How Do You Know You’re Born Again? Also: Silent Prayer (Church Dec 31, ’17)

Today, as we did in the last New Year, we practiced the Silent Prayer that Jesse urges everyone to do. (Watch 15-minute excerpt: Silent Prayer) People closed their eyes and relaxed as they sat in their chairs — Jesse urges that you not lie down. As you pray, you often relax and let go of stress, and if you lie down, you may fall asleep. When praying, look with your minds eye at the center of your forehead, at the thoughts — sometimes wild, sometimes quiet — that pass through your mind. What causes us to go astray is the thoughts Satan feeds our intellect — feeding imagination, emotions, and temptation. You want to be in the presence of God, in the present with Him.

While ending the prayer time, Jesse urged that you pray at least 5-10 minutes to start. Be patient with yourself, and grow. One person viewing online asked about the fact they cry while meditating and praying. If you don’t understand what you’re going through, don’t make a decision about it, and do not worry. Just go through it, relax, and do not judge it one way or another. Do not listen to any thoughts — they mislead you.

We also talked about Jesse’s Biblical Question of the Week: How do you know when you’re born again? “Born again,” “Saved,” “Returning to the Father” — all mean the same thing. A few people talked about why they believe they’ve been born again. Toward the end of the service, one man made the point that it’s important for people to know if they’re not born again, because many falsely assume they are saved, yet they still sin, and still have anger and judgment within.

Jesse talked about his experience returning to God, which he also discussed on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, which also aired live on Newsmax TV last week on Friday, December 29th, in the third hour.

There are some spiritual principles that people miss in their blindness. Jesse referenced a point that his producer James made in today’s podcast of The Hake Report (no longer with Joel and Esteban). Jesse’d given James the choice to continue the show without his former co-hosts, or to continue. James referenced longtime host Bill O’Reilly, who once said: When you’re given an opportunity, you take it! But many people don’t recognize the opportunities God gives them, yet they ask for things and complain that they lack opportunities.

Jesse also told a story of a friend who hired a man to do a job. That man said he’d do the job in 3 days. But Jesse’s friend told the man: Take 7 days. So the man took 10 days without doing the job, and now Jesse’s friend is looking for another person to do it! Human nature takes advantage of weakness and leniency. Even Jesse’s employees need Jesse to watch over them to make sure they do their job. You must be strong and alert.

After service, Jesse conducted a wedding with longtime friends of BOND (off-camera).

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