Never Take Sides | Church 2/12/23

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||  See clips and links below (including Silent Prayer), as well as detailed church notes.

Don’t commit suicide. Adults and children: Live without wants, thoughts, or shyness! Overcome anger and fear. Never take sides.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, February 12, 2023


  • 0:00:00 Sun, Feb 12, 2023
  • 0:02:33 Work on yourself. Don’t commit suicide.
  • 0:11:43 Sailboat story: Sold a bill of goods
  • 0:16:00 Woman: You want a thoughtless life
  • 0:20:38 What do you want from your husband?
  • 0:26:42 Her daughter speaks on wearing makeup
  • 0:28:47 Disney cartoon propaganda
  • 0:30:48 Another girl with makeup and anger
  • 0:39:00 She doesn’t want to come on-stage
  • 0:41:03 Her father: Forgiving his late mother; Overcoming shyness
  • 0:46:30 Her father comes on-stage
  • 0:55:08 Face it. Stay with prayer. Watch the thoughts
  • 0:56:25 Supers: Let thoughts go? Sabbath? Relationships
  • 1:00:06 Men dealing with suicide
  • 1:06:45 Biblical Question: Why do you take sides?
  • 1:17:54 BQ: Political sides? Displeasing to God?
  • 1:31:23 BQ: Two masters? Hassan and Hake try…
  • 1:37:40 BQ: Hot or cold; People get mad if you don’t take sides!
  • 1:41:03 JLP: Never take sides: Tyre Nichols, Ukraine war, abortion
  • 1:46:59 New BQ: Why are you so vain?
  • 1:52:16 Closing / Announcement: Women’s Forum


Don’t commit suicide. Be content with your little sailboat. (Story)

WATCH CLIP (13-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP talks about the unimportant thoughts, anger and fear that keep us imprisoned in our minds and imagination.

Want for nothing. (Mother and daughter)

WATCH CLIP (13-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP talks with a mother about thoughts versus being present, and wanting things for her daughter and family. 

Girl wears makeup, has anger, had a shy dad (“mama”)

WATCH CLIP (25-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP talks with a girl and her father, both dealing with social anxiety.

Why do you take sides?

WATCH CLIP (13-min)  YouTube  |  BitChute  |  JLP asks several people his Biblical Question before offering his little two cents.

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Church Notes

10:58 We start streaming a couple of minutes before the top of the hour, and get started just about.

JLP: Work on yourself. Don’t commit suicide.

11:02 Work on yourselves this year. Slow down. Speak in awareness today.

11:03 You don’t have to commit suicide. There’s no reason. Nothing’s that bad. You’re influenced by the Devil to do it. You’re of the Devil. Those are not your thoughts. Overcome fear. People have lived in prison so long they don’t want to climb the wall and be free. Come out of the prison of your own mind. Get to know yourself.

11:07 A man asks: What is important to living? The most important thing you can do is overcome the prison you’re living in… If you have no interest in overcoming thoughts, you’re the walking dead. That’s where suicidal thoughts come in. You’ve never made a decision about anything anyway. Even working out, or what we eat — the decision is made for us.

The person who committed suicide was in their 30s. We should be seeking life, not death. You’re already living a life of death — everyone who’s angry is the walking dead.

Story: Sold a bill of goods

11:10 Jesse tells the story of a man who bought a sailboat that worked well. A salesman gave him idea of added features. The added weight made the boat sail less smoothly. He added a refrigerator and sound system, and nearly sank the boat. He went unconscious and was sold a “bill of goods.” That’s what you do in unconsciousness, loading it down. It happens to women with makeup products.

When you wake up, you’re happy with a nice little sailboat. You try to be like someone else when you’re unconscious. You’ll be stunned at the stuff you have and people around you, and how often you overreacted unnecessarily.

Feedback: You want a thoughtless life

11:14 A woman asks: When you think you’re present, you’re not. So when are you? You’re not involved with thoughts when you’re present with God. When you read the Bible, the Devil quotes scriptures. Similarly, the Devil will tell you you’re present. See it and let it pass. Don’t communicate with the Devil.

Jesse recounts telling Joel to keep the mind with the body. He didn’t like it, because he felt like he needed to be doing something. There’s nothing to do. You’re a living being in the presence of the light.

Thoughts were never created to hold onto; they should flow right through you. When you overreact to them. Let them pass, and no relationship at all. We want to live a thoughtless life, knowing the truth, and not thinking about the truth.

People who say they believe in God don’t know Him. Most don’t know the Kingdom of heaven is there.

What do you want from your husband? For your daughter? Want for nothing.

11:18 Jesse asks the woman: What do you want from your husband? She wants him to lead her. It would help her daughter. She’s done a lot of harm with anger, she says. She knows she can’t make that up.

Jesse points out her daughter gets irritated at her parents wanting something for her.

Jesse encourages her not to serve two gods. Want for nothing, and you’ll get everything you need. Your husband will control you if you want something. You can’t want anything for anyone. The Devil tells you what you want.

Daughter speaks

11:25 Her daughter is happy now. She wants her mom not to be impatient. She wears makeup now, but not that much.

