Why do you carry out the works of the flesh? | Church 6/23/24

Why are there no grownups today? Man on-stage: Run toward fears. Thoughts of self keep you doing the works of the flesh.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, June 23, 2024 

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  • (0:00:00) Pre-service small talk; Welcome
  • (0:06:43) No more grownups! (JLP story: old black lady, feedback) 
  • (0:20:09) Grownups: Young ladies on men, others
  • (0:25:32) Grownups: Ever get feelings hurt? Who are you? 
  • (0:31:10) Men on their lives (Colin on-stage) 
  • (0:43:42) Anxieties, fears: Why do you run from it? 
  • (0:54:18) Fear of death: Illusion. Forgive father: 16yo 
  • (1:01:24) “Integrity”: Let it go, then you’ll have it. 
  • (1:06:38) Parents *DID* have an instruction manual: Truth within 
  • (1:09:02) Forgive to be free of being controlled 
  • (1:14:07) BQ: Why do you carry out the works of the flesh? 
  • (1:29:01) Examples of the works of the flesh? 
  • (1:31:35) Galatians 5: 16-23, the works of the flesh vs Spirit 
  • (1:33:35) JLP on BQ: Thoughtless life vs false self, images, “morals” 
  • (1:44:59) JLP: It’s not you. Stop overreacting. It’s not love. 
  • (1:49:51) Feedback: Stopping evil? Nope! 
  • (1:52:25) Closing: Stop fighting, stop pleasing emotions


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Church Notes 

Biblical Question: Why do you carry out the works of the flesh? 

Assignment from JLP show (Thu 6/20/24) Practice staying present. 

Welcome, anybody have a life? Retirement. Working on self. 

(0:00:00) Small talk… (0:01:11) False start! (0:02:30) Welcome to Church! (0:02:55) Anybody have a life? (0:03:15) Raymond retired, 65. (0:04:30) Franky wants to go back to work. Start another business! 

(0:04:52) No questions?! Man working on himself, he feels like he lived a whole month in a day. (0:05:42) What have you realized about yourself? (0:06:02) BQ: Why do you carry out the works of the flesh? Even now he has a hard time telling the body not to eat the food. 

Story: Old black lady: No grownups anymore! What happened! 

(0:06:36) JLP story, ran into an old black woman, around his age. She loves JLP’s show, and is so glad she lived when she did. Grown-up talk. No grownups anymore! 

(0:09:27) JLP radio show story: Woman leaves dog goes to the bathroom in the airport on the floor! She gave the finger to a guy who called her out! 

(0:10:15) Man says non-grownups are having children. (0:10:48) Raymond: Young people taught to rebel. Some grow up, and some grow older. (0:11:31) Like 50yo men! (0:11:47) Third man: World’s gotten too soft. (Moved here some months back) No physical labor? No struggle. (0:13:06) JLP: Sean story, physical labor. Work, taking care of yourself. Even the women are not grown up! (0:14:17) Doug: Chores, expected to do things. 

(0:15:25) JLP: started smoking pot, got on welfare. Partied every weekend. Felt lazy, didn’t feel right, so he got off. (0:16:43) Joel: Spiritually not growing… No fathers in the home, or weak fathers. 

(0:18:00) Used to think growing up happened naturally. Daniel: Playing video games, etc. It doesn’t look like a grown man playing. (0:19:29) JLP: Looks like a R’d person, immature person. 

Young lady: I have a grown man. Others… (Grownups) 

(0:20:03) When’s the last time you’ve seen a grown man? Young lady… (0:20:57) Is it hard on you…? I have a grown man, she says. Ok maybe I was just thinking the clothing! (0:22:29) What makes him grown? … Wow, she has to think about it! 

(0:23:15) Another young lady, Alyssa (sp) … (0:24:19) First man says: Spanking. Men are going to check you at work. 

Do you ever get your feelings hurt? Who are you? (Grownups?) 

(0:25:27) First-timer Fadi (sp): Do you ever get your feelings hurt? Who are you? “I am Fadi.” That’s your name. But who are you? “Man of God.” That’s who you belong to, but who are you? “I don’t know.” 

(0:27:22) Colin, who are you? The observer of thoughts and feelings, whatever that is. I am nothing. Complete freedom. Unpleasant feelings arise… Do nothing about ‘em. 

(0:28:18) Rochelle: Do you run into grownups? No. 

(0:29:25) How have you been helped since coming to meetings? Getting into thoughts, feelings… 

Men on their lives (Public speaking anxiety, man on-stage) 

(0:31:05) Colin, give us a 3-min talk about your life. I don’t want to, public speaking on-camera. *Applause* NO! Don’t mama him! … (0:32:53) … Feeling fear and pain. Why didn’t you want to face that? … He speaks on what he’s been through, following different gurus, reading, etc. 

(0:35:14) Speak on what he said — another man. (0:37:05) I’m very much an atheist, deep down. I force myself to believe in God. What is an atheist? … He’s an engineer. (0:38:36) Have you gone and forgiven your mother? First-timer, Michael. … Life is really F’n easy (he cusses in church, “Sorry…”) 

(0:40:32) Young lady addresses Colin: Peace now? No peace, but tools… (0:41:39) Colin went to boarding school at 12, leaving home. (0:42:32) Gurus… he still tends to look outside, although he’s learned the guru’s within. He looks for houses, etc., and things outside still. 

Anxieties, fears… Why do you run from it, rather than toward it? 

(0:43:39) Anxieties? Bigg Bump: How to overcome fears… 

(0:45:31) What’s the one thing he’s doing wrong? How do you deal with the fear and anxiety. Man says he fears for his children at times — the way the world is going. 

