How Often Do You Throw Rocks at Others? | Church 8/27/23

Discussing a real near-death experience. Die from false identities. Be aware: anytime you judge yourself or others, you throw rocks. 

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 27, 2023 – We open discussing an interview: David Williamson: Life After His Near-Death Experience

Anyone with anger? Biblical Question: How often do you throw rocks at others? When you talk to yourself in your head, are you moving your mouth? Can others hear it? It’s not you! To multiple people: Forgive your mother. Stay with prayer; watch all thoughts: the Devil creeps in; he has you “busy.” One man forgave, and has a “wonderful ex-wife”: Watch it; the Devil gives titles to everything. 

Many answer the BQ. Jesse: Anytime you feel good or bad about others or yourself, you’re throwing rocks. Be aware: Seeing it changes it. Don’t take on identities from the Devil or anyone else. Stay with the prayer, and don’t give up. 

||  See links, clips, and notes below. 


  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk
  • (0:01:09) Welcome, first-timers
  • (0:04:21) Feedback: Near-death experiences; David Williamson 
  • (0:14:52) JLP on David Williamson’s story: Real, thoughts, love
  • (0:22:48) JLP: Lied to, taught from mama’s womb; Self-discovery from God; No identity
  • (0:28:14) (JLP: You are the light; but Satan will use the truth.) 
  • (0:29:31) Anyone with anger? BQ: I throw rocks (Man and lady)
  • (0:42:00) Lady: One death: born in sin. Be somebody? Forgive mother?
  • (0:49:21) Wife / mother: To forgive mother, not praying
  • (0:56:56) Husband: Forgave parents, also not praying (busy: Time an illusion)
  • (1:02:20) Man on forgiveness, “wonderful ex-wife,” thoughts/pain (not you); Devil in prayer
  • (1:17:10) Girl last week: Didn’t forgive? What is prayer? Throwing rocks
  • (1:20:14) Woman: no prayer, busy working. Relationship with God, talking? Feeling bad
  • (1:29:04) BQ: Throwing rocks inwardly, “fast-paced situation” at work
  • (1:31:45) Man is a PK, preacher’s kid: Forgiving father, mother, praying to the Devil
  • (1:38:15) BQ: How often do you throw rocks at others?
  • (1:51:17) First-timer’s mother wasn’t perfect, but thinks fear came from his father
  • (1:55:52) JLP on BQ: Throwing rocks anytime feel good/bad. Seeing it changes it.



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Church Notes

10:59 AM US PDT — We start just before the top of the hour… 

The best, most realistic near-death experience story

11:15 Jesse speaks after getting feedback on a David Williamson interview that we discussed on the radio show: David Williamson: Life After His Near-Death Experience

TIME STAMPS (Extensive)

