10/03/21 Endure the Ego Pain, Let It Die, and Live (Church)

Human nature sinks low without God. Speak up! Endure the ego pain; don’t listen to thoughts. Do you have a heart of stone or love?

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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, October 3, 2021: After a couple of people talk about dealing with family, Jesse reflects on human nature sinking without God. In the olden days, black Americans did not consider stealing on-camera with no shame. Now white Americans are falling for leaders and similar mess. Do you speak up? // Feel the ego pain, and endure it quietly, whether it’s over a girlfriend or whatever. Stop listening to the thoughts — all thoughts are all lies, all the time! // 

We answer the Biblical Question: Do you have a heart of stone or a heart of love? New Biblical Question: Do you walk in the spirit? 

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  • 0:00:00 Pre-Church talk
  • 0:02:35 Welcome to Church
  • 0:03:16 Opening Q’s, input
  • 0:13:21 Human nature
  • 0:23:12 Do you speak up?
  • 0:27:14 Truth with perfect love
  • 0:36:19 Feel the ego pain
  • 0:42:00 White people
  • 0:46:48 Christianity fading
  • 0:52:09 Man feeling the pain
  • 1:03:00 Pain over girlfriend
  • 1:11:41 Count it all joy
  • 1:13:03 Stop listening to the lie
  • 1:19:26 Deal with the little things
  • 1:26:12 What Jesus did
  • 1:28:36 Govt wants blacks worse
  • 1:31:55 BQ: Stone or love?
  • 1:39:03 BQ Answered
  • 1:40:26 New BQ
  • 1:43:21 Closing / Announcements

Church Notes

11:00 AM U.S. Pacific Time (Los Angeles) We start streaming as Chris makes pre-Church announcements. 

Opening questions and input

11:03 Samuel recounts talking with his father, asking why he never calls, and dealing with fears about work. He encouraged his father not to trip out about the Chinese virus panic and lockdowns. A couple of his friends died. 

11:08 Jesse tells a funny story about Hake going fishing, catching a fish, and filleting it. 

11:11 A lady asks about bringing up an issue between her husband and another female whom her husband does not like. 

Human nature 

11:13 Jesse says he was reflecting about human nature. He did not know human beings could go so low. If you do not have God in your life, Satan is in your life, and it can go to hell. 

11:16 Jesse asks if it’s hard to believe that blacks used to be decent and honest. In Chicago, blacks lived in projects (they had Black Stone Rangers and others), whereas in the South, blacks lived in neighborhoods. In Gary, it was not violent like that except in the area with the projects. 

11:18 Jesse was talking with family members about the lack of shame blacks have about stealing on-camera. One of his cousins pointed out that they took the shame out of stealing and being wrong. 

Now Gary is out-of-control. One cousin who works for the government there. The government, the Democrats, don’t want blacks to get better. In their private meetings, they’ll say the out-of-control situation brings in money for programs. That money ends up in politicians’ pockets. 

It all comes down to morality. If you don’t have a solid foundation built on love, you’ll go out-of-control. In our society today, if you’re wrong, you’re glorified. They hate the people who are right. It used to be the other way around. 

11:23 Jesse doesn’t understand why people don’t speak up. 

Do you speak up? 

11:23 Jesse asks a young lady if she speaks up. She speaks up if she knows them, but if not she’ll be nicer. But that’s not effective. Most of the time it’s at work. 

11:26 Jesse asks a young man if he speaks up. He says it’s easier one-on-one than with a group. 

Tell the truth with perfect love

11:27 Jesse’s family members went off on the phone about him saying one of the worst mistakes was allowing women to vote. 

Have fun with it. It’s not personal. When you overcome, you have perfect love. You don’t consider others’ feelings. The one seeking may find the truth. 

11:29 So Jesse talks more with the young man, 29, who has not dealt with a crowd. 

11:30 Jesse talks more with the young lady about looking at herself. She says she always has eyes on herself. 

11:32 Jesse mentions he wears Confederate Flag socks at the gym. 

A young lady recounts repeating herself with a female co-worker, and getting irritated. She felt set-up, and got her ego involved. She realized that when she gets that emotion, she now knows to be quiet. She has no problem speaking up, but sometimes she speaks to feed her ego. 

Feel the ego pain

11:36 Jesse says that most people won’t let themselves go through anything. They don’t want to feel the ego pain. There is no way you’ll get better unless you go through it. The straight and narrow path is not the easy path. Go through the inner conflict. When you can conquer the enemy within, you can conquer the enemy without. But most people won’t do that. The person insulting you is doing you a favor. 

No one can make you angry. It’s already there! The person who offended you didn’t put that anger there. You won’t get better until you endure. 

Be still and let the Father fight the battle for you. 

11:40 Jesse mentions that, growing up, we never had leaders over us. But the Civil Rights “leaders” set themselves up over the blacks, and the blacks let it happen! 

11:41 Jesse’s been trying to figure white people out all week. They’re being corrupt, having leaders, 

What is with white people?