(0:47:23) Is this fun or what? “At my expense.” Another young lady: Calling the feelings yourself: Anxiety an evil spirit that isn’t you. (0:48:26) If you know that, why do you run from it, instead of toward it. 

(0:49:14) Young Norwegian lady: Why do you run from it rather than toward it? (0:50:28) Afraid of dying? Must be, haven’t given up running. Man and woman: Afraid of attack on self, humiliation. The idea of “me.” Thrill, makes you feel “alive.” 

**Fear of death: Illusion. Forgive father 

(0:54:13) Young man’s fear he’s afraid to face: Death. Hard to accept my fate: Death. (0:55:39) JLP: There’s one death, the ego death. You just die from the illusions. But you will never die. It’s impossible. 

(0:57:23) Forgive father? (Mother’s deceased) Hard to forgive, still hold things against him, hard to let things go. … He’s still here … He’s 16. He said it last time, he needs to forgive. … You’ll shake in your boots. … 

**Integrity: Let it go. It’s fake. Then you’ll have it. 

(1:01:19) Man says human beings lack integrity. Personal ego. JLP: Supposed to have no integrity at all. If you want it, you gotta let it go. The one you have right now is fake. It makes you judge others, and you don’t have it yourself. … Does anybody respect each other? Not deep down. 

(1:03:15) Colin asks about people’s pattern of doing what they say they’re gonna do. How do you trust people? By trusting no one. God told you to trust no one. (1:04:20) To the man: Gonna let go of your little integrity? I want my family and kids to look up to me, I want to lead them a certain way. What is integrity? … [silent pause] You don’t even know what it is! 

**Parents *DID* get an instruction manual! 

(1:06:32) Man on forgiving parents: They didn’t get an instruction manual. … also about fear… (1:08:11) **JLP: They did get an instruction manual! They just didn’t use it: The truth within. 

**Forgive to be free of being controlled

(1:08:56) Man asks Colin a question about forgiving… and having control over your life. JLP says: You are your own world. You will have control — but with anger you’re controlled by others. 

(1:12:50) Man on integrity

BQ: Why do you carry out the works of the flesh? 

(1:14:02) Do you know who Joel is? BQ: Why do you carry out the works of the flesh? There’s a motor inside? … Colin answers too. (1:15:39) Marissa… (1:16:50) Man feels like he doesn’t carry them out: Following after the spirit. 

Man on ‘managing anger’… Who are you? 

(1:17:39) Another man: Balance life. Not angry, being practical, not emotional. How do you manage it — manage spirits? Is it your anger? Can’t control it, because it’s evil. (1:20:25) Who are you (or who is you)? 

(1:23:04) Goal when you die: Progressing humanity. He cites Nietzsche and begs JLP to read it for the good of humanity. No, don’t even promote it! 

(1:26:04) Francisco on the BQ (1:27:02) Colin’s friend on BQ (1:28:05) Rochelle … 

Examples of the works of the flesh? 

(1:28:57) Anybody know the works of the flesh? Bigg Bump, the 16yo, Raymond, Colin 

(1:31:30) Hake reads Galatians 5: 16-23 

Producer note: “Works of the flesh” bible passage: Galatians 5 (verses 16-26) in KJV, ESV, and Catholic Bible (translates “works of the flesh” as “self-indulgence,” and “flesh” as “self”!) 

**JLP on BQ: False images of self. No love

(1:33:30) JLP on BQ: … Thoughtless life, a life without thinking … practical thoughts you don’t live by. All self-images of yourself and others will disappear. There will be no way you can carry out the works of the flesh. … identities, false self, images, “morals and values”… The way you drop your body, you’re stuck in Hell. 

(1:41:53) Don’t have an impression of yourself. Let go of the false images of yourself. No rich or poor, but you compare yourself to someone else! Just be happy with what you have, and don’t compare yourself to your miserable neighbor! Be you. You don’t know who that is. … You’re none of these things. Conscious communication. All emotions are evil. 

(1:43:56) You lied when you said you loved your wife or husband this morning! … If you don’t love all, you love none! All you little Jew-haters! 

JLP on BQ: Not you… Love… 

(1:44:54) Colin “humiliation” never happened to him, but an illusion that was evil in him — not him! JLP on love… We are possessed with evil. 

(1:47:19) Black people, don’t react to the “N-word”! 

(1:48:33) Closing… **Stop trying to save the world! You can’t even save yourself! Can’t even stop your wife from aborting your baby! … Work on you! It’s all in your head! It’s not real. Anger is not normal! 

Feedback: Stopping evil? 

(1:49:44) Daniel: Stopping people from doing evil? 

(1:51:11) JLP: You can’t save another person at all. Work on you. You are your world. 

(1:51:41) Young lady Cameron: Agree Satan is the woman’s god? Yes. And she’s black! 

Closing: Stop fighting, stop pleasing 

(1:52:36) All these illusions… let them go. Stop the fighting. Stop trying to meet emotions. You can’t please hell! Why do you want someone to cater to your emotions? Overcome them. 

(1:54:49) Closing 


  • 2024 theme: Want for nothing. 
  • 2024 assignment: This year, don’t let the thoughts bully you. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Notice the mind repeats itself, and that it’s all about self. 
  • Late 2023 assignment: Sit four minutes in your room in silence. 
  • March 10-17, 2024 assignment: Get rid of your heroes. Trust no one. 
  • May 19-26, 2024 assignment: If you feel anything, remember: It’s just a thought! No meaning. 
  • Jun 2-9, 2024 assignment/discussion: Watch the different demons inside you. 
  • Assignment from JLP show (Thu 6/20/24) Practice staying present. 
  • We’re not messing around this year. 

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