  1. 0:00:00 Pre-service small talk
  2. 0:01:09 Welcome! Super via 
  3. 0:01:58 Anybody have a life? 
  4. 0:02:18 Welcome first-timers (Get a Job, Jon Zherka, woman’s god, YouTube)
  5. 0:04:21 Near-death experiences?
  6. 0:04:36 Young lady’s car accident(s)
  7. 0:06:07 Believe it’s possible to leave body and come back?
  8. 0:06:57 Feedback: Donyale on David Williamson interview we covered on radio show
  9. 0:08:57 Rochelle: His thoughts and anger caused him to die
  10. 0:09:44 Nick & Jesse review: I killed myself with my anger and thoughts
  11. 0:11:49 Donyale: Everything as 0s and 1s, no good or bad, but just experiences
  12. 0:12:17 Sean: Hatred destroying his body
  13. 0:13:15 Franky didn’t fully understand
  14. 0:14:52 JLP on David Williamson’s story: Best, most realistic; thoughts
  15. 0:17:00 (Nick and Sean chime in on void) He had no thoughts, no anger; became whole, one, not divided
  16. 0:20:26 (Sean adds that David’s account is reminiscent of the Silent Prayer) Love
  17. 0:21:48 (After Sean once more) Seeing what’s going on with others, not judging anyone
  18. 0:22:48 You’ve been lied to, from the moment you pop out of mama’s womb; stop self-discovery from God
  19. 0:24:00 No identity: Not your thoughts, feelings; parents were blind too…
  20. 0:24:46 We already know the truth; Living in Hell; Devil says get more money, etc.
  21. 0:26:24 Live a life of no thinking; Not body, thoughts, emotions. Fear an illusion; Christians a long wait; no one can give it to you. It’s your fault if you continue to live in your imagination
  22. 0:28:14 You are the light; but Satan will use the truth. 
  23. 0:29:31 Anyone have anger? Man on BQ: How often do you throw rocks at others?
  24. 0:30:51 (Stay with the Prayer. Devil gets in. Practice being aware. We’re all the same, connected. Pay attention to self) 
  25. 0:31:35 Young lady on BQ: I throw rocks more often than I should, based on frustration with myself. Find the quiet spot in my brain. 
  26. 0:33:00 JLP to young lady: When you talk to yourself in your head, are you moving your mouth? Why do you think that’s you? He (the Devil) sounds like you. Don’t believe it! Let it pass. 
  27. 0:36:03 JLP to young lady: The Devil can make you think of someone who’s dying, and make you start crying! Watch everything! 
  28. 0:36:41 Young lady, did you go and forgive your mother? Procrastinating, excuses, believe them. 
  29. 0:37:15 (Never call it your mind again. Stop identifying. No identities) Afraid to face her? 
  30. 0:39:00 (nobody’s different; everyone’s the same. Devil speaks all languages; we think we’re different and we’re not)
  31. 0:42:00 Another young lady: There’s only one death; the death of the identities (ego) keeping us living in Hell. 
  32. 0:43:35 Other young lady with anger
  33. 0:44:59 (The buck stops with you when you overcome your hell.)
  34. 0:45:36 To the other young lady: Are you trying to be someone? Why? 
  35. 0:47:45 Young lady forgave mother; Can you give your mother the finger? 
  36. 0:49:21 Yet another first-timer young lady just started being able to give her mother the finger
  37. 0:50:01 (Jesse briefly interrupts: Everybody with the same problem.) 
  38. 0:51:31 (JLP to first-time gal: Devil keeping you in Hell; all life lived an illusion life, never been real; Everyone with anger doesn’t like themselves; you punish yourself)
  39. 0:53:38 Married? How does your husband deal with your hell? He goes mute, says you need to forgive your mother. Not praying, what the! … “Working on it?!” 
  40. 0:55:31 You love your husband? “I do.” No you don’t! 
  41. 0:56:56 Husband Gabriel, how he deals with his wife; forgave mother 3 years ago before hearing Jesse, weight lifted off shoulders; 8 months later forgave father in Haiti, weight off his shoulders; not as angry. Not praying: Beta! (Busy: Time an illusion) 
  42. 1:01:12 Husband on BQ: How often do you throw rocks at others? 
  43. 1:02:20 Man: Forgive, trying to get away from negative emotions; “wonderful ex-wife” 
  44. 1:06:17 (JLP to man: See it without attachment; Satan will define it as the title “wonderful”) 
  45. 1:10:23 (JLP: Practice catching it when there’s a temptation to judge; thoughts hanging around fall into the woods of pain, the prodigal son stage of pain, loss, worry. Practice coming back to present.)
  46. 1:12:15 (JLP: God doesn’t judge us. Never sinned. His children shouldn’t judge.) 
  47. 1:13:34 Man: Doing the silent prayer? “You know…” That means no. Why obeying the Devil? 
  48. 1:16:07 Young lady asks about doing the prayer. 
  49. 1:17:10 Young lady from last week: Did you forgive your mother? What is prayer? 
  50. 1:20:14 A woman answers the BQ, doesn’t pray: She’s BUSY, works a lot. 
  51. 1:22:32 Lady’s Q: Relationship with God? Conversation, tell Him how I’m feeling. Emotions come when I get into thoughts. Know it’s not you, let it pass
  52. 1:29:04 Man throws rocks at work in “fast-paced situation”; even if he doesn’t express it
  53. 1:31:03 Another man throws stones all the time
  54. 1:31:45 Man is a PK, preacher’s kid; forgave father, now has good thoughts; Doesn’t know where mother is; she’d talk bad about him.
  55. 1:35:19 JLP to PK: Did you know you were praying to the Devil? 
  56. 1:36:53 (The same truth in Christ is in us. We already know the truth.) 
  57. 1:38:15 Raymond and Rachel on BQ
  58. 1:39:59 (Can’t imagine not staying with prayer; still have fear)
  59. 1:40:26 Donyale on BQ: Unspoken rocks… WOW Hassan
  60. 1:41:03 (Nice people throwing rocks like 90 goin’ north)
  61. 1:41:30 Donyale promotes WOW HASSAN, Nick, James (Hassan’s wearing “socks”)
  62. 1:43:00 Man on BQ, Alexis… not praying
  63. 1:45:55 (Most people love their hell… feels like a loss of identity)
  64. 1:46:23 Lijie throws rocks “probably more than I’m willing to admit”; shameful: Why? Can see nothing good in you, you’ll be free. 
  65. 1:50:15 (the real you is perfect)
  66. 1:51:00 First-timer’s mother wasn’t perfect, but thinks fear came from his father
  67. 1:55:52 JLP on BQ: Throwing rocks anytime feel good/bad about self/others. Seeing it changes it. Stop getting identities from others or the Devil. You’re neither good nor bad, neither sinner nor saint. Satan judges you and condemns you. Pray, stay with it. Can’t make anyone get on the journey with you. 

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