11:27 Raymond talks about fear and a Disney+ cartoon that taught people to hate whites for something that happened two centuries ago. Parents need to raise their own children.

Another girl with makeup and anger

11:28 Jesse talks with another young daughter in the audience who puts on a little makeup at 13, in 8th grade. Do you like being angry? She doesn’t really talk with her father, or to anybody. (Jesse keeps calling her father “Mama” because he keeps speaking for her and pats her once when she pauses.) That’s why she’s shy, because he’s protecting her in the wrong way. Her mother gets her mad at times; her father doesn’t live with her.

11:37 What are you shy of? Jesse starts to invite her up, and she doesn’t want to come up. Jesse encourages her to start speaking up to her parents. Always speak up, but don’t be mad. Let the anger go.

Her father: Forgiving dead mother; Overcoming shyness

11:39 (Jesse says Meagan (sp) is a nice, white name.) Her father too is shy at age 50. It’s darkness and evil, and has nothing to do with life. By realizing you can’t help yourself, it’ll cause you to forgive your mother who also couldn’t help it. That shyness is fear. Overcome anger, and you overcome fear. But he still has social anxiety, because he’s living in thoughts. It’s not real.

The fear stays because you block it with overreaction. You’re in prison, and the prison guard is lying to you, and you’re believing and resenting him.

Father comes on-stage: Let thoughts go. Talk with your daughter.

11:44 Jesse invites the man on-stage, and urges him to let the thoughts flow through. He encourages him to talk with his daughter. The VA talks about mindfulness, and it’s a little more New Age-y than the Silent Prayer, the man says. Do a body scan, and let the thoughts pass like an inner tube in a river. He’ll start thinking about it, and it’s hard for him. He can’t look the audience in the eyes, he says.

11:53 Face it. Stay with the prayer, and watch the thoughts. Don’t clog up the thoughts with overreaction. You cannot have the pain without the thoughts. God is about love. He doesn’t judge us.

Supers / Hake: Let thoughts go. Sabbath?

11:54 James asks some “Super Chat” questions: How do you let thoughts go? What are your thoughts on the Sabbath?

Men dealing with suicide

11:58 Alex asks Jesse why he’s the only pastor with the guts to talk about suicide. Jesse encourages Meagan to drop anger, so she doesn’t end up old like Alex. His son was depressed, and then thought about suicide. He too is depressed, he says — but he’s really in hell.

Biblical Question: Why do you take sides?

12:04 Jesse asks a lady the Biblical Question: Why do you take sides? She takes sides on politics because she has a belief system that she believes is godly. Is murder displeasing to God?

12:10 Jesse asks Doug why he takes sides. “I dunno.” Get to know yourself. Up in consciousness is nothing like down in unconsciousness.

12:12 Sean (sp) feels safe taking sides. All ego! “I’m the one who’s on the safe side of this issue.”

12:14 Franky “used to take sides.” Do you know in life? He went crazy picking sides, but realized he can’t make others think what he’s thinking. How do I know what I think is correct? I’m not God. Jesse reiterates how important it is to stay conscious when speaking.

BQ continued: Do you take sides politically? …Displeasing to God?

12:16 A lady says she’s the smartest person in the room. “I’m right.” That’s the most obvious thing. She thought about football. She got nervous to say something. With Adam and Eve, God didn’t yell at them, but asked, “Who told you that you were naked?”

12:18 Franky takes sides politically, because he’s conservative. Doug and another man talk.

(12:25) Jesse asks one man: Do you think cutting off body parts is displeasing to God? … He says that God wants to fill up heaven. But God’s only looking for the few. Were you trying to help the 99, or the one? “The full 100!”

BQ cont… Being hot or cold? People get mad if you don’t take sides.

12:29 Lijie says she can’t serve two masters. Hassan and Hake also answer.

12:34 Another young man talks about ego.

12:35 Jesse explains “hot or cold” means being all-in… not just doing the Silent Prayer most of the time or sometimes.

12:36 Raymond says he was conditioned and forced to take sides. It was a matter of survival in a family. People will get mad at you if you don’t take a side.

Nick speaks more, and Franky gives the last word (SORRY, the MIC WAS OFF!).

JLP: Never take a side. Example: Tyre Nichols, Ukraine war

12:39 Never take a side. Don’t let anyone pressure or convince you to take a side. Jesse gives the examples of the Tyre Nichols and Memphis cops beating, and the Ukraine war. So with abortion, people are protesting for ego reasons. It’s not our business; the father and mother should care about the child.

Drop all the words about “pleasing to God.” God doesn’t care about that stuff. He’ll let you kill yourself and your children. He made a way. God and Jesus watch us go crazy. Because you’re in a fallen state, you feel angry, and you imagine Jesus too was angry.

New Biblical Question: Why are you so vain?

12:45 Jesse asks his new Biblical Question: Why are you so vain? A man answers, followed by a couple of young ladies. Jesse says hi to one lady’s sister Emily who may be watching online. “Your sister’s vain, Emily!” A lady sitting upright went to charm school, and likes it. Another likes being “put together, somewhat.” People used to dress up to go to the airport.

Closing / Women’s Forum

12:50 Closing: Women’s Forum this week, third Thursday!

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