11:42 Jesse talks to a guy named Brandon. The children of the lie try to rope more and more people in. Brandon checked off a bunch of privilege boxes at school in San Diego. Jesse encourages him to have fun with it and punch back with the truth to the lie. They wouldn’t necessarily throw him out of school, but socially isolate him. 

11:46 Jesse points out that the evil people don’t love white people. 

Christianity fading: Stand up!

When Jesse was growing up, people were into trades. But nowadays people are not into trades. But white people must speak up, because this is not a game. Abortion is out-of-control in the black community. It’s an anti-Christ religion. Don’t be afraid. Speak up. You have a right to disagree. 

11:50 Jesse got a T-shirt from someone; it said “White privilege makes my back hurt.” On the front it says “Blue Collar AF,” which may not be a clean term. He thought it meant “America First.” 

God gives you perfect peace; he doesn’t want you to be afraid. 

A man feeling the pain

11:52 A man says he had a weakness in speaking when it was not needed. He got cut off, and became afraid of seeing a group of people. As a kid, he’d never had social anxiety. In another situation, he walked out of the car in a huff on a road trip, over a disagreement about women voting. Even when being patient through it, he feels like he’ll never overcome it. It hurts in his forehead and chest. He hopes he’ll overcome it. 

This is what Jesse was talking about earlier this service, about feeling the ego pain. 

11:56 So Jesse encourages him to quietly go through that pain. Don’t reach outside for any help. It’s all lies. You’re overcoming the voice of Satan, and going to listen to the voice of God. 

11:59 Jesse had no one to tell him that he needed to go through it. He had no one to talk to about it. 

You are dying from the world, and living from the Father from within. Let yourself (your ego) die. Just be quiet through it. 

12:01 His girlfriend told him he’s acting like a woman, he says. Don’t listen to thoughts telling you to do stuff. 

Pain over a girlfriend

12:04 Another man, 28, talks about feelings for his girlfriend. Satan tells him he messed up. One time he sent a text to his ex-girlfriend, saying he thinks about her all the time. After he did that, he realized he was trying to get her to feel guilty and respond so he’d feel better. Don’t do that! Satan will try to get you to “fix” something you messed up. It’s enough to know you’re wrong. God is not holding it against you, and is with you. He’s fighting the enemy within and without — for you. 

Once you go through it, you’ll never do it again. If you don’t see clearly what to do, go through the pain. 

Go through your day. Don’t look like you’re going through anything. The young man says he used to play mind games with his girlfriend. No one can do anything about your weaknesses. And now everyone knows and they’re spreading lies about you! 

12:10 He’s not consistently doing the Silent Prayer. 

12:11 Jesse talks with a little boy. 

Glad for the pain now

12:12 Jesse encourages people: Go through the pain! Face the pain. Count it all joy when you’re feeling the pain. Tribulations worketh patience in your life. 

Stop listening to the lie!

12:13 Responding to a question from Adrien about whether it’s sin, Jesse encourages you: Don’t judge yourself. Every thought is all lies. Are you taking the pain? 

12:16 Jesse brings up a past incident in which she invited herself to a party. Next time you get an idea like that, don’t do it. Your mind will go crazy. Don’t get drunk. She likens this to her struggle going to the gym early in the morning. 

12:19 Stop listening to the lie! You must do the Silent Prayer. The last thing Satan wants you to do is be still and grow in silence. 

Deal with the little things

12:19 A man says that the sooner you take the pain the better. Then you develop a habit so that when the bigger stuff comes, you’re ready. 

Jesse also encourages BOND people who come to Church to take the pain when they feel irritated by one another. 

All thoughts are all lies all the time

12:22 Francisco talks about hearing about a man with serious anxiety on the radio. Francisco points out that it’s a spirit. Once he realized that, he was able to relax and endure it. 

12:24 Jesse brings up people fearing losing their job, and freaking out. 

This is what Jesus did

12:26 Nate says that this is what Jesus did. 

12:27 Jesse points out: Being afraid of losing something means it’s more important than what’s right. Endure the pain of losing it — that meant the issue was your god. Endure it. 

The govt wants the problem worse; blacks are blind to it

12:29 Raymond talks about what Jesse says about blacks becoming more narcissistic. This reminds Raymond of what happened to Rome when it fell. People are running away from the responsibilities of freedom. 

Jesse doesn’t think that blacks know. They’ve been so brainwashed on welfare, without fathers and mothers together as examples, and not corrected over the years. They don’t realize they’re deliberately being set-up and controlled. The government wants to defund the police and let the criminals out of jail. 

There is power in speaking up, and saying no to these people. 

BQ: Heart of stone or love?

12:32 Jesse brings up his Biblical Question: Do you have a heart of stone or a heart of love? He has a number of people respond. 

12:39 After talking with a little girl, Jesse says that if you had a heart of love, you’d have no anger at all, any time. God even says that He will remove the heart of stone, and replace it with love. 

12:40 Jesse asks his new Biblical Question: Do you walk in the Spirit? 

12:43 Jesse closes Church with some good final comments. Stay with the Silent Prayer. 


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