She also talked about being second-generation African-British. That black culture mixes church with their culture to make cultic practices and to control the people. Mothers take their children to church, teach them the Bible, and mess up their intellect. Jesse urges her to speak up but don’t hate.

How does one seek God? A number of people tell how they believe you do it. (One lady’s cousin talked about being a mama’s boy when he was younger, being the only one to support his mother before she committed suicide. He says he is now an alpha male.) Jesse then told his story of how he forgave his mother and returned to his father. He urges Ruth: Don’t have goals. You do not know what you want. Know thyself, relax, and deal with life.

Do not be weak. Tell the truth.

A Columbian woman was worried and hesitant to go and forgive her father. He may or may not be happy. What if he wants to live with her, so that she can take care of him? But you are not obligated to take care of your parents!

People use weak people. Jesse told of a man he know who was weak. Why are you so weak? That man wasn’t aware of it. Jesse pointed out that he was weak because he went unconscious. People tend to go unconscious. They become afraid of others’ reaction. Stay conscious.

The Columbian woman asked as a side note about a prior guest on The Fallen State named Blaire White, a transgender person, a male who feels like a woman, wears makeup and everything. It’s because of anger toward his mother, even though he denied it. But you just tell the truth, and don’t force it.

Women and mothers “saving” people

(Watch 25-minute excerpt: Men Hate Women Who Try to Change Them)

Shane joined for the first time, dragged here by his mother, who came for the first time with a friend. He said he’s 26, but his mother said he’s 29. He didn’t say he resents his mother, saying she taught him her manners. But it came out that he lives with her because he’s “alcoholic.” His mother forces him not to drink, because she doesn’t want him to die. He was living with his father who was more lenient with him, allowing him to do as he pleased, but he had emergency room scares, health and memory issues.

Jesse tells her she’s playing God with him. She says, “I’ve had too much death in my life,” losing family members. But her son will not take care of himself because he hates her. Men hate women who try to change them!

Their friend could relate to the mother, in that she too broke down recently, fearing that her husband would die. Another young woman experienced similar issues along with her mother — they would take care of her wild sister, paying to keep her out of jail, and going to court for her! It’s better to let people suffer, because in suffering they might cry out to God. You’re hurting the people that you think you’re “helping.”

What’s wrong with women that they think they need to save people? One lady suggested the women get an identity from saving the person. Overcome that mother’s “identity.”

Answering questions online

In the live chat, one person asked if Jesse’s a different man from 29 years ago when he dropped anger. Is he stronger spiritually? Jesse answers by saying that he’s more himself. He’s not anyone else.

Another person asked if Jesse really said he’s not going to die physically. We were not created to die. But people live like they believe they will die, so they live wrong and don’t take care of themselves. They lose faith when they develop a sickness or disease, and don’t act as though they can be healed.

One man asked if we can criticize God. God is perfect, so anyone who criticizes Him is in a fallen state.

Some last questions

Jesse asked one couple if the man is becoming a man. The man’s girlfriend tends to clean up after him, even though he said not to — she didn’t seem to pick up on it, so she still cleaned up for him. Jesse urged them to move apart. They don’t have to break up, but they should not live together.

Ruth was a fan of Michael Jackson, so she asked what Jesse thought of him. Jesse liked his talent, but believes he had an issue with his mother. Ruth said that Michael felt he gave the world everything but his soul. People tend to blame the Jacksons’ father, but the mother was a Jehovah’s Witness and escaped blame. But he never got over her, and that’s why he died. All of the Jackson adult children speak softly and are not fully themselves — and Jesse believes it’s due to the mother. Similarly, Whitney Houston had issues with her mother too.

This week’s Biblical Question: If you know a person’s history, do you know their future? Jesse heard Dr. Phil say a statement about being a history guy, and knowing a man’s history, he thinks he can predict what his future will be.

We also dealt more with last week’s Biblical Question: What is your comfort zone? Several people responded — one was fear of speaking up and dealing with people. We only grow when we face things.

We talked a little more about the transgender debate, frogs changing their sex, and a “gay bomb” supposedly to be dropped in the Middle East. In the fallen state, human beings act like animals.

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