Angry Christians Can't Be "More Than Conquerers"... - Rebuilding the Man
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Angry Christians Can’t Be “More Than Conquerers”…

(Watch 6 1/2 minute excerpt: ‘God Your FATHER Is Not ANGRY; Neither Should YOU Be.’) Jesse talked about a new law in North Carolina allowing “transgender” people to go into the wrong restrooms and locker rooms in public schools and elsewhere. Gov. Roy Cooper acted as though this made sense, that it would protect kids from bullying. (Read Jesse’s article in WND: “Are ‘Men’ Really MEN in North Carolina?”)

Jesse asked how many Christians were “more than conquerers” as the Bible says. Four raised their hands. Jesse asked one woman if we can conquer when we have anger. She said God is angry with the unrighteous, and that we can be angry too. But Jesse said that a father who is angry does not help his kids.

Jesse said that we must discredit the devil, exposing the false teaching that we can sin as children of God. Anger is pride and is not of God.

This week on Jesse’s radio show, he will address the biblical question: What did Jesus mean when he said that the son of man has no place to lay his head?

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