01/17/21 Are You Better Than a Child Molester? (Church)

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 17, 2021: No one is better than anyone else. God cares about the heart. Be in the world but not of it. Go and forgive your parents. What’s wrong with hating? Any man who has anger is a woman. Don’t look for a woman. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all will be added. 


  • 0:00 Stream start 
  • 1:37 Opening questions/comments
  • 12:44 Are you better? – CLIP: Better Than a Child Molester? (15 mins) 
  • 34:25 Man after God’s heart?
  • 43:01 Not of the world
  • 47:26 Go and forgive
  • 1:11:20 More questions/feedback
  • 1:32:58 What’s wrong with hating?
  • 1:42:32 Any man with anger…
  • 1:48:40 Don’t look for a woman
  • 1:54:06 Closing

Church Notes

(We start streaming just after 11:00 AM PT…) We open up taking a few questions and comments. A young black man recounts talking with his mother about not having his father. 

Are you better than a child molester?

Church Clip: Are you better? (Jan 17, 2021)

CLIP: Better Than a Child Molester? (15 mins)

11:16 Jesse asks people: Are you better than a child molester? People think they’re better than others, but if you don’t have love, you have nothing. Christians are supposed to be examples of God; but they forgot to love. You can feed the hungry until the cows come home, but if you don’t have love, you’re nothing. 

Some say that in a society, horrible crimes make violent criminals and predators worse than others. We need to restore the family. The world changes the language to hide from reality. We have to call things what they are — not “mental illness.” It’s the god that you serve. 

God cares about the heart

11:37 Jesse asks a man: What point was God making when he called David “a man after my own heart”? Many think they have to clean up their stuff first, their issues and vices. But that’s not true; it’s the heart that must be cleaned first. So don’t judge yourself for being a “drug addict,” or angry, or whatever; you cannot make yourself overcome that. Know that it’s wrong, and God will clean you. 

We need laws of the land to contain people who don’t have the law of the heart. You don’t need those laws if you follow the law of the heart. 

Be in the world but not of it

We’re supposed to be in the world but not of it, conquering the world, the light of the world. Jesse talks about “third eye people” who are so weak and pathetic. 

11:45 Jesse talked with family members who bring up the KKK and the recent Capitol riot, and crazy speculation about white people. 

Go and forgive your parents

11:49 Jesse talks with a first-time visitor, a young lady who says she forgave her parents in her heart. She was born out-of-wedlock, and then she married, divorced, and dated. Jesse urges her to forgive them; they could not help themselves, as they did not have love to give you. 

11:59 A man who’s been coming regularly disagrees about something Jesse says about forgiveness. He says that one should only forgive face-to-face if someone apologized, according to the New Testament examples. Jesse explains that apologizing for hating is forgiveness, because judgmental people. Joel and Jesse bring up the biblical reference about reconciling with someone who has offended you. 

12:09 A young man rejects the practice of worshipping the Bible, and that reading only makes you articulate. The Bible is a roadmap. Jesse urges people not even to take his words as truth, but to know for themselves. 

Other questions and feedback

12:13 A man who keeps cussing out of habit comments on his life, anger, and frustration. 

We again hear from the man who wanted to commit suicide some months ago. 

One of Joel’s former dance students who’s been listening to Jesse for a few years, she finally forgave her mother. She saw how Jesse lived freely, without concern about others’ judgment. 

A young man talks about judgment/discernment. He insists that he does make his own decision. But Jesse clarifies that the spirit influences him to do things; he’s just not aware of it. 

What’s wrong with hating? 

12:34 Jesse asks a man Fernando: What’s wrong with hating? He says he doesn’t have as much hatred as he used to, but sometimes he still gets annoyed. He now avoids some of his old friends for the things they do. He says that he forgave his father and mother as an only child in Detroit, although he never hated his father. He says that he overthinks. Jesse explains that overthinking is a woman’s mindset — really Satan’s mindset. God will have you come back to a logical mind. Stay with the Silent Prayer. 

Jesse answers a question about telling friends the truth who are lost. Let them do their thing if they don’t want to hear it, or let them hate you for it. They cannot help it. 

Another young man from Michigan speaks as well. 

Any man who has anger is a woman

One guy says that the more he listens to Jesse, the more he realizes he’s a mess. He feels he still hates his father. Any man who has anger is a woman. Jesse explains that you become like what you hate, like your mother who turned you away from your father. Go and ask your father what happened, and hear him out. 

He asks: What does it mean that you become like what you hate? When you’re born of the mother, she recreates you like her image, emotional, angry, and women are your god. Once you forgive, you’ll be able to deal with her. He’s 18, and found us on YouTube. 

Don’t look for a woman

One last man talks about relationships. Don’t date or marry a woman with kids. Jesse urges him: Seek first the kingdom of God and his right way. Don’t seek a woman, or anything but God. First question: Do you have a degree? Second question: Do you love your daddy? But women should not be your god. Women don’t have love. Don’t go online for one either. Do NOT have sex before marriage. 

Seek the Kingdom of God and his right way, and all will be added. Go and forgive, and the rest is easy. Anger separates you from God. 

Lastly, be careful what you say, because you’re condemned or justified by your words. It’s a spiritual battle. You’re either possessed by evil or by God. Either you’re of God or of your daddy Satan. No one is better than the other. It’s not about racism or sexism, but about love or hate. 



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