Is the Bible the ‘Inspired Word of God’?

Jesse Lee Peterson’s Biblical Question of the Week:

Is the Bible the inspired Word of God, or were the men who wrote the Bible inspired?

Jesse asked this question Tuesday on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, and he read and responded to people on his Facebook page.

We posted a segment about this discussion in a YouTube video, in which Jesse, his producer James, and his engineer Joel discussed it. Many times, we misinterpret the written or spoken words of a person. We must be inspired of God from within, or else our untrustworthy intellect may get in the way of the truth.

On Friday, Jesse said that the men who wrote the Bible were inspired. Many people rely on their own false understanding and yet declare what they’re saying is true because they think they’re getting it from “the inspired Word of God,” the Bible. In reality, if you’re an unforgiving person, you have not entered into the kingdom of heaven within, and you’re listening to the thoughts of Satan interpreting the scriptures for you and deceiving you. Watch the video from this segment here (also embedded in the video above).

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